How to choose a hair straightener: feedback from consumers

“It is time for me to buy a hair straightener, read reviews and make the right choice” — or so you thought, typing in the search phrase “best flat irons for hair reviews by real users”. We are pleased that you came to us for a women’s website ““. Our readers already know that we try to collect the most useful information, truthful reviews about the products are all analyzed and only then provide the material to your attention.

After reading a few reviews of this device, such as a hair straightener, you are a private buyer, faced a number of questions about the plan:

  • A company to give preference to when buying? It is better to buy a proven brand, or you can get less popular, but cheaper?
  • What coverage to choose a hair straightener? (feedback required)
  • How much is the best hair straightener? Reviews, who how many bought.
  • What is the width of the plate — narrow and broader – easy to use?
  • Choose a professional hair straightener (reviews of those who use) or regular?
  • What are the irons for hair gamareviews, which often can be found on the Internet.

Well, what we are right? This information interests you? Then you got on that article, which contains the answers to all your questions.

As the iron acts on your hair?

The hair straightener (the reviews say that it is also called hair straightener, hair straighteners) is a perfect tool for hair styling. He will cope with unruly frizzy curls into smooth hair and make curls light, if you want to diversify your style of hair.

How to straighten hair with a straightening iron and how to curl your hair with a Flatiron, “” telling detail.

Though the principle of all the irons the same brand – they release excess moisture contained in the hair, so to speak, dehydrate hair, causing them to be not so dry and not so bulky – but to choose the best hair straightener (testimonials prove it) is not so simple.

What is more harmful for hair dryer or hair iron?

The opinion of experts about the impact on hair straightener and hair dryer agree on one thing: the effect of iron on the structure of the hair are not so dangerousas the influence of the hair dryer. He and the other device dried hair, but the jet of air from a hair dryer even destroys the scales and the rectifier, on the contrary, pushes them.

Modern irons for hair reviews will help you make the right choice, thanks to a good surface not very harmful to the hair.

Therefore, the first characteristic on which we will focus in the survey – coated forceps (plates).

All flat irons for hair dry hair, blindly to trust advertising that the model cares for the hair and do not dry them, is impossible. This is the principle of all rectifiers is used to remove moisture to hair straightened. Here are just some of the models do their job with minimal damage to the structure of the hair, while others burn them.

Therefore, when choosing a hair straightener you need to know some points and for them to pay attention to when buying.

Metal surface

Mercilessly burning hair, destroying the structure of hair straighteners are available with a metal coating – reviews once again confirm this. The whole reason that metal conducts heat unevenly: in one place, the plate will be very hot, will heat up weaker.

The effect of such rectifiers is identical to the conventional iron. Only stroked not in clothes, by the way, for which you need to have a certain temperature, and fire their hair.

Therefore, a model with a metallic coating is very cheap not advised to buy them to those who intend to make frequent use of flat irons for hair straightening (most of the models only negative).

It was the first signs in the market and they can be found still on the shelves, especially on sales and promotions. They attract buyers with the low price.

But before you straighten your hair flat irons with metal plates, be sure to apply special cosmetic products for hair care. Use the pad is not more than 3 times a month. Otherwise, just burn the hair.

If it’s a choice all is clear – no metal pad suitable for frequent use, to understand, what is the coating on the fins to give preference to choosing the best irons for hair reviews you will read below, a bit more complicated.

Modern cover plates

Today, you can find rectifiers with the coating working area:

  • A ceramic coating. These irons are the most popular because it is relatively inexpensive and carefully straighten your hair.
  • The Teflon plate. Ironing with such a coating is recommended for soft straightening of the hair.
  • Marble coating. For weak hair, prone to damage (often break, split).
  • Tourmaline coating. The most common choice of users who decided to buy a professional flat iron. It combines quality marble and Teflon coating.
  • Ion coating. Particles discharged ions treated hair.

Let us briefly consider the characteristics of the materials, to those of you who are looking for information, what is the best hair straightener reviews, considers, could choose a suitable tool.


After irons with metal plates appeared on the market a more sophisticated model of the plate which was made from another material – ceramics. This coating distributes heat evenly across the working surface area.

Forceps with ceramic surface is easy to straighten hair – flat iron quickly glides over the strands, a uniform temperature does not burn through them, that is, the negative impact is minimal.

Remember, ceramic is the main material in all otuzco, which heats the working plate, which, in fact, is the main task of the rectifier.

Here’s a snippet of one of the reviewers of a professional stylist, who suggests to buy the only irons with ceramic.

  • “Remember that one of the best types of ceramic cookware is considered to be. It is exposed to high temperature, and the utensils are durable and reliable. This proves once again that the ceramic plates safe. Marianne”

Flat irons for hair reviews about modern new coatings

Teflon, marble, tourmaline is an additional materials that are applied on top on ceramic base. They all have only a positive impact on hair.

Whether you need to pay money for new-fangled covering the best irons for hair reviews single answer you will not find. We will briefly tell you about what is useful in those additional materials that can be sprayed on ceramic coating.


If you have soft hair, pay attention to ceramic Teflon coating. Teflon provides smooth slide, not pulling the hair, prevents their adhesion to the working plate.

Also, if you use cosmetics that put on your hair before you use hair straightener, Teflon will not allow them to stick to the plates.


Marble particles, which cover ceramic base, have a cooling effect on the hair, neutralize the hot temperature to which they are exposed because of the ceramic coating. Therefore, those who have hair are easily injured, it is possible to pay attention to ceramics to marble.


Negative ions that tourmaline produces a positive impact on the hair structure – sleek scales, remove the statistical electricity.

  • “First the pad was of the firm of Moser, a second – Gama. The Moser plate ceramic, Gama ceramic tourmaline. The touch plates are the same, but I have something to compare. Such a cool slide, like Gama with tourmaline coating, not even the new Moser. Vika”

Laser ionization

The latest models of professional hair iron have a special ionic coating. Plates emit ions having a negative charge, which do not release moisture from the hair.

It is believed that the rectifiers ions do not dry hair retain moisture, so do not have the slightest negative effect. Theoretically it should be, but is in practice not yet proven.

One thing is clear – the worse the hair from the ions will not. But if you are in doubt whether to give the money for the iron ions or of the identical price to purchase a thermostat, the second function will be better. More on that later.

Temperature controller – should it be in the irons for the hair?

Let’s start with the fact that many users believe that the thermostat is something of the rectifier is unnecessary.

  • “I have the easiest hair First Austria Trista. I am very satisfied with its quality, but still for the money! Only 450 rubles! It has no frills, like temperature controller. There is one button “on/off”. This is enough for Ironing. Included – heated and straighten. Why else would a different temperature? Ritulya”

And here’s another opinion, having familiarized with which, it becomes clear why the thermostat to be ironed.

  • “My hair is very thin and naughty. The pad is exhibited at 160 degrees and straightens it gently, and my daughter has thick hair. Cope with it only 200 degrees. Mara”

It becomes clear that the temperature controller is the desired feature in the straightener.

True that, the higher the temperature, the better for hair — faster straighten. Straighten, of course, but their health high temperature hurt. This is indicated by all stylists in one voice.

The temperature needed to choose the optimal variant of heating a flat iron, depending on the structure and type of hair damage. Experts recommend to adhere to the following parameters

  • 200 degrees – the hair of the African type
  • 190 – 195 – curly hair
  • 180 – 185 – thick and dense
  • 170 — 175 – medium hair density
  • To 165 – thin hair
  • To 155 – colored hair
  • 145 – brittle damaged

That’s why you need the thermostat. In otuzco where there is no thermostat, automatic set temperature of 200 degrees. Manufacturers and users do not consider this point, mistakenly believing that the temperature depends only on the speed with which you straighten your hair: the higher, the faster.

Of course, the price of the hair straightener with temperature higher than that of the rectifier without this feature, but the thermostat need.

Often the latest model equipped with a LCD screen, where is displayed the temperature to which heated pad is certainly a handy feature, but in everyday life you can do without it, but the professional it is needed.

The width of the plates

Depending on the thickness and density of the hair irons are matched with different width plates.

  • “Irons for hair gum reviews, which inspired me to buy a pad from this company, as a rule, have a narrow width of the plate. Most 23 mm. Is convenient. I straighten hair throughout the length, and the ends carefully to tighten up, just cranking pad. The important thing is not how many you grab at once, and how do you smooth the strand. And one more thing – the bangs wide plates generally uncomfortable to straighten, but narrow – please. Krista”

Wide plates from 40 to 60 mm are more commonly used in hairdressing, also, these flat irons for those who have thick hair.

For home use and for those who have normal hair, more acceptable version with narrow plates – (15 – 25 mm).

Professional hair straighteners are available or household?

Leading companies of appliances for the home specializiruetsya in the production of cheap hair straightener. They can be purchased in any hardware store and apply successfully at home.

But it should be remembered that frequent use of a cheap hair straightener you will notice that the hair may eventually become not so healthy.

These irons heat up more professional, power to quickly straighten the hair, they are not always enough. Therefore, if you plan to make frequent use of a hair straightener, it is better to buy professional hair straighteners, reviews about leading companies you will find most positive.

All professional irons, in addition to good coverage of plates that protects hair, comfortable long rotating cord which doesn’t tie you to a power outlet. There are also additional comb attachments, nozzles for ripple, covers with a special thermal plastic, in which you’ll be able to put another cold pad.

And manufacturers specialized mainly in the production of goods for hair care (for example, GA.MA, Remington, Moser), provide more quality product than firms that produce a wider range of household appliances.

  • “I believe that it is better to pay 1,000 rubles to buy a mediocre Pro (PRO) irons for hair — reviews which I was met with a positive than with a simple household iron, which plate will quickly become worthless, and you’ll be back to buy a new one. Olga”
  • “If you don’t see the difference in the use of domestic and professional Ironing immediately, you will notice after some time on your hair. The cost of professional irons above but they are safer for the hair structure. My first was a primitive Scarlet, and then Remington. Both units with ceramics, but the difference is noticeable both in work and care. Take care of your hair! Catherine”

Flat irons for hair reviews about companies

Leaders among all companies irons for hair gama (GA.MA), also positive reviews about the rectifiers meet the following brands:

  • the German company Moser
  • American Remington
  • French Babyliss
  • Japanese Philips.

Best hair straighteners reviews confirm this, have a price of $ 40 and above.

Good reviews of hair straighteners occur on many models of the following companies:

  • CeraStyle,
  • Rowenta
  • Braun

Not often, but there are negative reviews on the following brands:

  • Vitek
  • Scarlett
  • Sanusy
  • Maxwell
  • Vigor
  • Domotec

We present a few reviews from consumers about otuzco different brands.

  • “I was able to buy BaByliss Pro b/u. I don’t know how long it was in operation before he came to me, but I use the second year. This hair straightener has a steam effect, you can pour the water and straighten the hair. I do not like just what a lock should spend 2, sometimes 3 times. Maybe because they are already old? Here is the Philips super. Once carried out. Walk at least 2 days of smooth hair. Marina”
  • “Everyone says that the best irons DIN or GA.MA, reviews write. Me in terms of straightening all happy with it. Cool pad. There is only small details that annoy me a bit: – click when the interlock plate, and a red button that illuminates when the lock gets between the plates. The second point – I have a very tight button to adjust temperature. If you have nails, it is uncomfortable. But in General, the whole head is a beautiful and smooth hair for 5 – 10 minutes, the quality of the work DIN’t complain. Masha”
  • “For those who are looking for what are the best flat irons professional reviews views to choose a good model, my advice is Philips Active Care HP8362. This is a great straightener! Use the second year, on a daily basis. I can safely say that he is better than GaMa. Even at the minimum temperature I straighten my curly hair. I think it’s safer for the hair. Interesting findings in irons for hair Philips – when plates come into contact, there is a slight vibration. It also improves hair straightening. It heats up in 10 seconds – very fast. There is a screen where is displayed the temperature and the + and – buttons to adjust. The whole laying out 10 minutes early – at least 20. By the way, for such a period of use of the plate as new. In General, everything is convenient and thought out. Gera”

Thus, those who choose the hair straightener reviews, considers, you need to focus on the following points:

  • No metal plates, only ceramics in combination with any other material (the most popular tourmaline)
  • Better average price of professional hair iron (GA.MA, Remington, Moser) than the household with unnecessary extra features.
  • Preferably the presence of the thermostat, but the LCD display according to your desire.
  • Width plates for normal hair 23 mm, thick 40 mm. the First option is preferable it is convenient to put the bangs and tuck the ends of your hair.
  • Consider also that much depends not only on firms but also on the specific model. Therefore, if you decide to choose the hair straightener, the reviews need to learn about specific models.
  • A good choice!

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