How to choose a good sofa?

The website “” knows how difficult it is sometimes to choose quality furniture. Especially if we are talking about furniture for the nursery. So if you are interested in a good children’s sofas, you need to understand what to look for when buying them.

How to choose sofa?

To date, children’s sofas present in the market widely enough, and therefore to choose the most suitable among them is often difficult. They differ in kind of mechanism, material and design and decoration.

Do not forget also about such characteristics as functionality, security and reliability.

So which is better to buy children’s sofa? What criteria it must meet?

  • Rounded corners and padded armrests. Children are usually very agile and active. During the games, accidental falls are not uncommon, and therefore it is desirable that the furniture in the nursery helped to protect kids from injuries.
  • The edges should be soft. It is better to buy children’s sofa with a side, and extremely soft.
  • The spring unit is better than foam. The fact that the spring unit is more convenient and durable. But the foam eventually becomes deformed and ceases to provide the necessary support to the back of the child. In addition, over time the sofa with the foam starting to look shapeless. If it is assumed that this sofa your little one will have to sleep constantly, it is better to give preference to orthopedic base.
  • The lack of height differences on a bunk. If you want to choose a good sofa, then buy such a bed which will be of a one-piece pillow.
  • Pay attention to the upholstery. The higher the quality, the longer a child’s sofa. Today, there are lots of options for upholstery — textile, plocova and not only. Remember that the appropriate material should be durable and easily cleaned.
  • Eco-friendly materials. Children’s sofa must be manufactured exclusively from natural materials, so as not to cause the child’s allergies and not harm his health.
  • Sofa should be bright, but not poisonous color. Overly intense color often indicates that the dye was bad. Over time, this material can shed.
  • Design should respond to the preferences of the child. It is desirable that the children’s sofa is fully consistent with the preferences of the child for whom it is bought. For example, girls will fit sofas of pink colour, which resemble cots princesses. Boys prefer blue or red shades. Besides, what little boy refuses to sofa, made in the form of the racing cars.

Bed or sofa?

Many parents sooner or later a question: which is better in the nursery bed or sofa? The fact that both of these options have its pros and cons. The website offers you compare them.

Bed advantages:

  • In bed, you can buy an expensive pillowtop mattress that will provide the necessary support for the child’s spine.
  • Under the baby’s back will be a solid Foundation.

The advantages of sofa:

  • Takes up little space, which is especially important in small apartments.
  • As a rule, has spacious and convenient drawers for linen storage.
  • Thanks to the soft padding is less traumatic compared to beds.

What are children’s sofas?

The market today are well-represented children’s sofas — what to choose and how not to make a mistake in this choice?

  • Bunk. Ideal for families with two children. As a rule, on the second floor is a regular bed, but at the lower couch. In the afternoon it is used for games and activities, and at night converts into a full bed.
  • If you’re wondering about which sofa is better, then definitely consider this option as a corner sofa. It takes up little space when folded, but provides enough space for sleeping, if it is broken down. Modern corner sofas can boast an interesting design and well implemented mechanism of folding.
  • Pull-out sofa. The main advantage of this sofa is that it has neither depressions nor elevations. But because this option is one of the most preferred, if you care about the formation of the posture of the baby. Most pull-out sofas, usually equipped with drawers for linen.

Thus, to find the answer to the question of how to choose the children’s sofa bed is not difficult. The most important thing is to start from the dimensions of the nursery and pre-determine the mechanism and functionality of this furniture.

If you make the right choices, this loveseat will serve you for a long time, providing excellent health and no health problems to your child.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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