How to choose a Curling iron hair?

The website “” knows how important it is for each of the fair sex a sense of their own attractiveness and irresistibility.

To match the desired image is sometimes difficult, but to help in such situations come special devices. For example, Curling hair. About the same, how to choose a Curling iron that would fully meet all your needs and wishes, we plan to tell.

What are the plates?

So, you are faced with a difficult question, what kind of Curling irons for hair to choose. A difficult question because in the sale today you can meet a corresponding device in an extremely wide range. Selecting the most appropriate option will depend entirely on what type of hair you have and what result you want to achieve.

The most popular types of plates today are:

  • Round Curling irons. These devices are the most common ones. They will provide a classic smooth curls.
  • Irons. The only Curling irons that don’t work for Curling and straightening. They will be able to straighten your unruly curls and thus will allow you some time to be like with perfectly straight hair.
  • Tapered Curling irons. They are of two types — the first allows you to create curls, large to the root and tapering towards the bottom. The second Vice versa. If you are interested in cone Curling iron, what to choose — depends on you.
  • Spiral Curling irons. You can use them to create curls in a spiral shape. They will look great as part of a complicated hairstyle, and lightly scattered on your shoulders.
  • Texturizer. This Curling iron, which give the ability to create on curly hair of different effects, including stars, hearts and beyond. As a rule, they prefer teenagers and also representatives of creative professions.

The coating of the heating element

We are talking about the part of Curling, for which you will need to wrap your hair. If you are considering how to choose Curling irons for hair, it is the heating element should be paid attention in the first place. Moreover, options for coverage, there are several.

  • Teflon. Such Curling irons are usually inexpensive, but are long. Over time, the Teflon coating begins to wear off, resulting in Curling is no longer considered safe for hair.
  • Ceramics. The main advantage of this coverage is that it heats quickly and evenly. Less well is in contact with the heating surface of the ceramic heat means ceases to slide, resulting in the use of the plates becomes less convenient.
  • Titanium. This surface is a lot of advantages, including uniform heating and non-stick effect. The only one disadvantage — high price of the device. It titanium Curling irons are by far the most popular.
  • Tourmaline. Feature of this coating is that it does not allow the hair to electrify and protects them from excessive dryness.
  • Silver. The main advantage of this coating lies in its antibacterial effects on the hair.

The website warns you of only one thing — do not purchase a Curling iron with a metal coating, because such a device can significantly harm the hair structure.


It is equally important to choose the correct diameter of Curling. Here it is sufficient to adhere to one simple rule — the bigger the curls you want to get, the larger diameter devices are to be preferred.

There is only one caveat — if you are the owner of long, thick or difficult to curl hair, then it is better to choose a Curling iron with a diameter slightly less than desired.

The power of Curling irons

Don’t know how to choose the right Curling iron? Pay attention to its power. The power of Curling irons and primarily affects the time required for complete heating. And there are two reasons why it is better to take Curling irons with a capacity of not less than 50 W:

  • You will significantly reduce the process of bringing my hair in order and thereby save a lot of time and effort.
  • Your hair will be less to succumb to the heat, and therefore a damaging effect on them will not be as significant.

Heating temperature

The presence of the thermostat is also essential, as it allows to achieve the desired effect without over-drying the hair. So, for Curling, coarse hair requires a temperature of from 170 C to 210 C. the same Thin strands into curls already at a temperature of 150 C.

Cord length

Thinking of how to choose a Curling iron hair? In that case, please pay attention to the length of the cord. It is desirable that it was at least 2 meters, otherwise you will be uncomfortable to rotate the Curling iron during its use.

The presence of the stand

With a stand you don’t have to think about where exactly to place the hot Curling iron. So it will not tip and will not damage the surface of your dressing table. In addition, during use of the Curling iron you will think only about getting the desired curls and not about where to “land” the device.

Thus, if you want you can always find the optimal answer to the question of what Curling is better to choose. This means that nothing will prevent you become the owner of ideal hairstyle and to pick up all your appearance on the spot ?

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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