How to choose a freezer?

Our website tells its readers about different home appliances to make life easier. And today your attention is invited to the ice cream parlor. What is this device? How to choose a freezer? How useful is this device? On this site

What is the freezer?

As the name implies, is a device for making ice cream at home. And the finished ice cream turns out very tasty and useful.

In addition, you can safely experiment and each time to prepare a favorite dessert in different recipes.

In the mood for the 2 main components – a container for the ingredients and filled with ice whorl.

The ice maker in action reminiscent of the mixer. The rotation of the whorl provides mixing and cooling the ingredients. And most importantly – when cooking, do not form ice crystals.

What are ice cream makers?

Ice cream makers come in electric and mechanical.

And, of course, the most popular is the electric model, as they can prepare delicious ice cream effortlessly. In these models, built into the motor, causing the whorl to the action.

Before you choose a freezer for home, pay attention to another classification.

Electric models are of type “Automatic” and “Semiautomatic”. Automatic ice cream maker you need to include in 10-15 minutes before preparing the ice cream. It is necessary that the Cup had time to cool to the desired temperature.

Feature while using the machine is the need to cool the bowl in the freezer for several hours. Or, you can keep the bowl in the cold constantly.

Mechanical ice cream makers are used on the farm for decades. In them the cooking process is done manually, takes a lot of time and requires considerable effort.

As you know, automatic ice cream makers are gradually fading into history. But if you like manual work and have free time, this kind of you.

How to choose a freezer?

There are four main criteria for the choice of electric ice cream makers:

  • the volume of the Cup;
  • power;
  • the material of the housing;
  • compactness and appearance.

The volume of the Cup is different (0,5, 1, 2 liters). The volume depends largely on the price of the finished ice cream.

For the family of optimal freezer with litre bowl. In it, you can’t every day to prepare delicious desserts for family dinners. At one time it is a 5-6 servings of ice cream.

Before to choose and buy an ice cream maker with a compressor, and understand its power. Most often it is 200 watts. Or pay attention to models that run on batteries.

Stainless steel and plastic are the main materials used for the freezer. What to choose? It’s up to you and only you. But the steel tank has high strength and resistance to cracks, which is very important from the point of view of hygiene.

As for appearance, it all depends on your taste and mood.

Also before you choose and buy a freezer, you need to specify the size of your freezer. And the interior of the kitchen plays a significant role. For example, you can choose elegant model, which will emphasize the rigor and clarity of your kitchen. Or you can choose a model that will lighten the mood and whet the appetite.

If you’re going to store the ice maker in the kitchen cupboard, pay attention to the compactness, size, shape, accessories. Also the useful capacity for a cord.

Another website “” recommends to pay attention to:

  • the manufacturer (the most popular is Kenwood, Delonghi, Panasonic);
  • price (price dispersion is quite high, but for 3000-6000 rubles is quite possible to buy a good freezer);
  • the noise level at work;
  • the time of freezing;
  • the presence of a timer.

Also, it is recommended to assemble a collection of recipes for ice cream or to buy a suitable cookbook.

Two in one

Assortment of ice cream makers adds another useful and convenient device. This ice cream maker-yogurt maker. It is possible to prepare a lot of Goodies, for example, cocktails, yogurts, blends, special minced food, drinks and so on.

How to choose the ice cream maker-yogurt maker?

Selection criteria are the same as in the case of ice cream maker.

Most importantly – make sure that the device actually knows how to cook and yogurt, and ice cream. Also carefully choosing the volume of the bowl. If your family uses every day yogurt and other dairy products, it is best to choose a bowl bigger.

Read more about yogurt maker our site is told in another article.

How to use it?

First and foremost, you need to follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations for operation and storage.

It is better to use wooden spoons for shifting the ice cream and other ready meals.

Of course, the better and more natural the ingredients are, the tastier and healthier will turn out a finished product. Components of mixtures, which you can prepare ice cream in home ice cream makers, you can enumerate endlessly is cream, milk, fruit purees, nuts, honey, condensed milk, chocolate, etc.

Undoubtedly, ice-maker can be a good choice if you like to pamper yourself and your loved ones sweets. And I hope our tips on how to choose the ice cream parlor, you will certainly need.

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