How to choose a dress for new year party?

The new Year is celebrated not once! Actually new year’s eve – that’s not all! Can there come a New Year without corporate event with colleagues? Of course — no!

And this means that you need to prepare to visit the website what to wear to a Christmas party!

Dress code new year’s corporate parties

Before you go to the store and choose the dress of your dreams for this event, you should think – and how your team usually goes corporate?

Too elegant dress can be as inappropriate as too simple and everyday!

The website “” advised to remember a few simple and universal rules that you will not get trapped in any company!

  • If the office party is celebrated in the working environment (i.e. your home office) – you can dress in your usual style, but a little more elegant than on weekdays. That is, no evening and cocktail dresses, high – beautiful dress below the knee, with sleeves, non-shiny fabric. You can do a bright blouse and skirt business style. Once you leave the walls of your place of work, then you are on the job! Dress code doesn’t change much, just need to bring a little color and elegant accents jewelry, hairstyle, makeup…
  • Party in the daytime (to 5 PM) is the event that does not require special dress (even if you’re in a cafe or Banquet hall). The woman at this event even allowed to wear trousers (of course, the classic, no jeans or capris!). Ardent priverzhenka business style can be a jacket over blouses or shirts.
  • Event dress code “after 5” in the traditional sense is a cocktail dress: with open hands to the knee, sometimes with a scoop neck and bare shoulders. But this kind of dress for a corporate party in the New Year in our reality may be totally inappropriate and simply too cold for December! So if you have an event in a cafe or restaurant approximately with 5 to 9 PM, choose a dressy enough dress of the style and the length which suits you – but not to the floor! Although the dress of matte opaque fabric, sleeves can be long, ankle – they are elegant, but the evening does not count! Think, will not freeze, you jacket this option is not very appropriate dress should be such that it can be worn by itself, and not freeze – it may be long sleeve.
  • A corporate party that starts at 8-9 PM and continuing past midnight, requires, in the classic sense, evening dresses. But! Long, very elegant evening dress is really appropriate if you expect a late dinner-Banquet at a swanky restaurant, view the concert program, etc. If the event is in the club (that is supposed to be the dancing), that dress should only be cocktail! Again, a lot depends on the venue of the party – the more expensive and more luxurious the establishment, the more expensive and more elegant dress!

Dress for new year party: how it can be?

So, you know what celebration you have, and about what you want from a dress. But you need to choose a specific model!

Than a dress for new year party is different from the dress for any other celebrations in the workplace?

  • New year’s dress should be dark. Do without black and grey variants. If you really want to wear dark – let this be a deep cobalt, a noble Burgundy, dark green, but not plain black! Little black dress perfectly – but not today!
  • Floral motifs should be chosen with care. First, the holiday all winter, and the “flower garden” on the dress will look out of season. Second, at corporate among colleagues and superiors still need to be in quite a serious manner – and floral prints frivolous and even infantile…
  • The new year allows more Shine than any other holiday. So if you really really want a dress with sequins or strazikami – so be it – today!

Separately it is necessary to understand – and what to wear if you plan a fancy dress Christmas party? Clothing in this case should still be festive and it is unlikely you will be forced to spend the whole evening snowflake or Bunny, all these funny skits and jokes are usually made without major change comes with some removable elements: ears, horns, “rain”, etc.

But not too try – strict office look will be at least three times comical, and luxurious evening dress is just darkened and lost next to the tinsel. Therefore, in such an event just wear something quite bright and elegant, but not formal, and not particularly expensive and luxurious.

Or not notice at all, or will appreciate your efforts as a pretext to further jokes…

Don’t forget that if you wear fancy dress (cocktail or evening), be sure to change shoes!

Accordingly, on the legs should be only a thin bodily tights – no winter, dark and especially the colored tights!

What to wear for new year party man?

Men at the new year holiday are also desirable to receive the dress. Any evening and especially night events require a suit!

Day, if the man does not love the suits and want to avoid the classic “deuce”, it is possible to dispense with pants and a shirt (perhaps a shirt with a vest or even a cardigan). But it is only a day, only in the office or in quite the way cafes, and only if all other present male also do not plan to dress very ceremoniously!

However, if the man is the head, the suit need to the event and in the daytime: subordinates need to set an example of responsible attitude to corporate events! Suit – a symbol of the importance of the event for which it is fitted.

The head just does not have the right to show the subordinate that he is not interested in corporate.

The tie to a suit is appropriate both day and evening. The “butterfly” put on a very luxurious event and only in the evening!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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