How to choose a dishwasher detergent powder?

If you’ve already figured out which dishwasher is best, and bought himself a helpmate in the kitchen, then it’s time on the website “” to understand what better to wash dishes, what to choose for the dishwasher powder or tablets?

Powder for the dishwasher

Let’s start with a review of the powder:

  • First, the dishwashing powder is cheaper.
  • Second, you can pour into the battery compartment as much powder as you need, rated by the owners of unformatted dishwashers compact sizes, as well as those who frequently loads the machine by half.
  • Third, you can also adjust the amount of detergent depending on how soiled the dishes. With tablets it’s much harder to do than with powder.
  • In addition, the powders have this odor, as tablets.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the composition, study the reviews and find out whether you can make a powder for the dishwasher with your hands?

The powder for the dishwasher

The composition of all powders for dishwashers includes 4 main components:

  • Thoroughly clean the utensils from dirt and whiten it citrate or percarbonate.
  • Soften water, carbonates and bicarbonates.
  • Acetic (citric) acid rinse the dishes.
  • Glycerin serves as a thickener – viscosity creates.

Depending on the manufacturer in the composition may also contain other additional ingredients: flavoring, salt, rinse aid etc.

Not recommended for washing in the washer to use regular detergent for dishes, not designed for cars.

  • First, it is foaming, causing air from entering the circulation pump.
  • Second, the foam reduces the force of the jet of water, and the washed kitchenware is much worse.
  • Advice from if you over purchase tool, better wash the dishes in the regime of intensive washing, by the high temperature.

    The reviews are tips to use in dishwashers the detergent made for hand washing dishes, add a spoonful of alcohol. Say foam do not. But we would not advise to do so. Select the best dishwasher detergent powder, given our recommendations.

    Study the reviews

    You’ll find most reviews on the powders for dishwashers the following companies: Finish, Top House OxyPlus, Claro, Somat, Sanit, Amway Dish Drops, Son.


    For the most popular dishwasher detergent powder — Finish. Perhaps it is chosen more often, as it is more than advertised, and it is often recommended by sales consultants. That’s what most often noted in the reviews about this powder:

    • Great fights dirt – perfectly washes the dishes.
    • Has a very convenient hole-spout through which to dispense the powder into the compartment.
    • Profitable to buy shares, while not so expensive.

    However, please note that the price of a high Finish, so you can choose the more economical option.

    Top House OxyPlus

    The powder is made in Italy. Opinions about this tool, is neutral. We didn’t particularly amazing, nor negative statements. Here are some reviews caught our attention:

    • The price of powder cheaper than the Finish and the quality of washing dishes is not worse.
    • House I sprinkled half the rules, and then he washed.
    • The absence of smell.

    One word, powder, as a powder.


    Powder for dishwashers Claro (Austria) in the reviews called the best friend of the Housewives. Consists of fine granules of pink, white and blue. Some remove the fat from the dish, others have a bleaching effect, while others give dishes a Shine and remove stains and spots.

    • I use the powder Claro for a long time. Consumed it very slowly. It is good to wash the dishes, it is enough to pour incomplete tablespoon of the product. One insignificant negative – the absence of a teaspoon or a pipette. Powder sometimes wakes up. But all the pros are greater than this the only drawback.

    In addition, the composition already contains salt to soften the water, and limescale protection, so you can buy additional tools for the dishwasher.


    Somat powder for dishwashers, which is popular among consumers. Note the following:

    • First and foremost, affordable price.
    • Pleasing light scent and a convenient capacity.
    • The wash quality on “4” — “5 -“.

    Among the shortcomings:

    • Ridiculous measuring Cup.
    • Bad washes in economy mode.
    • Foam.

    Sanit 3 in 1

    For those who are looking for how to buy cheap dishwasher detergent, try powder company Zenit 3 in 1. This tool is made in Russia. Given that the price is ridiculous – about 100 rubles per kilogram, dishwasher tool Canit can be attributed to a budget-friendly option.

    • If you examine the composition, it is possible to note that it does not contain chlorine.
    • Special bio-active formula enables to cope with fat contamination, raids from coffee and tea – as the manufacturer promises.

    But here are some real reviews about the powder Sanit for dishwashers:

    • Remain stains after drying.
    • A cheap powder kills the dishwasher: there is the smell of old grease, and the dishes washed each time getting worse. The culprit is clogged filters from powder Sanit 3 in 1.

    Eco-friendly options

    Those who are looking for how to choose a safe and best powder dishwasher detergent, you should pay attention to the products of firms Amway (Amway), Son of (Sodacan). The main advantage of the products of these firms, eco-composition, without chemical impurities. Natural components are completely disintegrate under the influence of water and wash the dishes.

    Amway Dish Drops

    Feedback about the powders for dishwashers Amway are quite contradictory. Some are very happy with the quality of washing dishes and have noted the following advantages:

    • No smell;
    • Very good with the fat washes dishes;
    • Rinses out well.

    Manufacturers indicate that the powder is concentrated, so consumption should be minimal. But as they say about real people in their reviews:

    • If putting powder in accordance with the recommendations, then the dishes is not actually laundered. I started to pour the powder as much as previously sprinkled powder cheapest firms – the result was no different. Money, in one word.
    • Powder for dishwashers Amway I’m disappointed. Just note that other means of washing powder, oven cleaner – I really like you, but with the powder for the dishwasher they have a flight out.
    • Though written about the concentrated formula, consumption is not economical, and the price is exorbitant.


    Very often in online reviews about the powders for dishwashers Sodasan.

    • They are well washed dishes smell after washing does not remain, consumption is economical.

    Of the minuses say that the powder can only be bought from distributors, so you have to order it in advance.

    • I ran out of powder Sodasan. I bought what was in store Bingo. Immediately pushed the “freshness” that I picked up, only opening the door of the dishwasher. Have Sudasana there is nothing like it. Besides, this powder is hypoallergenic, so feel free my him baby utensils, and there are no marks on the dishes.

    Make the powder yourself!

    Very often recommend to take the easiest baby powder (“Aistenok”, “Eared nannies”) and use it in the dishwasher. Those who have studied the composition of baby powder and powder for the dishwasher, I assure you, they consist of identical components. But the price of washing powder is lower than for a powder for dishwasher.

    On the Internet there are tips on how to prepare the powder for the dishwasher with your hands. Here are the recipes “home” of powder for the dishwasher we found:

    • I do powder as follows: mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda (in store) and 2 tablespoons of borax (buy at the pharmacy). Washes everything is fine! In addition, sometimes on a pallet machines sift the soda with half a Cup, and run it on cycle. She shines like new, and all odors are absorbed. Friend adds to this mix a small salt, and citric acid – half teaspoon. And my mom adds baking powder. Katya.
    • I also wash the dishes borax (boric acid) but do not mix it with baking soda (she’s too gentle), and economic (soda ash). Department rinse add the vinegar. Also tried to wash the dishes only soda – was a RAID, but if you add the borax – no streaks and raids. Maria.

    What dishwasher detergent to choose – you decide. The website believes that home powder or regular baby powder might do the dishes well, but their regular use we would recommend. Unlikely to be benefit from such savings the dishwasher.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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