How to care for pet hamsters?

Hamster — cute little pet care which can handle even a child! It will not take much time and money, and how to care for pet hamsters correctly, will tell the website

Hamster home: nursing and the necessary conditions

If you decide to have a hamster, the first thing it will need is a cage.

Can buy a normal cage with metal bars or use instead of a glass terrarium. In that and in other case very useful thing is the deep plastic tray the size of the cage or terrarium – it will be easier to clean and replace litter. The optimal size of cage for Syrian hamster approximately 0.5 m3 (i.e. 50H50H50 cm). If you are going to contain dwarf Djungarian hamsters, the cage can be smaller.

In the case where the cell will contain more than one hamster, then to the size of a cell add about half of the required minimum, and so for every future occupant (i.e., if you’re going to have three hamsters, the cage should be twice more than one rodent).

On the bottom of the cage should be pour filler. It is sold in pet stores and consists of wood pellets or sawdust.

The cage just enough to cover the filler, it is necessary to “furnish”! Absolutely essential attributes: drinking bottle, bowl for food (better two for dry and wet feed), as well as wheel for running or special maze for a hamster.

Running wheel – not just a fun device that allows you to watch funny running around in this rodent, and a very necessary thing in the care of pet hamsters. The fact that hamsters are by nature have much to move, to run, and in a cage is no place – the wheel also stimulates the animal to “training”!

And another small but important item that should be in a cage – a flat piece of dry wood to a rodent could grind down on his growing incisors!

Pets hamsters: caring for fur

To wash, bathe and clean a hamster is not necessary.

However, purebred long-haired hamsters should be brushed and cut the tangles, if any.

Disheveled, non-shiny fur is a sign of illness. But when the female started to pluck himself with scraps of wool and build their “nest” — means, soon wait for refill!

What to feed a hamster?

Hamsters, surprisingly, are not herbivores, but omnivores!

The basis of the diet, of course, vegetable in pet stores sell a variety of food-based blends, which absorb Pets hamsters. Care rodents through such feeds is not complicated: you only need twice a day to pour a little food in a bowl. It is advisable to buy several different feeds and alternate them.

In addition to finished feed, it is possible to give Pets some foods which have at home: for example, cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, barley, etc., in addition to millet and rice), cereals (millet, buckwheat, wheat), different nuts.

As rare treats, you can give the hamster a little low-fat unsalted cheese, a small piece of boiled liver, meat (except pork!), poultry or fish (lean only, raw and nekotoryh), sausage (type of children’s or dairy and just boiled), hard boiled eggs.

Need in diet also boiled and raw vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beets, cucumbers – almost everything except starchy potato), boiled legumes. You can give bread (but not sweet rolls and not biscuits).

Eat hamsters and dairy products – fresh cheese, milk (increasing their share in the diet of lactating and pregnant females).

However, caring for a pet hamster, remember that protein foods are in addition to the basic vegetable and grain menu, feed them hamster can and occasionally does a little!

And one more thing, how to care for pet hamsters – they need to be very careful to keep hands, never to unclasp hands if you raised the animal, but don’t squeeze too hard (especially if the hamster is trying to escape).

Falling from a height of human growth to see this animal is almost always deadly!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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