How to choose a capsule coffee machine for home?

To prepare amazing coffee yourself today will help capsule coffee machine — what to choose for the house, so the mixed drink was just as described by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand?

French politician compared coffee ad — it needs to be as hot as the fire in hell, with the devil – coffee should be the color as the black devil, with an angel – coffee must be pure and sweet like intoxicating love.

Women’s website “” today will help determine readers, is it profitable to buy a coffee machine of this type for home, and the reviews tell which capsule coffee machine is better and which company will be the best choice.

Capsule coffee machine

Modern capsule coffee machine is very popular among coffee lovers:

  • They are easy to handle — portion drink you get the “here and now” with one click.
  • Them easy to care – no need to clean the compartments for pre-ground coffee.
  • Their compact dimensions, pleasant design, in contrast to the spring and coffee bean type.
  • Operate quietly, virtually silently.

The issue price

The price of a capsule coffee machine for home, which to choose we can help, is relatively low. But this is a little trick manufacturers: price you might be pleasantly surprised and seem very affordable in comparison with the machines of another type, but those who want to choose a capsule coffee machine of the type needs to remember that their maintenance requires additional investments.

The fact is that coffee capsule machines recommend using only the genuine special capsules. Here’s how talking about this reviews of coffee capsule that we choose:

  • Those who are going to give preference to a capsule coffee machines, it is important to consider one thing – the price of capsules for coffee high! It’s like printers – the device itself is inexpensive, but his service translates into a penny. Eugene.
  • As a rule, for machines of certain companies need capsules only these companies, so you’ll be tied to buying capsules always! The price of a Cup of coffee from the capsule is not so low. If you count, you get the price coffee bean elite varieties. Andrew.

As you can see from the review of coffee capsule, for the house to choose such things is not always beneficial: coffee made of them only from special capsules, which cost compared with the price of coffee for good grades.

What is a coffee capsule? Let us discuss this a bit more, at the same time figure out how to work the coffee machine, capsule type, which to choose we help.

The principle of operation

For the first time to make coffee from capsules began in the 70-ies of the last century — in 1978, the patented capsule brewing method. Then I went to the process of improvement.

So, how does it work?

  • Capsules briquettes is a compressed coffee.
  • It is placed in a special compartment in the coffee machine, where a sealed package with the contents is pierced.
  • In that hole under high pressure enters the hot water.
  • In the capacity of the drains of the coffee.
  • If not most capsule coffee machines, you must set the parameters for the preparation of (fortress, temperature), the drug capsule does everything automatically. This has its pros and cons.

    Of the advantages can be identified that requires minimal human intervention to prepare the drink, of the negatives — there is no way to experiment with flavors – the entire process is automated. You are left with only the option to choose any flavor of coffee tablets and then buy it.

    The producers took care about the abundance of choice – cutting-edge brands produce up to 20 varieties of capsules for coffee machines. So choose capsules for coffee machines.

    Let us dwell on the question of how to choose a capsule type coffee machine for home use, consider the major manufacturers, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular.

    Choose a capsule type coffee machine for home: which company is better?

    On our market you can find 4 brands, which produce coffee machines for coffee from capsules:

    • Nespresso (Nespresso);
    • Shimao (Cremasco);
    • Dolce Gusto (Dolce gusto);
    • Tassimo (Tassimo).

    They all work on the same principle, each has its pros and cons.


    Swiss firm Nespresso from Nestle first launched its coffee capsule and DeLonghi Krups. The choice is huge. All the machine have positive feedback, are renowned for build quality, beautiful and neat design, high functionality.

    • Capsules for coffee machines Nespresso produced as many as 17 types! So that the coffee is to choose from. All 17 types of different varieties of the classic espresso coffee (there are caffeine-free), unlike the capsules for coffee machines from other companies where you can find and chocolate, and cappuccino, and cocoa. Therefore, those who like real black coffee, we recommend you to choose for home coffee machine capsule Nespresso (DeLonghi, and Krups).
    • Each capsule contains 7 grams of coffee (the traditional standard dose of 1 serving coffee).

    The disadvantages of capsule coffee machines from this company include the cost of the capsules, but at the same time manufactured procurement alternative that is not worse than the original. Here’s how to talk about it in one of the reviews about capsule type coffee machine for the home.

    • Choose a coffee machine I suggest only Nespresso. Who says that the capsule dear? So buy counterparts. Fortunately for Nespresso, they are released, unlike the Dolce Gusto and other firms that require only the original capsules of the same firms. I personally difference between Nespresso and capsules Smart coffee is not noticed. Only the price of the last 2 times lower. Alena
    • I am very happy with a gift from relatives who decided to choose a capsule type coffee machine for home Krups (Nespresso) XN300610. If I had never been a special fan of coffee, but now have no idea how to live without it. My advice is not to doubt, but Nespresso. Is the founder of coffee machines. Everything is left to chance! Tick.
    • Those who bought into the seductive affordable price of coffee machines from Nespresso, has, perhaps, realized how expensive it is to purchase capsules for the coffee! Their average price from 300 rubles for 10 pieces. Cheap for one Cup? I don’t think. And if for a month count? Nicholas.


    Cremasco — the same Swiss firm that produces a capsule coffee machine for home and office. The company offers 15 capsules for making beverages in the car: 11 – coffee, 4 tea. Coffee machines CREMESSO well cope with the task of making coffee:

    • Pressure 19 bar (like Nespresso), machine 15 seconds of warming up, 20-30 seconds making coffee.
    • The unit has a very beautiful appearance, for even the firm received the award in the contest of industrial design.

    Unlike Nespresso, Cremasco produces only 11 types of coffee, but the taste palette is wider. There are capsules with the traditional taste of the espresso, lungo, macchiato, and several options for coffee capsules decaffeinated.

    It’s a pity that the coffee machine capsule Cremasco not as widely popular as the Nespresso, but I would advise them. They price is cheaper and the coffee is excellent. And faster than Nespresso. And tastes you can choose different, and not as a competitor. And any additives in the capsules is smaller than the Dolce gusto. Dima.


    The most popular capsule coffee machine for home (reviews, at least so they say) Dolce Gusto (France). Are 20 different flavors coffee, and 10 of them can be done with milk, 3 – with chocolate and one with spices.

    • The price of the coffee machine of this brand is cheaper than the previous one, but the build quality is a bit lame. As they say reviews about cars, capsule Dolce Gusto, select, and which can be bought at the price from 5 to 15 thousand, the devices often fail.
    • The pressure issue is not 19 and 15 bar, so the quality of espresso coffee machines Dolce Gusto is slightly different from that prepared in a Nespresso machine.
    • Capsules at a more affordable price than other firms (costs around 20 roubles for a Cup), but if you want to make coffee with milk or chocolate, you will need to buy a capsule with powdered milk or chocolate addition.

    Our resourceful people have found a way to make capsules for coffee more accessible:

    • I make my own reusable capsules. Buy a set the original, then after use, cut off the bottom one and the top of the other. Tamp the ground coffee, cover and use again. The savings are significant. Even heard that already sell reusable capsules. Elena.
    • A little advice to those who doubt what is better to choose a coffee machine for the house – go to a tasting in specialty shops. All consultants will tell and show you. In St. Petersburg and Moscow, this possibility will have. Maria.


    Tassimo from the famous German company Bosch may be the most affordable and best coffee machine for use:

  • You can buy a machine for home at a price ranging from 3000 rubles.
  • The pressure that gives Tassimo — low, 3.3 bar, but coffee capsules are compressed not as strongly as in the capsules of other companies, so this force is enough to prepare for excellent strong coffee.
  • The TASSIMO coffee machine is called “intelligent” machine. A special bar code reads the information from the capsule and picks up the best mode for making different types of coffee. By the way, developed 11 types of capsules, including 6 – coffee. In one capsule contains 9 grams of ground coffee in capsules of similar businesses – 6 – 7.
    • The best coffee machine for brewing coffee from capsules for home — Tassimo T20 (BOSCH) — got me on the action! Those who say that plastic stinks, read the instructions – before you use it clean using disk special. Paul.
    • Who doubts to take an expensive or a cheap coffee machine Bosch, do not overpay! You will pay for the filter and a bigger water tank. Prepare coffee from the filtered water and no filter needed. Alla.

    To summarize

    Considering all the pros and cons makes the following conclusions:

    • Ideal choice for homes by price and quality – a TASSIMO coffee machine.
    • Nespresso and Cremesso today, judging by the reviews, leaders. Nespresso will justify the hopes of those who are looking for how to choose a coffee machine capsule espresso machine at home. Most often the choice falls on the Nespresso, but Cremasco the quality is not inferior. The difficulty is that capsules for Cremesso not such free access as Nespresso.
    • Dolce Gusto is the choice for those who love coffee of different types: only this company a very wide selection of different capsules (espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato). Moreover, there are capsules with flavors of vanilla, caramel, etc.

    And another important clarification: coffee machine capsule type to choose beneficial to those who drink little coffee – 1-2 cups a day. Believe me, the cost of capsules will not justify itself, never, if you were to drink 3 or more cups a day. Uneconomical! For fans to drink a lot of coffee is better to choose a coffee machine of a different type.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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