How to calculate to recognize pick up artist and counter pickup

Each of us wants an honest and trusting relationship. To be used and abandoned don’t want anyone.

Unfortunately, men have a completely different psychology, especially in regard to romantic relationships. The most insulting, that among the modern young people there was a real science, which teaches them to take from all the girls and as soon as possible. Female site will tell you how to calculate the pick up artist and not to fall for his bait.

Know the enemy in the face

First of all, take the subculture seriously. The community charge is constantly evolyutsioniruet. Today they even conduct formal training on the “rules of removal”. I agree, for a girl sounds rather humiliating. Though outwardly it looks quite innocuous – they share their experience about how easy it is to meet a girl or how to please any girl.

The more serious courses are called like “sea intensive” or “shopper” (this is when the stylist goes shopping with pick-up and helps him choose the right clothes for the best seduction, cute, right?).

When a young man on the street meets with you or pays you a compliment, do not relax, remember that this may be a young player who performs “homework” after the training or just warming up before the date with his next victim. By the way — not necessarily young, the age of pick up artist may be about 40 years. It’s called “out in the field.”

Does the green charge they call the “pioneers”, and coming in the field from time to time – “papiaredni”. OVC is a girl, and “primary” — the main girl the pickup artist meets and spends time more often than with the other girls. The wingman rule: you talk about the relationship after sex.

How to calculate the pick up artist

Meeting you can pick-up in the most crowded places (shopping malls, parks, beaches), as well as steel are normal people. It is impossible to recognize pick up artist, as he talks about special rules they have at this point. The phrase to start the conversation, opening communication with the girl, called “opener”. It can be a standard question about your “naturally long legs”. The main thing – that you laughed and opened for communication.

Pick-up will certainly try to do something unexpected or to show unexpected reactions. On a date he will take you to the original place, and after won’t call for a few days, paused.

The experienced pickup artist will always do something that will piss you off. For example, a 10-minute wait, he explodes with indignation that you’re wasting his precious time, and goes away, or when you report that can’t come out, blames you that you don’t know what they want and could warn in advance. If a direct question about sex you say no, he’s right in the cafe call the other girl, arrange a meeting and go.

They somehow believe that after this we will definitely call them back yourself! ?

They even have schemes that allow them to “solve the problems with boyfriend”, psychological methods, after which you decide to leave your boyfriend.

But the most important weapon of pick up artist is kinesthetic. He will constantly touch your arm, shoulder, fix your hair.

How to resist the truck?

Of course, no need to blow off every guywho decided to meet you in an original way. The more that they have in the Arsenal are the so-called “niggity” — a mild form of abuse for lowering self-esteem. Only spoil your mood.

Limit his touch to himself. Especially don’t get too impressed from the gentle and witty “divination by the hand.”

Pay attention, if your companion tries to speak like you, or takes a similar posture. A psychological technique only doing consciously to you feel confidence in him.

At leisure, learn the basics of NLP, so it will be easier to recognize the techniques of pick-up and control your reaction.

If you noticed in the behavior of the guy the signs of a pickup truck, tell him “DOD”. In their language it means “let’s stay friends”.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, website – Beautiful and Successful

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