How to choose a color of nail Polish?

I think all women know the situation when you need to refresh the manicure and nails cover varnish, and… begin the meal choice of color! It is necessary that the varnish is not just liked in the bottle, and approached the clothes you’re gonna wear (not just on this day, and for several, to not paint your nails before going), combined with make-up, jewelry on the hands and even – to suit your length of your nails! The website I’ll try to simplify the task to choose a color of nail Polish!

How to choose a color of nail Polish to clothing?

What thinks the majority of women, looking thoughtfully at the Arsenal of bottles of polishes in all colors of the rainbow? Certainly, what clothes you need to choose the color of nail Polish!

The website “” I’ll tell you what shades, what clothes best fit.

  • Bright shades close to the natural color of the nailcan be worn with clothes of any color and style. This group includes Nude, coffee with milk, beige, light pearl, as well as the classic French manicure. The exception is opaque white!
  • The shades of pink. Choosing pink nail Polish, remember that it is already active color element of an image – it is recommended to repeat the lacquer color to any garment or accessory. Bear in mind that pink, warm and translucent, is not absolutely universal to any outfit: it is good for light spring and summer fashion, floral prints, etc., but might look too casual or even childish with a strong suit and little black dress and things like that “adult” things.
  • Red. This is a very active and aggressive color, which gives the woman in the eyes of others the aura of bitchiness, strength of character, self-confidence (read about the color red in clothing, which tells of the psychological impact of that color). Red can be choose: black and white together, grey or brown, or a kit, which already appears the same shade of red. And remember – it’s better to be with no makeup on nails generally than not accurately choose the shade of nail Polish and combine it with red things of a different tone and warmth!
  • Dark shades. Black, asphalt, plum, etc. oddly enough, but these colors in the world of high fashion has long been not considered as something very outrageous – if you think that the color pleasing to you nail Polish fits the color scheme of the clothes, then you can painting them their nails, even on weekdays. If you do not know, than can complement the color in the image – pick a bag, shoes or belt of a similar shade.
  • Bright and fluorescent colors. Orange, lemon, salad, Chinese rose, etc. They need to just pick up the thing the same color, don’t wear just anything, because otherwise it looks just awful! Especially a disaster such nails will look with the business dress code.
  • A varnish with glitter. It is lucky for the evening, some an extraordinary occasion. They are good with dressy dresses, sequins and adornments can complement and plain silk, satin, etc. Or use them in the style of R’n’b, style, swag, and other youth images. The beauty of these varnishes is that they can be applied over a solid! And everyday life can go a transparent lacquer with small sparkles, for example, silver.

Does it matter the length of your nails when choosing the color varnish?

Classical view on this score: the shorter the nails, the lighter the nail Polish – say, visual light varnish them lengthens. However, taking into account the latest trends of natural short nails is not considered a horrible flaw that I must correct or mask the opposite, on short nails less vulgar look bright and even dark shades, so you can safely choose a color of nail Polish what you like!

Should the color of nail Polish to match with makeup?

Once on this score there was an unbreakable rule is to choose a color of nail Polish should match the color of lipstick! Now even the most conservative stylists can only laugh at this, because the range of nail covered all the colors of the rainbow and even more!

But still, the relationship of color matching nail Polish to make-up better look out!

To makeup “Nude” (natural) you can choose absolutely any color nail Polish. The same applies to other types of makeup, where there is no active color accents – like a classic smoky “smoky eyes” make-up arrow “a La Audrey Hepburn”, etc.

If you view any color gradient makeup, it is better to choose the color of nail Polish. For example, to make APU “baby” (“baby” or “doll”, where the emphasis on the pink) pink shades – bright, if clothing allows, but you can go lighter. Thus bear in mind, “warm” or “cold” your makeup depending on this pink Polish can be, for example, “candy” or a warm peach.

By the way, gentle light makeup options allow to experiment with unusual light shades of lacquer type, mint, lemon, light azure, lilac, etc.

Dark color nail Polish is good to the saturated “heavy” makeup, if it suits you. Again, the color does not have to be a direct “quote” of the shade of the eye shadow, eyeliner or lipstick, but you need to think about the coldness/warmness of the color gamut.

If you decide to play on the combination of bright lipstick and bright nail Polish (red, Bordeaux, fuchsia, etc.) – choose a color of nail Polish tone-in-tone to the lipstick must be very precisely! And you can make an interesting roll call of the colors “nail Polish – shade”: this is very impressive even with the unusual cold shades!

How to match skin tone of the hands with the color of nail Polish?

About that, you probably think of rare ladies, nevertheless, should look closely at their hands and experiment with nail Polish colours. How the varnish, even a properly selected clothing and accessories, looks at the nails affected by skin tone.

Conventional light skin enables a wide range of shades with different saturation.

Women with porcelain fingers it is best to go cold shades of nail polishes – from graphite or ink to pale lilac, mint, etc. of Course, it is not necessary to give up the warm palette, but still really appreciate – as does the paint in your color type?

For example, blondes sweet “blue bloods” are rarely very bright colors, like fluorescent pink or bright green – they overshadow the common natural “pastellist” look!

Dark or tanned skin requires to prioritize a little differently: bright and darker hues – the most it! But be careful with muted, especially cool shades, like light grey, blue, dirty purple or brown. these colors will look dull and “dead”.

In some people the skin, especially on the fingertips, prone to redness – this yourself “blush”. If that’s your thing, give up the cold, especially pale nail colours to prefer warm colours and rich hues.

I hope now to choose a color of nail Polish for you will be a little easier!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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