How to choose a comb for your hair?

That the beauty of the hair depends on their health, “” remind me not to be. On the condition of your tresses is not only a balanced diet, and quality of caregivers and conduct additional procedures. Such a simple accessory like a comb, daily affects the fortress, density and Shine of curls. How to choose the right combto become your assistant in the fight for beautiful hair?

For proper hair care in your Arsenal should be several combs for different purposes – for massage, evening brushing, and styling. Several compact combs always keep in the office bag and sports backpack. Comb that to “enjoy” your hair, make them healthy, and therefore beautiful.

How to choose the comb: material

This is probably the main parameter which should guide the selection of beauty tools for hair.

It is important that the teeth are not sharp, not hurt hair, not had any chips or cracks. Otherwise the hair damage is guaranteed. Tree in this sense is an ideal material, the most gentle hair and beneficial effects on the scalp.

Make sure that the tree was natural (birch, oak, walnut, juniper), without varnish or paint.

Wood, silicone or a bone anti-static materials, well-caring for electrified hair (what to do if your hair is indecent staticky, see in another article on the “Beautiful and Successful”).

The material from which the teeth are of great importance, since it is impossible to choose a good hair comb with the wrong teeth. Plastic teeth of the comb are easy to care for and well suited to create the bouffant. But the metal – material, the most aggressive to the hair.

Wooden teeth must be sharp, better – perfectly rounded.

The form has a value

Optimal for any hair comb in the form of a “fish bone”, even a form called skeletal – special ventilation holes. As a rule, it is very rare, plastic teeth with a protective “droplets” on the ends. With this comb to untangle wet hair without damaging their structure, and create a basal volume. She carefully smoothes curly hair, not resposive curls.

Classic comb used for combing before bedtime, has an oval, flat shape and is quite rare teeth from plastic, wood or metal. Her mission is to untangle the hair, massaging the scalp.

How to choose a classic hair comb? Before buying make sure elastic Foundation is well attached to the body – poor quality combs often “break up”, not withstanding frequent washing. “Airbag” in a good hairbrush is soft, absorbs well, does not hurt the hair even under strong pressure. A big enough brush will save time due to the large area of “capture”.

Hairbrush round shape is suitable for stacking, but not for basic care. Teeth can be plastic, nylon or carbon fiber. From the metal teeth in this accessory should be abandoned as styling products can react chemically with the metal.

Before you choose the comb for styling hair, it would be good to check it for resistance, but this possibility is not always available. Choose “beauty gadget” with a base of titanium, Teflon, or ceramics.

Select brushes – synthetic or natural?

Hair brushes have their fans and opponents, which is understandable, as the bristles, especially the natural, is not suitable for every type of hair. To select natural hair brush advises in a specialty store, as there is a risk to buy a fake, and natural brush of the already more expensive artificial.

Natural pig bristles has a number of advantages:

  • polishes the hair, making it shinier
  • suitable for combing fine, lifeless hair
  • does not react with care means
  • flexible bristles do not break and do not tear your hair
  • ideal for creating horse’s tail
  • smoothes split ends
  • effective after using dry shampoo

Long hair, prone to frizz, this brush is not perfect, as oily hair – the bristles distributes sebum along the entire length of hair. In winter this brush is better not to use it, especially at the same time by wearing warm woolen or cashmere things, or to use additional antistatic agent.

To care for this accessory is good to use a special brush.

For evening brushing, you can select a hair brush with mixed bristles (natural + nylon yarn) – it is a good combing the hair, while massaging your scalp. Remember also that natural bristles can cause allergies.

How to choose the right comb for different hair types

  • Fine hair in need of a good massage of the scalp, which contributes to their strengthening and growth. Therefore it is better to choose a soft comb with a few teeth on the ends of which special protective balls.
  • If you have thick hair, it is better to choose a flat hair brush with natural bristles of different lengths.
  • For curly hair suitable brush with a few teeth of large diameter, does not “break” the curls. To style such hair is best with a brush with natural bristles of different lengths.
  • Combing long hairis prone to constant tangling, preferably with a comb with long teeth.
  • For short hairthat need frequent styling, choose a round brush – a round brush with a metal base and tufts of bristles. The heat from a hair dryer, this comb will help to give volume to flat hair and to align frizzy.
  • If you doubt the quality of the accessory, before you choose a hair comb, slide it over the back of the hand. If there are no scratches, comb you can safely use it. Hold the accessory in her hand – the handle should be comfortable and not slippery, better with rubber lug inserts.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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