How to choose a breast pump?

The website “” today will answer the question being asked by many breastfeeding moms – how to choose a breast pump. Some think about it even before the baby is born, while others are facing this issue on his return from the hospital.

In any case not to rush into buying, because in the attention need to take many different nuances.

Why you need a breast pump?

Breast pump is a device that is intended to make life easier for nursing mothers in some situations.

For such situations the website include the following:

  • Mom has a long time to be away from the child, but because she needed to pump and leave him for the required amount of milk.
  • Mom needs to take is incompatible with breastfeeding medications and therefore it will have to temporarily stop breast feeding. The breast pump simulates the sucking of the child, and therefore yield even after a prolonged break in feeding is not stopped.
  • If the baby for some reason refuses to take the breast. Sometimes it is due to the concave shape of the nipple or because of the fact that your baby is a little sick.
  • In the event of lactose — milk stagnation that often in the first months after birth. To solve the problem, you need some time to Express breast. And that the pump can cope with this task perfectly.
  • Alternative breast pump is a manual pumping, but not all moms can perform it yourself at the proper level. In addition, use of the sucker is much more convenient.

    However, there are a few exceptions when the breast pump to replace the manual pumping can’t. For example, the appearance of cracks on the nipples, the breast pump can only make the problem worse, and in the event of mastitis pumping should also be accompanied by a special massage.

    How to choose a breast pump?

    To choose a good breast pump, you should understand what types of data devices is on sale and what exactly are their positive and negative sides.

    Pump action breast pump

    A very simple variant, however, is the cheapest. But, unfortunately, the most inconvenient to use compared to the other cubs.

    For example, milk is not going in the bottle, and the recess on the tube of the pump, but because it constantly has to be removed.

    Can be a good option if you need a breast pump for a short time. But if you use a breast pump regularly, it is better to buy the more expensive variant and comfortable.

    Piston pump

    Many moms think which manual breast pump to choose, give their preference to the piston. Because this breast pump is good enough to cope with the task entrusted to it. It not only stimulates milk production, but also massage the breast due to the special bumps on his head.

    Piston breast pump are easily assembled and disassembled, no noise, works effectively.

    The disadvantages is that the constant employment of his mother.

    Electric breast pump

    Don’t know what kind of pump should I choose? Then turn your attention to electric models.

    These suckers are good that allow you to pump both Breasts at once and thus control the intensity of pumping. Electric suckers mimic the sucking of the child, which is beneficial to the condition of the breast.

    Not less important is the fact that my mom absolutely does not have to put process effort.

    The disadvantages of electric breast pumps is the fact that they are quite noisy. In addition, the reference to the source of power deprives them of mobility.

    By the way, the electric breast pump to choose and suggest many young mothers.

    Electronic breast pump

    The main question that faces those who have decided to buy a breast pump — which one to choose. However, the electronic skins are more likely to professional options, which are used in hospitals. They differ microprocessor controlled and operate from a socket.

    Thus, the choice of pump is practically no different from choosing any other technology, and therefore it must be approached responsibly. Experts recommend not to buy this device in advance, because all uses of breast pumps individual.

    Reviews on breast pumps

    • “A friend gave me an electric breast pump immediately after my discharge from the hospital. The fact is that without him I would have been unable to handle the baby in any did not want to take the breast. In the end his work I was completely satisfied. While my daughter slept, I just sat in front of the TV, and pumping was to say, of course. So I fed for a year. If not the breast, not sure I would have lasted so long.” Marina, 28 years
    • “The question of the sucker stood up when I had to go to work. But breastfeeding when I was ready to collapse. After much hesitation, I bought a piston pump, which proved to be convenient and efficient to use. And took up very little space in the bag — you could pass him in the bathroom in the office to pump milk”. Katya, 22 years
    • “Breast-fed responsibly two years. And in all that time there was only one moment when for a week I had to stop breastfeeding due to sore throat and taking antibiotics. Because the complete cessation of feeding was not going to, I bought a breast pump. The cheapest pump. In the bathroom was decanted and the milk is immediately poured. Throughout the week, the breast pump with its task well, but to use it longer would be difficult.” Irina, 36 years old.

    I hope this article will be useful to those moms who are thinking about buying this handy assistant.

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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