How to choose a clutch bag to the dress?

Clutch – a definite must-have for every girl. If you’re going to a gala event, then this is a reason to “” how to choose a clutch bag to the dress.

But in everyday life there is always place for stylish clutch with a dress for summer walks or for the office, with mini or Maxi, with a modest “little black” or colorful dress…

The types of clutches

So, to get started is to figure out what clutch and what they are.

A clutch is small handbag generally flat rectangular (although there are exceptions). The most common models of clutches:

  • The envelope clutch. The most traditional option is a rectangular bag with a triangular or trapezoidal “overlap” above. There are even quite big, such that you can put a stack of A4 paper. Wear them as on a chain or strap, or just in hands.
  • Clutch-transformer. In fully expanded form it is not a clutch, bag-Torba in the form of a vertical rectangle. To clutch this thing turns, bending in half. Good for everyday wear.
  • The clutch-box. Small handbag with a rigid frame, usually in the form of a flattened parallelepiped. Often has a clasp at the top. Can be worn without the chain. This is a purely formal accessory, these clutches richly decorate.

How to combine the clutch with the dress?

Common mistake: the clutch only for evening dress. It is not, the clutches are completely different styles: youth, strict business, even to outerwear!

How can I find clutch bag in the color of the dress?

  • First, it is always a win-win – clutch of the same color with the shoes. Although this is not necessary! Good with dress of any color combination of beige shoes + beige clutch bag, black shoes + black clutch bag. You can play on the contrast – to put on shoes and take a clutch bag in a contrasting color to the dress. But the tone-in-tone to pick up all three items is not necessary, it is already too much.
  • Clutch bag can be a bright color accent image if the clothes and shoes used no more than 2-3 colors (or prints). For example, with the blue dress – orange clutch.
  • Plain dress, clutch, printed dress with print – monochrome clutch.
  • Black clutch bag – the dress of any color, and even color with shoes. The exception is summer dresses in pastel shades. Although with a light dress made of thick fabric, satin, velvet or knit, black clutch bag can match very well!

As for combinations of materials, website offers such solutions (though all depends on specific things):

  • Clutch bag made of leather, imitation leather – cloaks, coats, classic dresses, suits, jeans.
  • Textile clutch bags depending on the color, but they are more likely to go to summer chiffon or cotton dresses. Well looks like a combination of clutch and dress from the same fabric (but different prints).
  • Wicker clutches (artificial straw, etc.) – definitely for summer dresses made of natural fabrics – cotton, linen.
  • Metal or metallic clutches – evening.
  • Clutches with sequins, embroidery, etc. – are also evening dresses.

How to choose clutch evening dress?

What more solemn occasion – the smaller clutch bag. The smallest clutches (so-called “theater”) worn with evening and cocktail dresses. How to choose clutch evening dress?

  • Color in color (sometimes and “the material”). Evening sets rarely suggest iridescence and can be tinted only with jewelry, and a clutch may repeat the color of shoes and dresses. It is very nice that the material of the shoes and clutch (or clutch and dress) were identical or similar.
  • Metal, metallized fabric or leather, solid embroidery of silver or gold sequins – this clutch bag can complement any cocktail or evening dress. The main thing – that they blend with the metal jewelry or gold or silver. The more expensive the dress, the more expensive the material of the clutch. For example, under aristocratic velvet will not go cheap sequins.
  • Shoes and clutch in black, beige, white, gold or silver. It’s almost a universal kit that can be worn under different dresses.

But of course, it is best to have a few clutches in different style!

Author –Dasha Blinova, site

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