How to brighten pale lips?

Scarlet female lips inspired the creation of amazingly beautiful songs of many poets and composers. And no wonder, because this part of the face is considered a symbol of female sexuality and attractiveness.

But the pale lips of girls are usually associated with something not very good, for example, illness or severe emotional stress. Therefore, those women whom nature has endowed almost colorless lips, try to make your mouth more vivid.

All ladies, dreaming about bright pink or red lips, the women’s website “” today, the invites to this page to understand the origins of the problem and choose solutions.

Pale lips: the cause of the defect

Pale lips – this is quite normal, if the color was that way since birth. Blanching of the lips can also be a quite natural process, when it is associated with age-related changes: unfortunately, after 25 years, many women’s lips begin to lose color intensity.

But often the tender skin of lips loses its red color due to some health problems.

  • One of the most common causes of pale lips, consider reducing the level of hemoglobin in the blood. The website advises: if your lips are pale, the skin grey and dull, and under the eyes appeared bruises, consult a doctor and take a blood test. After a course of appropriate therapy prescribed by the doctor, the sponge will again become tender and red.
  • Paint face can erase almost any chronic disease. Many women notice that their lips are dry and pale, in the period when they begin to feel even worse. Ignore these symptoms is not recommended.
  • Often colorless lips are the result of chronic fatigue or suffering stress. In this case, correction of the defect simply sleep or take some time off, to relax a little.
  • Pallor of the lips is a signal of circulatory disorders. Such problems can be faced by smokers and people who lead unhealthy lifestyle. Give up Smoking and your appearance will improve dramatically. However, as the health.
  • The use of low quality cosmetics can also cause lips to lose their beauty. Sometimes it happens that the transition to hygienic lipsticks and balms instead of bright lipsticks solves the problem of faded lip very quickly.
  • Doctors say that it can become pale lips with the ladies suffering from spasms of the stomach and ulcer. If in addition to colorless lips that bother you well as abdominal pain, consult a gastroenterologist.
  • If colourless lips are not a result of any disease and trouble as a aesthetic defect, you can take some simple measures to solve this problem.

    From nature’s pale lips: what to do?

    To solve this problem in several ways.

    • Massage. If you get into the habit of biting lips several times a day, they will always look juicy and shiny. This is not recommended only outdoors in a very windy or cold weather.
    • Effective massage, which can make the sponge not only brighter but also more volume, you can perform every day, morning and evening. Specifically for this procedure, it is recommended to get a toothbrush with soft bristle. Within a minute or two to gently massage the lips with a brush, and after the procedure to inflict on them some greasy cosmetic oil or honey.
    • Apply on lips with a special gel with menthol. It promotes a rush of blood to the skin, making lips look more vivid.
    • Constantly pale lips help to fix the tattoo. Permanent makeup is a great way for very busy ladies who have no time to do self-massage or to find a good lipstick.
    • Some representatives of the beautiful half of the above ways do not like due to the fact that one is accompanied by a constant sense of light burning, and the second involves a painful subcutaneous injection. This delicate ladies can try the Egyptian way of dealing with pale, colorless lips – painting with henna. To do this, mix a small amount of dye powder with warm vegetable oil to form a slurry, apply paste on the lips for 20 minutes and then rinse. This method will give the lips a beautiful coral color as much as 2 weeks. This staining not only hurt the jaws and a positive impact on their condition, as henna has excellent antiseptic and regenerative properties.
    • Return the lips red color will also help a straightforward mask made from honey. Folk medicine recommends applying this bee product on your lips every evening, without washing it. This simple measure helped to solve the pale lips of many beauties.
    • The easiest way to solve this problem is to use elementary cherry lipstick. Such public a cosmetic capable of making even a very bright pale lips. However, the effect of it will last too long.

    In General, the problem faded lips to solve is not so difficult, especially if it is not associated with some diseases. And in order to prevent such a defect, just need to eat a healthy diet, regular rest, daily fresh air and not to get involved in decorative cosmetics.

    Doctors say: a healthy complexion and naturally red lips is the best decoration of women’s faces.

    So girls who don’t want them sympathetically asked: “Why do you have pale lips?”, our website recommends to do sports, and to smile often. After all, no makeup is not able to mask the defects in appearance, as a sincere radiant smile.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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