How to choose a gas hob?

In 1826, in England, the assistant gas plant James sharp put in his kitchen the next prototype gas stove. The new invention significantly save time for cooking, so the first bulk buyers of these devices have become restaurant owners.

Simple for the buyer to select and purchase a gas hob at the time could not afford.

Today’s modern Housewives have the opportunity to buy a bar — you just need to decide how to choose a gas hob, which would be ideal for all parameters. Women’s website “” tell your readers how to do it properly and pay attention to the reviews, how to choose a gas cooktop.

The main parameters in choosing a gas surfaces

Now choose a cooking surface. Therefore, to understand the variety without preparation can be difficult. To properly choose gas hob, you need to understand the following parameters:

  • The size of the device;
  • Dependent or independent cooking surface you need;
  • The base material of the cooking surface;
  • The number of burners and their location;
  • The convenience of the location of the handles on the panel.
  • The shape and material of the grating;


One of the main advantages of the gas panel in front of gas stoves is that they can be placed in any convenient place, they are more harmoniously fit into the kitchen design, more easy to care for, not as bulky as a gas stove. Here is this opinion about the gas cooking surface.

I insisted in my small kitchen, we bought a gas hob. First, it is very well located on a common tabletop working area. No cracks, which are observed between gas stove and table (they are always garbage clogged). Second, instead of the oven put a convenient cupboard, and the oven bought separately electric. Third, all beautifully and harmoniously! I love my gas panel Bosch PPP 616M91E. Elena.

The choice of the size of the gas panel depends on the places you are willing to pay for this device. The most common cooking surface of a width of 600 mm and a depth of 530 mm it is Also possible to find non-standard sizes to your kitchen – smaller width (30 cm and 45 cm) and larger (from 72 cm to 1 m). The height of the panel starts from 4 cm.

With oven or without?

Before you read the reviews how to choose the gas panel dependent or independent, will deal with these concepts.

  • Dependent panel reminds me of a gas stove. It consists of the oven and the panel, which are connected drives. Choose dependent gas panel, which price will be higher than the independent model advise those who prefer the classic version. On the table will be the panel itself, under it – the oven – that is, resembles the traditional gas stove.
  • Independent electric cooking panel (stand-alone) consists only of the top flat surface on which is placed the burner. Oven in such models is not provided.

What model to prefer – the choice is yours. Here is how the reviews say about it.

If you decide to purchase the hob is gas, it is better to give preference to independent models. All my friends who already know how to choose a gas cooking panel, don’t see the point in buying a joint model. Under the panel I placed the dishwasher, my girlfriend cupboard. I have the panel under the gas Hansa BHGI 63112035 of tempered glass. Super thing! Olga.

The material from which made the panel

Today, manufacturers offer cooktops enamel, stainless steel and glass-ceramic (“gas on glass”). Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each kind for those who are looking for what the gas panel it is better to choose glass, steel or enamel?

Enameled panel

Enameled versions of the panels are presented in a variety of colors, their cost is cheaper than steel or glass. Care for them need same as for the surfaces of gas stoves.

The only caveat — they don’t look as modern as their counterparts made of stainless steel or glass.

As my daughter says, enameled panel is similar to the Soviet gas stove in appearance. If we do the repair in the modern kitchen, not to take an enamel panel. Does not look modern. Catherine.

However, today the cooking gas surface of the enamel, there are plenty to choose. They are the most popular among inexperienced consumers. Good things about gas cooktops can be found on Greta SV — 4, G6N40IX Gorenje, Gorenje GW 65 CLI, Samsung GN642JDBD1 and definitely BOSCH.

Panel gas stainless steel

Great demand for stainless steel models among consumers.

Despite the fact that they require gentle care, they are very popular among those who are looking for how to choose built-in gas bar for the modern kitchen.

Panels of steel can be glossy and matte. On glossy surfaces, judging by the reviews, more visible traces of contaminants from water drops, splashes, fingerprints.

Of the disadvantages of the gas surface Normal CBH SG 2230 (Belarus) I it soiled. It is, of course, easy to wash, but it should be done constantly. Therefore my rating 4 of 5 points. The rest is only advantages: the price and appearance. Eugene.

Positive feedback about the gas surfaces you will meet on the following models: BOSCH PCD 345 D, Ardo PFS 4030 V X etc.
To clean the surface of stainless steel without need to abrasive particles. If you care for a panel, systematically, the problems in care will not. Looks especially beautiful such a panel, if you have other appliances in the kitchen are stainless steel.

Glass ceramics

This is the most expensive gas panels, but they look very impressive and stylish. They are made by a special technology of heat-resistant glass. For glass ceramic panels is not as difficult to look like a plates made of stainless steel, although the stains on them are more noticeable than on the enamel panels.

  • Purchased glass-ceramic panel Bosch PPP 616M91E. One drawback – it’s expensive! Each technique in the kitchen requires care. The special complexity of care this panel I did not notice. Wipe after cooking is necessary. It is convenient in that it has a steady cast-iron grates, which are easily removable. Everything in this panel. Xenia.
  • I chose the Hansa BHKW61111 panel. This light tempered glass that is much more practical dark. It is less noticeable stains, looks very nice and stylish, clean and comfortable is not difficult. So for those of you who are looking for how to choose a good built-in gas hob, my advice is to look for the bright glass! Olesya.

When you consider that some manufacturers put on the glass-based beautiful drawings, such bar will be the only decoration of the kitchen. Very rare reviews of gas cooktops glass ceramic that glass broke or cracked. But this happens very rarely.

Good reviews on cooktops stoves BOSCH, Hansa BHKS6113. But on the gas panel Pyramida PFG 64mojno to meet negative customer reviews.


The number of burners on the panel depends on its size. The easiest way to choose a gas hob with 4 hotplates, because it is the most common number of burners on the surface. You can also find panels with 2, 3, 5, 6 and even 9-burner!

How not to be mistaken with a choice?

  • First, you need to come from the area where you will embed the selected panel.
  • Second, count on your family. Of course, for a large number of family members hob with two burners will not be enough.
  • As the reviews say about the cooking of the gas panels, the undercarriage variant of burners – 4, and the best – 4. And, really, how often do we use 4 burners?

    Let us say a few words on stoves with 5 burners. This is a convenient option for nice Housewives-kulinarok and those who like to prepare pickles and jams for the winter. In gas stove 5 burners normally in the middle is the so-called wok burner. It’s big, has a two-tier gas flow, which ensures rapid and uniform heating of surfaces with a large bottom.

    To dwell on the characteristics of the 6-conformai gas panel, we will not, as they is little demand among ordinary buyers.

    The burner can be placed traditionally at the corners, and also in a row, according to the principle of “Domino” diamond. The latter is more practical, since you have access to multiple burners at the same time.

    Also the burner can be equipped with different levels of supply of fire – crowns. There are two burners and three crowns. This is a handy feature as it heats up the capacity on some of the faster burners.

    The knobs on the panel

    Handles can be located on the front panel and side, most often on the right. You need to choose, focusing on what you would like. Praise panels with handles located to the right of the panel. Also, some manufacturers, particularly Bosch, fits handle bar ignition protection of children: the ignition is triggered not once, but 10 seconds after you twisted the handle.


    The grille is an important part of the hob. It can be made of cast iron or to be enameled. Give preference to cast iron.

    In General, the hob BOSCH PCD 345 D 2 burners is fine by me. But that’s the only drawback – enameled grates. Ware slips and cast iron surface lattices more stable. But to clean grill enamelled perfectly! Sasha.

    Further, those who study how to choose a gas grill cooking surface, you need to decide whether it’s solid or sectional. Today offer grates for each burner separately, 2 sections, 4 sections and solid.

    • Continuous (integral) lattice is more stable, but harder to maintain.
    • Those that consist of several sections, of course, preferable. They are easier to wash.

    The gas cooking panel, choose which today is not difficult, the presence of some additional functions: automatic ignition, a function of the gas control, stopping the gas supply if the flame blew out or flooded, the presence of a turbo burner that allows you to quickly boil water, etc.

    In addition to the above examples, there are more expensive, more functional. They provide additional alarm function, level indicator, flame and other bells and whistles for your money.

    But, without all that you can do. Therefore, choosing the cooking gas panel, guided by the basic parameters, which are explained in the article.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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