How to change the appearance?

Women often tend to change. We want it the furniture in the house to rearrange, then paint the hair pink, and women’s website “” I believe we should follow their heart and fulfill their own desires.

Many women think about how to change the appearance. You will be surprised, but sometimes it takes a few strokes to the gray mouse to turn into a lady or of a romantic nature in a woman vamp.

How to change the appearance: the secrets

Sometimes you need to change the appearance without spending a lot of forces without falling into many thoughts. The best way to do this would be an unusual make-up. That cosmetics works wonders, girls know firsthand, but that it helps to completely change the image, not all believe, but in vain.

There are a few rules:

  • If you decide to change the appearance beyond recognition, then immediately discard the usual makeup, but you do not need to drastically change the color scheme, do not forget that each of us has our own skin type, therefore not all the shades will suit you.
  • More does not mean better, if you have not painted, and a few strokes will be enough to change your image.
  • Day and evening makeup was not invented in vain, they can dramatically change the appearance. Knowing their rules, you can every night from the office of Cinderella turn into a Princess.

How to quickly change the appearance?

So, let’s move on to makeup.

  • Hide skin imperfections. For this you need to use makeup base or Foundation. Too many to put not worth it, otherwise will only ruin the appearance. Aligning tone and face, you have a little bit of change. Playing with colors, you can change the shape of the face. For example, setenv cheekbones, you will slightly extend it.
  • Make the eyes expressive. This will help bright shade. Another way to emphasize the eyes – change the shape of the eyebrows. To make eyes appear bigger, you need a light shade.
  • Use a pencil. It can be used to extend the eye shape. Do not have to hold the line along the entire length, sometimes it is enough to highlight the outer corners. Do not skimp on a quality pencil, otherwise during the day he can spread.
  • To make the puffy sponge helps eyeliner and lipstick.
  • How to radically change the appearance?

    To completely change the look, will take time. Often helps weight loss, if you, of course, are overweight. Dropped weight significantly change your body and face. But other ladies, on the contrary, it would not hurt to eat plump cheeks. It is important to know when to stop!

    If the weight’s fine, you can just enroll in a fitness center to pull up the body. Pumped up buttocks, rounded hips, a clear waistline, the correct posture will be one of the items in the list change. Besides, you will feel how not only your body but also the internal state.

    Another method requires very little time, but sometimes no less radical, and it concerns hair.

    Suppose you grow a long braid, and she has already dropped below the waist. Ready to get rid of it? Stylists offer a bunch of different styles of haircut that will be a real decoration for your appearance. If this is for you too, then at least get a haircut.

    Constantly go with a tail – dissolve hair, used to the bun – try to braid her hair.

    To change the appearance of the girl will help cut Bang or banal staining.

    If you are not afraid of radical changes, then go ahead and paint in the opposite color, if it is, of course, you go. If not so emboldened, change at least the tone of your natural color. If you have not resorted to coloring hair, even a small change of image will be visible. Quite lazy and fearful to girls are simply try to wear my hair differently (one side, back, part the hair evenly in the middle).

    How can I change my appearance through clothes and accessories?

    Many girls give preference to one style in clothes, they believe that another they just will not go. How to be in this case? It’s very simple! To experiment.

    Look at her wardrobe, and now you work.

    • If most of the space in the closet is a thing of black color, purchase several models of bright colors.
    • Previously gave preference to pants, go to the store for skirts and dresses.
    • Preferred cell, dilute it with clothes with floral print. More like “prey” paint, should buy something more peaceful.
    • Away from the wardrobe needs to go shapeless outfits. Even if you do not have perfect shapes, it is not a reason to hide the body in robes, learn to emphasize your strengths.

    Can help even the little things. Especially large role at points. If you wear them, you can change the appearance by changing them on the lens or simply changing the frame. To help you our tips on stylish glasses.

    Girls who have a vision all right, you can try to wear decorative pattern.

    As you can see, ways to change externally, quite a lot. But sometimes it is enough and internal changes. It has been well said that happiness paint. Be happy!

    Author — Lydia Karant, site

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