How to care for newborn’s skin?

The website “” today will tell you how to care for newborn skin. Children’s skin is very different from adult skin — it is more delicate and sensitive, and therefore care must be appropriate.

In addition, healthy skin is more than just the comfort and well-being of the baby. It is also a reliable protection against the ingestion of various bacteria.

How to care for the little baby face?

Mom needs to start the morning with fulfilling the mandatory procedures to care for the baby. Among these procedures are:

  • Daily cleanser. The baby should wash with water at room temperature. For convenience, you can use cotton pads.
  • The eyes are also rinsed with a cotton swab for each eye should take a new cotton pad.
  • If the baby’s nose are formed crusts, they are best removed with a cotton flagellum. If the baby is breathing well and there is nothing he does not interfere, once again its better not to bother.
  • Baby’s ears are also cleaned with a cotton flagella. Their cleaning can be done in no more a couple times a week.
  • Dried the baby’s skin with a towel. It is important the skin is to DAB without committing literaturnyh movements.

    What should be the skin care of the newborn during and after swimming?

    Care for the delicate skin of the newborn also involves proper carrying out of water procedures. As a rule, bathe small children daily.

    Modern doctors recommend not to use soap at every bath time, as it is noticeably dry the baby’s skin. Best to periodically give the skin a rest from gels, mousses and shampoos, and instead to prepare for bathing decoctions of various herbs.

    The most popular among them are charges of calendula, chamomile, mint, succession. These herbs differ in anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. They relieve irritation and reduce Allergy symptoms.

    After bathing baby’s delicate skin can lubricate the baby cream or oil.

    Before purchasing them it is important to pre-read the instructions to understand if the funds just for newborns. Before using a new cosmetic means it is necessary to carry out a tolerance test. To do this, put a little cream on the forearm crumbs and observe the presence or absence of reaction on his body.

    How to care for baby’s skin under the diaper?

    Children’s skin under the diaper requires attention. Often wrong care in this area appear diaper rash, which can then lead to irritation and even the development of diaper dermatitis.

    Skin care of the newborn child diaper includes a few steps:

  • First, you should change the nappy at least every three hours. Little kids urinate quite often, but because of their delicate skin under the diaper is almost always under the influence of moisture.
  • Often arrange baby air baths. If the room temperature allows, try to leave your baby for a short time then spread out the diaper. If the room is cool, just sometimes dress your baby without a diaper.
  • Regularly tempted a baby with the use of baby creams and lotions. After cleaning dry skin primakovite the baby with a clean diaper.
  • When changing the diaper, it is useful to use a special children’s creams that have a drying and soothing effect to baby’s skin. If the baby has a rash, it is best to immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate remedy.
  • How to deal with the appearance of scabs on the head?

    Care of the sensitive skin of the newborn also involves care of the skin on the head of the baby. Often the hair part of a child’s head formed of seborrheic crusts.

    The reason for their occurrence is the increased secretion of skin glands of the child. The secret is superimposed on the head of the crumbs and gradually turns into brown.

    The website recalls that crusts seborrhea is not a disease, and to deal with them quite easily.

    Enough before bathing to lubricate the baby’s head with baby oil, and after bathing to brush the crust with a soft comb. In any case, do not try to forcibly remove them. The skin on the head is very tender crumbs and because you can easily damage it.

    Basic rules for skin care of the crumbs

    If you want to learn how to properly care for the delicate skin of a newborn, you need to remember the following simple rules:

  • The nails of the mother or other person caring for the child should be gently filed down so as not to accidentally scratch the baby.
  • You should not abuse the various personal hygiene products — oils, creams, shampoos. If the baby’s skin healthy and elastic, you better any exposure to it reduced to zero.
  • To care for the baby use possibly natural cosmetics. Note the absence of components that cause allergies, as well as parabens, Phenoxyethanol and derivatives of petroleum products.
  • If your baby was born prematurely, I advise you to read “Beautiful and Successful” article How to care for a premature baby.

    So, to care for the skin of the newborn should be carefully and with caution. Exactly the proper care of skin of your baby gives you the opportunity to keep her healthy. But healthy skin is a healthy and happy baby!

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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