How to choose a gift for the boss:what you can and cannot give

Today’s article on the website “” – for those who are always scratching their heads over what to give. When choosing a gift, you always want to match the occasion, was useful and fully in the taste of the person to whom it is intended. Even more complexity arises when it is necessary to congratulate the Director. If you have such task, we will tell you how to choose a gift for the chiefto simultaneously please him and to keep the necessary distance.

Observe business etiquette gift

According to business etiquette, a gift to the leader should be humble, but at the same time strict, emphasizing his statusand taste.

The main thing you need to do for the boss to tell how much you respect him. Therefore, tasteless Souvenirs, claiming the witty, the type of credentials “to the best boss in the world” or cups with an even more vulgar inscription, it is clearly not the place.

To present a gift made by the entire team or with someone from colleagues. Single-handedly presented a gift in the civilized world is considered a bribe.

Before you choose a suitable gift for a boss, think how much you are willing to spend on a gift – a gift should not be too expensive. What a good boss decides that you have too high salary since you can afford such a luxurious thing ?

In the U.S., for example, a gift more than 20 dollars is equal again to the bribe.

But too cheap a gift (or are of questionable quality) is also a sign of disrespect to a superior official. So it is better not to give.

In our “generous latitudes,” the value of the gift should not exceed the monthly income of the subordinate.

How to choose a gift for the boss: what to give, just not worth it

  • Personal items: fragrances, cosmetics, garments, accessories (exception can only be the case if a person asked you to give him something from this area);
  • Gifts that can hide a subtext: gym membership, a video about healthy eating, anti aging cosmetics, manicure set;
  • Training seminars (in addition to topics hobby) – chef might find that you doubt his competence;
  • Gifts on a religious theme;
  • Items household items;
  • Sharps. For example, some prestigious knife in our country why-that is considered to be a chic gift. not recommended to give these things: hardly among the modern leaders are superstitious, but such a thing carries in itself the negative, agreed.

All of the above options are good gifts for colleagues or friends, but as a token leader will shout loudly about your bad tone.

A gift to the head should match the occasion: for calendar holidays such as New year, March 8, February 23, or professional holidays fit very neutral gift.

Anniversary, retirement, housewarming, wedding, birth of children or grandchildren – an occasion that allows you to present something less strict.

How to choose a suitable gift for the boss: what can you give safely

  • Good coffee or green tea, as well as the original, but restrained tea set for business meetings is appropriate in almost all cases.
  • Book. If you do not know the literary preferences of the chef, the safe bet is a new contemporary author, a dictionary or a high-quality illustrated thematic ENCYCLOPAEDIA.
  • Decorative elements of the Cabinet: wall, Desk, or hourglass, a globe, an elegant statue, decorative wooden wheel, etc.
  • Original and useful collective gift will be a corporate game so popular today, the game “Mafia”, which allows not only fun, but also to develop some skills that will be useful in the work of Directors and its subordinates. You can make a game with elements of real “mafia” masquerade.
  • Before you choose an original gift for boss, find out what his Hobbies. A good gift would be any thing to the collection Manager, if he is interested in collecting.
  • Classic option and always have been business gifts: business card holders, flash drives, writing utensils, for example, stand for pens, day planner, organizer, press paper is something that is always useful to a business person.
  • We hope these tips on how to choose a gift for the boss, I’ll help you pick a suitable present to the chief or to do brainstorming about the gift the boss with colleagues more effectively.

    Focus on the main parameters: the gift must not be ambiguous and should give a good mood.

    And the boss is in a good mood – it’s a gift for you and your colleagues!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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