How to celebrate New Year alone alone

Psychologists say that the feeling of loneliness especially acute in the major holidays. According to statistics, 2% of the population celebrate the New year alone. It would seem that a little bit. But this can happen to any of us.

I have friends, colleagues, and relatives, but the main holiday of the year, you suddenly be all alone. You attracted sorry for yourself, you feel abandoned puppy, pour champagne Woe and… Whoa! And it is a terrible New Year in solitude as he is painted?

Female site believes that nothing terrible in this: it’s only one night, not a whole life, and to hold it can be very fun and positive! So, today figure out how to celebrate New Year alone?


Is there loneliness?

Before you come up with options for the New year, think about it: why are you single?

Most likely, because at this stage you don’t have a man and you live alone. All your girlfriends to celebrate the New year with their families, and ask them to guests uncomfortable. Because the New year is a family holiday.

But look at it this way. Loneliness is more a state of mind than the lack of necessary environment.

For example, invite you friends to be polite, but you still feel at ease. Especially if everyone came to the party in pairs and kiss as if on cue, as soon chime strikes 12 hours. And you sit alone and in silence look at this celebration of love a stranger. Not fun, agree. Your solitude stays with you even in a room full of people. Maybe it’s time to break up with him?

The paradox is that we ourselves succumb to negative emotions, cheat myselfto all night to do-torture and think how I am alone and unhappy. Under the influence of alcohol psychological condition is getting worse, and it ends with sobs, calls to friends with the words: “celebrating without me, you bastards?!”. The next morning will be very embarrassing and even more. advises: do not treat the New year alone as the end of the world. The coming year is an opportunity to change something in your life, because everything is in our hands! Today you celebrate the New year in the company itself, and the next year you will have a husband, child and a house full of guests. See for yourself!

And believe me, you’re not alone! You have your friends, your family, you have the neighbors yard, an infinite number of Internet users, and finally, the most 2% of the population of Russia who are just waiting for your cheerful company. If for geographical reasons you are alone – it does not mean that you are alone in life. Treat loneliness as a temporary statein which not less advantages, than disadvantages!

Thus, we present you 6 tips (a brilliant and not very ? ), how to celebrate the New year alone:

Tip 1. Enjoy the solitude

To this tip work, you need to really love yourself. And genuinely enjoy the company of beautiful, intelligent and fun person (that is you). Start preparations for new year in advance. Buy yourself gifts. You, of course, now skeptical would say that the surprise will be!

And here and there. You will know the packaging of the gift, but the stuffing will learn a bit later. New cream, new book, new candy, new variety of wine, new towels. Believe me, you could not have time to try all the creams and all the candy in the world. You can always find something new and different that will surprise you.

Decorate the Christmas tree and put all their gifts under it. Up to 12 hours do not dare to open. Cover a small table with his favorite meal, light the candles, turn on your favorite music.

Be sure to arrange a little ritual. For example, write your desires and goals for the New year on a piece of paper, put it in an empty bottle, plug it, and hide the bottle until next year. Is that next year, check out what came true and what has been achieved.

To turn on the TV or not – to solve only to you. About the beginning of the New year you will hear enthusiastic cries of compatriots outside the window. By the way, when Koreans will begin to launch fireworks, you can meet them on the street. They will be very glad of your company, if you are going to be fun and happy!

Don’t forget to call your friends to congratulate. It is to congratulate, and not to complain about life. It is so nice to say kind words to the relatives and hear them in return! At this moment you will feel that you are not alone.

The main plus of this option – you’re on your own, can celebrate the New year in your favorite pajamas to eat all the yummy and go to bed when you please!

Tip 2. Head out on vacation

It’s simple. Buy a travel ticket, make visa and fly to a warm country or to the ski resort (as you like). Now almost all travel companies offer special Christmas tours. Especially fun if you go with a group!

But I advise you to depart a little earlier than 31 Decemberto celebrate the New year in the domestic airport because of a flight delay. Redefine “Irony of fate or With light steam!” before departure. So… just in case, not to repeat the mistakes of others! ?

During a foreign trip you will get a lot of new experiences and learn the Christmas traditions of other countries.

Imagine how great to see the Australian Santa Claus in swimming suit on a surfboard? By the way, you can come back and to our Santa Claus in Great Ustyug and to ride with him on a Russian sleigh! How can you think about being alone with such a majestic beard? ?

Tip 3. A party

Why not invite your friends? Our country has an inexplicable love for free! ? Friends will agree to come to your party if you promise them a rich table and a wide cultural program (for example, arrange a theme party).

Not to spend a lot of time for cooking, put friends to each bring me some food. So the party won’t break your budget. With the help of our tips from the article “New year whip up”.

If people is small, and you want a lot of fun, feel free to pull out my old notebook and start calling those you knew, but did not find the time to call and chat. Old friends, former classmates, distant relatives! The new year can easily turn into a night to remember and memories.

Tip 4. We go to a restaurant

This is the most common way to get rid of loneliness new year’s eve! Make a beautiful hairstyle, makeup, put on your best outfit and head to the restaurant for the night!

All self-respecting restaurants prepare for new year’s eve entertainment program and a delicious menu. The price of such pleasure from 5000 rubles.

This is a great way to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere, to chat, to dance and eat out. Besides, you can count on a little flirtation and a lot of fun!

Tip 5. In the way

If you think that in the night of the Christmas train you are the only passenger, you are mistaken. More than 200 thousand passengers celebrate the New year in trains for various reasons.

You can buy a ticket to any city in Russia and go there new year’s eve. Once you arrive you may not even stay at the hotel and walk for several hours around the city and go back. The train is great because it is always possible to sleep.

The railroad recently trying to create a festive atmosphere to those who meet the New year in a way. Greatly expanded menu of the dining cars, at some stations the train go Santa Claus and snow maiden and congrats passengers.

Companions you can find on the web – personal pages on new year’s eve are full of messages “looking for a companion on the train-so for the new year.” And unable to step into the compartment to meet fate and meet with his company already. Will feel pleasant spirit of journey and Christmas magic – indeed, thanks to time zones you can celebrate the New year not once!

Tip 6. In the company of people

Many are already bored with the traditional seat at the Banquet table in front of the TV. That’s why our people are committed on the street even in the dead of winter.

And you do not linger in the house. Dress warmly and go to meet New year directly on a city tree. There is little screwy people screaming riding on icy hills, leads dance around the Christmas tree and disjointed chorus sings “born In the forest herringbone…”. There’s chaos of fun and festive bustle, and you won’t be able to stand in the corner and be sad.

But if you a big fan of practical jokes – feel free to wear a costume! Then nobody will pass quietly by you and will ask if you have a beard and what’s in the bag! ?

In General, the flight of imagination is unlimited. Do not try in whatever was to fall into the wrong company where you do not expect! Create a holiday for yourself, around yourself, be the protagonist, and then there is no loneliness you’re not scared. Let the holiday begins in your soul and transformed into a real Christmas tale!

Author — Yulia Vertegel, site

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