How to care for a decorative rose in a pot?

We all love to surround themselves with beautiful things. Decorative rose is a great choice to decorate the interior and are today quite popular.

However, if you decide to purchase one of these roses, then you first need to understand what care needs decorative rose in a pot.

How to care for ornamental rose?

All of the popular types of home roses are known for their large flowers of various colors and quite a strong pleasant smell. With proper care the plants will please you not less than six years.

But how to care for a decorative rose in a pot?

It’s simple — homemade roses prefer:

  • The abundance of sunlight, and therefore it is better to put on Windows that face South or East.
  • Fertile soil. You can cook it yourself by mixing sod soil, humus and sand in the ratio of 4:4:1.

Or you can purchase primer designed specifically for home of roses.

  • Moderate watering, preferably the present water at room temperature. Watering the plant is after the soil in the pot completely dry out after the previous watering.
  • Occasional feeding. Enough two once a month during active growth of the roses and during flowering.
  • Regular spraying. To hold it better in the evenings a couple times a week. Perfect for these purposes, cooled boiled water, in which periodically can also be dissolved special fertilizer.

When buying new roses

If you have a decorative rose in a pot, care for her need to realize from the very first days. Once you have purchased a new plant, do not rush to transplant it into a new pot, let the rose a few days stand up on the windowsill and get used to the new atmosphere.

Please note that the new pot should be wider than the previous one by about 3 cm and above its roughly 6 cm.

Brand new ceramic pot is better left in the water for a couple of hours. The pot that had been used should be thoroughly washed, but without soap.

On the bottom of the pot to put drainage, then fill with soil and special fertilizer pellets. Rose pre-pour back in the old pot, pull her out during the transplant. Set the plant roots into a new pot and carefully cover it with earth, compacting the soil. Re-water it is no longer necessary.

Immediately after planting, put a rose in shadow and only the next day, return the pot to the sun, where he will stand in the future.

Feed rose to start in about a month from the day of her transplant. You can fertilize the soil under the rose, and to spray the leaves with a special solution. Feeding is done twice a month in the evening after watering.

In any case it is not necessary to fertilize a sick plant and a plant that was recently transplanted. It is also better to refrain from the use of fertilizers in rainy and cool weather.

Reproduction of potted roses

Many who wants to learn how to care for a decorative rose in a pot, over time, set also the question of reproduction of the plant. The website says that this also is no big deal.

Propagated ornamental rose in the pot room by using stem cuttings, and engage in this process it is best in early spring. To do this, simply trim away with a sharp knife or scissors twig with a length of about 12 cm and with live leaves on it. Put a twig in pure water at room temperature and turn a couple of weeks you will notice that the graft has taken root. Wait a bit until the roots won’t branch out as it should, then re-pot the new plant into the soil.

Diseases of ornamental roses

If you want to know how to care for home decorative rose, you have to remember that these plants are not less than any other prone to various diseases. So, dry indoor air is often the reason that the roses appear pests.

If this happens, then you need to wash the plant in the soda solution. To cook it is not difficult — just dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in a liter of water. During the procedure, the flower pot cover with plastic wrap. The process was repeated several times with an interval of 10 days, until the affected leaves by the pest will not fall off.

Thus, to care for a decorative rose in a pot is not difficult. But with little effort you get a really unique houseplant — beautiful and unpretentious. With proper care, the rose will long please you with its beautiful blooms and wonderful aroma.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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