How to care for long hair: General guidelines

Usually I think that long hair – a lot of the young girls. Then, with age, the hair thinning, falling out and their better to cut short. But it is not! Long hair can be save for many years, not only in childhood or adolescence.

Just need to observe some simple rules for care.

How to care for long hair — today I’ll tell you women’s website

Thick, beautiful hair is an indicator of the health of the body. No wonder they used to say: “Braid – girlish beauty”. So if your hair very thin, brittle and fall out much, we must first establish the cause, perhaps, to go to the doctor.

It may be stress and domestic problems. For example, the patient’s liver during an exacerbation strongly affects the quality of hair.

ToAK to properly care for long hair?

Long and short hair require careful maintenance. To care for long hair is not as difficult as it may seem. They certainly need to be brushed morning and evening. This is especially true of fine hair that is easily tangled.

Head massage well massage brush, along the entire length – only comb.

Combs and brushes are better to take from natural materials. Metal combs can injure the head and ruin the hair.

Also, experts do not encourage the use of plastic combs, because they accumulate static electricity, and they get dirty faster.

Hair spoil if you frequently use the hair clips, rubber bands, much to tighten them. The hair needs to rest, brush them carefully, without tearing, to dissolve. Drying is also better with no hair dryer at room temperature.

At night can dissolve the hair, but it’s not for fine hair. During the night they are so confused that you have them in the morning, not comb. Therefore, it is possible to braid them loosely in a braid. Besides, from braids hair will always be wavy.

Dead split ends definitely need to be cut, is better on the growing moon. Then the hair will grow faster.

How often to wash hair?

Here the answer may be: as needed. About once a week. Can be taken twice, with a break day in three, if your hair is extremely dirty, especially in winter.

But not every day, according to some people! So you only stimulate the sebaceous glands, and hair will be faster dirty.

Then they will start to thin and fall out more.

And another note: the head should not be washed with hot water too, just to avoid amplifying the work of the glands. The water should be warm, but not cold!

How to wash long hair

Better shampoo. Sometimes advised to get rid of dandruff, wash the head of economic or tar soap. But long hair is hard to wash out with soap and water, especially thick. The soap they become dull.

To give hair Shine and silkiness you can rinse them with water with a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice.

You can rinse your head with a decoction of herbs for hair growth. But keep in mind, from the concentrated broth, the hair may become hard.

And in addition a few words about how to care for long hair. If you are lucky you have thick hair, try to save them, for this often comb. For thick hair need a comb with rare and long teeth. Be sure to brush your hair morning and evening, before bedtime, thoroughly and throughout.

How to strengthen hair?

To strengthen the hair in addition to modern means suitable and folk ways. They are proven, inexpensive, and available to help you care for your long hair.

  • Egg yolk. Washing hair with egg yolk perfectly even strengthens weak hair. It can be used instead of shampoo, it washed well. One yolk is enough, and for very thick hair it is better to take two. Please note, not to get protein – it brew hot water and have to comb his hair.
  • Rye bread. There is a good hair mask made from rye bread. However, long hair is uncomfortable: a long one to brush the bread crumbs.
  • Burdock oil. Good effect gives all the well-known burdock oil. It should be rubbed into the scalp before washing, about an hour or two. You can close the head with something warm.
  • And can recommend a special mask for patients hair strengthens fine! About a mask from yogurt we already wrote about the mask of sour cream too. We offer you the recipe of both ingredients. We must take equal parts of sour cream and yogurt, mix and leave for 24 hours in a warm place. A mixture of sour, fermented. Apply it on the hair as you normally wrap your head with a towel for 40 minutes-hour. But this recipe is best suited for dry hair. Better check with the specialist what your hair type.
  • Oil for hair. The most effective, in our opinion, is lavender – a few drops in a bottle of shampoo. And keep in mind that one or two times is not enough. This mixture should wash the hair regularly, to the desired result.
  • There are many tools for strengthening and growth of hair. There is no single list for all hair types and from all problems immediately. You just need to take care of your hair, to know how to properly care for long hair and they will always be in excellent condition.

    Good luck!

    Author – Alain Venison, site

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