How to change the interior in a large apartment is the best solution for wide spaces

Spacious apartment is not only a real comfort of life, but also a true godsend for those who would like fully realize their ideas about stylish home. Despite the fact that most of the interior areas were forced to adapt to limited spaces, they were originally designed for larger apartments.

If You have an impressive “square meters” and a great deal of capital to repair, it’s time to explore what kinds of interiors better just look in spacious rooms.

From trusted classics to modern studios

Undoubtedly, in the first place is to pay attention to the classics. This design style is reflected not only in the strict lines and the combination of two or three inconspicuous flowers. Classics is drawn to large spaces and high ceilings — it gives the opportunity to fully assess adjusted the geometry of the interior, to feel the restraint and understated luxury. Spacious apartment with high ceilings is ideal for luxury classic chandelier with sparkling pendants, creating a very special lighting in the house.

Another interior style, feel perfectly “in the open” is a fashionable loft. Initially, the apartments in this style was created on the site of an abandoned factory and warehouse space. For typical loft some roughness, a minimum of furniture and maximum space, wooden, stone and iron elements in the interior, large Windows, good light-transmissive.

If You feel comfortable in large spaces and are willing to experiment, you can turn an apartment into a Studio. The only isolated place in the case there will be a dressing room — the other walls in the house will not. The Studio is perfect for those who live alone — but if you have the household this idea is to consider three times.

The color scheme of the home

The large apartment has another important advantage — it can be easy to use any colour shades of the walls, floor and furniture. The bright interior creates a surprisingly airy and light atmosphere, and the dark colors in the design will look demure but not gloomy.

A great apartment allows you to expand the room even more — through the use of glass walls, reflective surfaces, decorative Windows and art panels. All this further spreads the walls and lifts the height of the apartment.

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