How to celebrate New year of the Horse 2014: dresses, colors, materials

Nearing new year’s eve! And for good reason, it is believed that the first night of the coming year it is better to wear something new, elegant and bright – then the year will also delight you with colourful updates in your life! So you should take a stroll to the shops and you choose a decent outfit! And how to celebrate New year 2014 – tell website!

What are the colors like the Blue Wooden Horse?

The main color of the new year night-2014 – of course, blue in all its variations and shades. Usually this color is absolutely everything, regardless of the color type appearance. And if you still don’t know how to celebrate the year of the Blue Horse – stop on this “astrologically correct” color!

But there are shades of colors of blue gamma, you need to use with caution: for example, pale blue, grey blue – these colors can exacerbate not too fresh complexion, to emphasize the “circles” under the eyes, also it is better to choose only if you have perfect skin without redness and other problem areas.

To celebrate the New year 2014 in clothes and other colors of cold gamut – celadon, azure, electric, purple… All these colors are also associated with winter, frosty air, ice, shadows on the snow…

A good combination – cold main color+silver (sequins, ornaments, jewelry, etc.).

And if you do not want to go to the most simple way, try to pick an outfit from the range of colors that reflects the options of colors of horses: from Raven black to light gray, white, and don’t forget brown, gold, sand, dim red… Actually, the Horse loves the natural aristocracy and nobility, and these colors just really fit the elegant Christmas look!

What materials, fabrics, stones to use in the new year? advises in the year of the Horse to abandon synthetic materials, artificial fabrics and plastic jewelry, this aristocratic animal these things don’t like!

If possible, stop the choice on the satin, velvet, silk

More modest, but perhaps more appropriate for home celebrate the New year selection – wool, linen,…

Extravagant, but relevant for this New year option – leather (it can be done the whole dress or separate accessories, inserts, etc.).

And natural fabrics are perfectly blended with the tree – after all, the Horse of Wood! What wood to celebrate the 2014 New year? The most obvious option, add the image of jewelry made of wood: these may be beads, carved pendant or earrings, and jewellery combining wood with metal.

Horses peculiar to the nobility and desire for an expensive and elegant things, so not cancelled precious metals — gold and especially silver! Just fine, if you have jewelry with blue or green stones: emerald, jade, malachite, Topaz. Maybe in your jewelry box hiding and sapphire?!

Dress for new year’s eve: what is it?

To choose the style of dress, where you’ll meet the 2014 year of the Blue Horse, look to this animal. What characterizes a Horse? That’s right – the audacity, the beauty, elegance and at the same time sexy! So your dress should reflect these traits!

Suitable short cocktail dresses, and if I decided to stop the choice on a long dress to the floor – let him have some spectacular cut, or cleavage, or bare shoulders (you’ll choose which part of yourself is to put on public display!).

Do not have to choose dresses that are overly burdened with an abundance of decor, prints or very complex cut with all sorts of piles of frills and lace. The trend is clear, clean a-line silhouettelends female grace and accentuate natural beauty!

And yet, only you have to decide how to meet the New year 2014 and listen to legends and superstitions. It’s not “iron” the observance of traditions, and in a good mood and your smile!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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