How to choose a CC cream?

More recently, readers of women’s website “” was looking for “beauty balm”, which successfully hide small defects of the face and, it seems, has found a universal BB cream. Studied his composition, to understand that you need to consider when buying a “car”, and then in the world of cosmetology, a March started a new beauty brand with a similar name — SS– cream.

Don’t think “es-es”, no, the name is gentle and soft, like the texture of the cream – “si-si”, by analogy with “Ubicom” generally funny it turns out – “the name”.

SS is translated as “control of color” — the Color Control Cream , and “perfect correction” — Complete Correction Cream.

The first swallows

Reviews about SS-creams consumers who have managed to get the first samples-samples of this new product in 2011 was cautious and, for example, even skeptical. Basically joked on how to call the manufacturers of the following invention – DD, then NN, well, there comes to ZZ (alphabet length). Many then and now believe is a new marketing ploy.

All manufacturers of SS-cream (lumen, Chanel, Max Factor, Clinics, l’oreal and other companies) are trying to “lure” customers in the new proposal to buy “improved generation BB-cream”.

Interestingly, the functions that must perform the CC cream, less than its predecessor. So he better!

Its main task is visual improvement and care of the skin (radiance and healthy appearance). At least the developers of the new formula Korean manufacturers claim that this cream:

  • prevents aging thanks to active natural marine micro-organisms.
  • moisturizes the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid;
  • protects from UV rays;
  • gives a smooth complexion, etc.

In addition to the main tasks of each firm develops a new product in its own way, adding their chips.

Just want to note that the new brand will not replace the special skin care products for the skin. They should still be in the purse of every woman, to care for themselves.

CC cream Clinics and Chanel reviews will acquaint you with meaningful feedback that will help you determine whether to buy CC cream? Whether it is a new generation BB cream that is loved by many, or just another PR stunt to attract buyers? Let’s look at the creams of some popular firms separately, paying particular attention to the reviews.

The first swallow in our market became SS-cream Clinics, almost simultaneously with this company the products have been presented, the house of Chanel. With them and begin to get acquainted with the reviews about “Sisi-creams”.

  • As soon as I got into the hands of CC cream Chanel reviews which I had read earlier in the forum, I decided that I needed to try it. Picked up the shade 32 Beige rose (for European skin), there are also shades for Asian type. In tube 30 ml lasts around 6 weeks of daily use. The arm looks dark, but under my Slavic type of skin has adjusted perfectly. I feel that the skin does not dry, moisturizes. Particularly pleasing UV protection — SPF 30. Natalia K.
  • Resistant, but easily removed with normal cleansing milk. Masha.
  • So-so. You can use as a base under makeup, but not for tone. The price is not justified. Larissa.
  • Cream “looking for a” skin tone and adjusts to it, such as, for example, a white base from Chanel. Girls with a dark complexion I would not recommend. Christine.

The basic functions of SS-cream Clinics is the same as these creams of other companies: gives even tone to the skin (hides facial wrinkles, removes redness, etc.), moisturizes and protects from the sun.

Reviews about SS-cream Clinics you’ll find below:

  • Me how busy the representative of the beautiful half of mankind, put in a bag a wonderful tool instead of several like a long time. Therefore, only appeared in the sale multifunctional moisturizing concealerand is exactly what I would call this cream, I immediately bought it and not regretted never! This is a cream Foundation and concealer in one green tube. Nastya.
  • It is not worth the money he asked for. The cream gives the skin a glow, but really is not liked person. Not flowing and not crawling. Did not like that the cream is highlighted every pore on my face. Without him the face I better. Xenia.
  • The cream is available in three colours: Light, Very Light, Light Medium. Tint Very Light, snow maidens for sure. Very bright. Therefore, carefully pick up the tone. And the rest of the cream of the SS Clinics I liked: – moisturizes, expertly hides redness and blemishes, hides facial wrinkles, in General, good decorative products. Mind you, just decorative, and not a means to care for face. Ruzicka.
  • I have been reading about the CC cream Clinique reviews and decided to buy it for my oily skin. But he did not come at all! Shone like a pancake on pancake day! I used to use it: mix it with the toner and apply on face. I like this one better. Ah, Yes, well-washed milk can not be said about the “bibika”. Alla.

CC cream Lumene “Absolute perfection”: the reviews

The first CC cream that was released in Asia in 2011 (by the way, in 2011 only about BB creams started talking), was enthusiastically welcomed by Asian women: he gave a delicate pink tint of their yellowish skin. Most accolades from the Europeans got the CC cream Lumene “Absolute perfection”. What test drives are not satisfied, users: test in a stuffy dance hall, stay on cold, and then in a hot room all day with cream in 40-degree summer heat was applied for twenty-four hours – in General, all the cream has stood for “cheers”.

Most of the reviews are positive, very rare to find neutral and less negative. Let’s look at a favorite Lumene “Absolute perfection”.

Manufacturers claim that it can be used as Foundation, protection from ultraviolet radiation, concealer, moisturizer — however, it performs all that I need CC cream. In addition, its composition is rich in antioxidant – seed oil and bilberry and other vitamins.

Consisting of no parabens.


  • That blends seamlessly with skin conceals secondary redness and fine lines and erases pores. Not felt on the face, very light consistency. Aziz.
  • A little highlights peeling on dry skin. But compared with other creams this is excellent for me. I liked it. Rinari.
  • I have a CC cream lumen medium shade – medium (of the three tones). Cream well leveled skin tone, removed the Shine on his forehead even without powder. Fox.
  • As each product has its pros and cons. For me pros: perfectly adapts to the tone, lasts a long time, imperfections. Cons: thick consistency, dries the skin, and moisturize, your pores and washed away by the washroom. Maria.

CC cream l’oreal and Max Factor CC cream

CC cream L’oreal and Max Factor are not less popular than the lumen, Clinics and Chanel. Basically, CC cream l’oreal, which reviews found in the Internet are not so often, copes well with all the functions that must comply with SS-cream. It also performs additional tasks: after the cream applied to the skin, colored mikrochastitsy mixed with Foundation, and it creates a double effect:

  • cream with apricot micro-particles (tube with orange stripes) freshens the complexion,
  • green tone cope with the redness
  • lilac — brightens.


  • I bought a probe with a purple microcapsules. It is the lightest tone in the series. Very light texture, evens the complexion, but lasts a very short time. Lana.
  • I tested the green l’oreal. Pros: good mask, protects from the sun (SPF 20), skin. Cons: too thin (I VV l’oreal is more like it) for a long time “looking” skin tone, that is adjusted. Need to wait, but then lies on the skin well. Masha.

Reviews about SS-cream Max Factor say that he, too, has its supporters.

  • We began with the Max Factor CC cream friends from the first minute. Once struck on the face, at once understood – mine! Lada.
  • A few seconds after application to the skin SS from Max Factor looks terrible! After shrinking perfectly adapts to the color of the skin and its texture. On the day this cream enough, but not perfect. Katya.

And finally, simple tips, how to apply CC cream on the face.

  • SS-the cream should be applied quickly.
  • A small amount of cream should be applied on fingers and RUB that cream was warm.
  • First, the cream should be applied under the eyes and around the nose small circular motions. Then distribute all over the face.
  • If necessary, the cream can be re-applied to problem areas of the skin.

About full Facials, which promise some manufacturers CC cream, remember the famous actress Larisa Guzeeva, “Open your passport to page number 3, look at the birth year, subtract it from 2014… the result of a sober assessment”.

How you can replace one cream complete care, if you don’t “shestnadcati”?

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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