How to care for a baby: feeding, bathing, sleep

In your family expands? Recently you had a baby? And finally you’re home! In this case, you need this article! Today women’s site we need to talk about how to care for a baby.

How to care for baby: where to begin?

Until recently you were in the hospital and almost all the activities for the care of your baby fell on the shoulders of the medical staff. But there you go…

Surely you know that to prepare a roomthat will be baby, please. Let’s involved in this, and the husband – he needs to get used to a new “tenant”!

What should I do before birth?

  • Choose the most bright and dry room for the baby;
  • Possible to remove from it all unnecessary things;
  • Pre-buy a cot (as well as a baby bath, a stroller and a thermometer for measuring water temperature);
  • To wet cleaning (just before the arrival of the mother with baby);

And besides, in the room where it will be baby, can’t smoke and cook food.

Don’t forget about the frequent airing!

Surely you’re not even asking the question: why is all this necessary? It is clear: the baby’s immunity is still so weak that any contaminant may cause health problems.

So ensuring purity is the main condition.

How to feed an infant?

If you want to feed your baby – gently touch the cheeks of the baby. He opens the mouth, where you need to put the nipple.

Before each feeding ne sure to rinse the Breasts with warm boiled water!

In the first month of baby’s life need to be put to the breast every 2 hours from the second month – every three. The baby cannot be left without power for more than 4 hours. recalls that it is important to pay attention not only to the proper and timely feeding of the baby, but on mom’s diet.

Even if the baby has not had any allergies still avoid such foods that can trigger – citrus, all fried, canned, spicy , etc.

There are still products that now have no place in your diet:

  • onions and garlic (they change the taste of milk)
  • beans, cabbage, radish, tomato, watermelon, grape, radish, cucumber, sugar and flour (they increase the flatulence of the baby)

Now you will benefit from the cheese, yogurt, steam cutlets, porridge, boiled vegetables, eggs, lean fish (if not observed the child’s allergies) and bananas (but not often).

What to do if no milk or too little?

In this case, come to the aid of the milk mixture. All of them are based on cow or goat milk, its composition and properties resemble breast milk.

You can also try to Express about pumping breast milk we wrote here.

Remember to select the appropriate mix for kid yourself not, it must be prescribed by a doctor. It is worth noting that in the first 2-3 weeks babies should be fed exclusively with fresh mix, and later combining fresh and sour milk.

How to dress your baby?

In the first month of baby’s life the task of parents –to learn how to swaddle him. The baby is dressed in a thin vest, wear a diaper, and then to the neck swaddled in a thin blanket of flannel.

But the swaddling clothes of a baby, do not overdo it: the diaper under the baby’s legs should be slightly apart – so will be properly formed hip joints.

By the way, swaddling clothes your baby, fix the handle, because the kid still can’t control them and can be frightened.

You’ve probably stocked up on clothes for your baby even before birth. It vests, and caps, and sliders…

However, for the first month lot of clothes is not necessary – because the baby will soon grow out of it!

Later in the clothes of the baby should be and other things: t-shirts, body suits, tights, pants, jumpsuits, shirts, sliders to the waist, etc. From 6 months the baby might be sporting a suit and the girl in a skirt, sundress or dress.

What should the clothes of a baby under one year?

  • Without jewelry. Young parents often make the mistake of trying to dress your child in something beautiful, they prefer models with beads, buttons, rhinestones. It is forbidden! The clothes and the truth can be found, but if you care about the health of your child, leave these decorations for a more conscious age. Small details can get in the mouth, to scratch. For the sake of beauty don’t risk the life of your baby! Allowed only a small snap button that cannot be torn out of the fabric.
  • Clothing should be loose and not reap.
  • She also should not have rough seams.
  • Natural fabric is best suited for cotton.

How to bathe an infant?

Bathing is another important issue in the care of the baby.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The temperature of the room in which you bathe a baby must be at least 22-24 degrees, and the water temperature is 38-39 degrees. Next to the bath you need to put a pitcher of water 36 degrees.
  • Immediately prepare clothesthat will “dress” the baby after bathing.
  • The water level should not exceed 15 cm, because the head, neck and shoulders of the baby should be above the water.
  • Until that moment, until the umbilical wound is healed (within 18-25 days after birth), baby bathe only in boiled water.
  • Plunge the baby into the water only vertically and smoothly – sudden movement is prohibited! When bathing, keep under the head and back. Ideally, bathing should be a little together.
  • After bathing with absorbent wipe your baby’s movements (pay attention to every wrinkle – the skin has to stay wet), wrap it in a towel and carry it to the place where the clothes ready.

S legkim parom!

How to walk with the baby?

Don’t forget about the benefits of walking! This fresh air and healthy sleep, and new emotions and impressions, which develop a baby!

Walk the child from the first daysstart from 30 minutes in summer and 10-15 in winter, every day adding 10 to 15 minutes.

However, despite the benefits of walking, walking with a toddler is not worth it, if the temperature is below -10 degrees (up to 6 months) and -15 (over 6 months). But in the warmer time don’t forget to check baby’s nose: if it was a cold, then it’s time to go home.

But in the heat it is better to walk only in the shade!

Young mothers often make the mistake of too wrapping baby in the summer. You do not need baby you should dress for the weather.

In winter, the youngest will be a good insulated envelope is that it allows the child to move.

How to put baby to sleep?

It would be desirable to put your baby to sleep under his flank, yet he should have his own bed. To teach him to sleep in it right away after the birth.

What needs to be considered, furnished a sleeping place for the baby?

  • it should be a bright place
  • next there should be battery or heater, and a door or window
  • there’s no draft
  • don’t use cotton and feather mattresses and pillows to prevent curvature of the spine
  • the mattress needs to be pretty solid
  • a blanket fit fur or wool
  • for sleeping a child outdoors in the winter will also need a quilt

Now you know how to care for a baby! Let your baby will be healthy!

Author – Evgeniya Rozova site

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