How to choose a hairstyle?

Almost every girl knows that in order to transform quickly and effectively, we need only to change hairstyle or hair color. Female site will tell you how to choose a hairstyle properly.

The fact that for each type of appearance has its base the principles of choice of haircuts and styling. By using our tips, you will easily be able to choose the image that suits you, and safely go to the stylist for his incarnation.

How to choose hairstyle for face shape?

The first thing to consider when choosing hairstyle, of course, the condition of the hair and face type.

But if a weakened or insufficiently thick hair can be cured or give them the necessary volume by means of medical cosmetics and means of caring, the type of person stays with you always. Cleverly choosing the shape of the haircut, you may want to visually correct the face shape, but for this, you first need to know your type.

Distinguish all five types of face shape:

  • oval;
  • square;
  • round;
  • triangular;
  • rectangular.

Most often there are three of them: round, square and oval. These should stop most detail.

When choosing hairstyles should definitely take into account not only the geometry of the face, but also the individual characteristics full face or thin, wide or narrow, and the shape of facial features.

How to choose a hairstyle for round face

The winner of the round face very often disappointed because of the overly plump cheeks, making the face too wide, featureless chin and imperfect forehead. All this can be turned into your “flavor”, if you choose the right hairstyle for the face shape.

For this type of perfect haircuts, gently covering the widest part at the level of the cheekbones and the forehead problem. In addition, it is preferable to use hairstyles that make more expressive too “soft” jawline.

The best option would be “raised” up haircuts, and haircuts with wavy bangs. It will create extra volume and helps make more attractive the forehead. Suitable hairstyles, gradually expanding upward: the classic “Bob”, just caret a variety of bangs. As a lover of bold experiments can effectively correct your face shape with asymmetrical haircuts.

In any case it is not necessary to emphasize the excessive roundness of the face with haircuts, just repeating his form, and visually widening the face.

Categorically not suitable “flat” hairstyle, which creates highlights on the cheeks and increase the volume of the head. A good idea will be the so-called “low” haircut with heavy bangs, heavier face.

If you want to pick a hairstyle for a round face type, it is better to stay on variants with an oblique or diagonal parting and slicked-back hair and a beveled long bangs. The preferred length – just below the chin, since a shorter straight hair will attract unwanted attention to the widest part of the face.

If you stopped for a short haircut, it is best to give preference to speed or asymmetric form.

How to choose a hairstyle for oval face

Oval face shape is the most versatile, it tends most of the girls. Well, lucky natural elegant oval can enjoy a variety of hairstyles variety of styles.

Oval face usually distinguish completely proportionate features, and therefore will absolutely fit all! You can safely experiment with the form of the cut and the length, choosing for himself the most daring styling.

Hair in this case depends on the type of hair and density.

  • If the hair is soft and thin, should give preference to graduated haircuts that create extra volume and give extra fluffiness. Caret cascade, “ladder” — the mass of options.
  • But girls with a thick and bouncy curls can easily afford almost any of the most pretentious styling: lush flowing locks, mischievous curls, romantic waves or delicate curls. If you go Bang – perfect! It can be any shape, highlighting your facial features.

Please note that when you want to pick a hairstyle for a woman after 40 years, it is best to refrain from overly long hair. The favoured haircut of medium length, the perfect option which can be usual or elongated quads.

Square face: how to choose to face the hairstyle?

Girls with square face get a lot of grief because of the overly massive face shapes: heavy lower face with a bulky chin and often a low hairline.

The main function of shearing in this case is to remove the overweight and visually make the face more graceful. Perfect haircuts, “dwell” and make more elegant the lower part of the face. The best option in this case is an asymmetric hairstyle that has the highest volume in the temples and tapering gradually to the chin. This can be a classic Bob with asymmetric bangs, visually facilitate a low hairline.

It is not necessary to give preference to haircuts and styling, emphasizing the massiveness and a certain roughness of facial features.

Not the best idea hairstyle with heavy straight bangs or Vice versa – the slicked-back hair, revealing his forehead. Also it is necessary to abandon ultra-short haircut.

The best option for those with heavy “square” is a light, airy hairstyles that make a person more visually fragile and delicate. Romantic curls, soft waves, graduated haircuts – all this will smooth out the overly angular facial features, giving them a feminine touch. Perfect high volume hair, because due to this you can visually “pull” the face, making it more graceful.

To choose a hairstyle for face type, you can experiment with styling, giving vent to imagination: the oblique or diagonal parting, originally laid or stabbed with long bangs, outdoor “ragged” strands to frame the face.

How to choose hairstyle for thin and full face?

Too thin face with sharp facial features – the same reason for disappointment, as too chubby cheeks. In order to turn the “bird” profile in graceful and feminine, is to find the right hairstyle with voluminous strands, conceal excessive thinness of the face.

Lush flowing locks, beautiful curls, soft waves – all this will distract the attention. Help and bright accessories: hair clips, decorative rubber bands, headbands. They are great to give your outfit a necessary “flavor”.

It is not necessary to give preference to straight haircuts, since they visually lengthen the face. But this is exactly what you would like to hide!

And the owners of the overly full face is on the contrary, to prefer such haircuts that lengthen the face and make his features more delicate. Will fit almost any hairstyle on medium to long hair.

How to choose a hairstyle you decide, just remember that too short hair focus on your face. As for round face, full cheeks going graduated haircuts such as the stylish cascade or “ladder”.

How to choose the facial hair?

Choosing a hairstyle should definitely consider not only the General type of person, but also the unique features of your face. But if you ignore them, then, alas, it is the shape of the nose or cheekbones can radically spoil your appearance.

On the women’s website “” you will find tips that will help even non-standard facial features to transform into a stylish flair, making the image unique.

How to choose the right hairstyle the possessor of a large nose?

For owners of non-standard traits most important to withdraw from hairstyles that draw attention to the face. First of all, it is too short and asymmetrical hairstyles: pixie, short Bob or Bob.

It is best to give preference to voluminous hair: they carry the attention of others from facial features to hair. Besides, this hairstyle is combined with correctly chosen makeup will help to visually “narrow” nose.

How to choose hairstyle for the girl with a long nose?

Owners of long bird nose and thin individuals can successfully shift attention from the face with the “flying” haircuts medium length. For example, this may be the classic Bob with extended bangs. It will allow you to visually expand the face and to move the visual emphasis on the face framing strands.

Perfectly cope with the task of cutting carrying the main volume to the temples and the back of the head. It can be stylish “Bob” retro-style, or for those of us more adventurous, playful caret on the leg.

Thus it is necessary to refuse completely smooth hair — tight beams and high hairstyles. Not the best option in this case and haircuts no bangs, showing off the forehead (it’s visually pulls the face).

How to choose the right hairstyle for the growth and other parameters?

We have already published an article about how to choose a haircut based on the face. Hair is only part of your image, and that she looked harmoniously, it is necessary to take into account many important details, among which an important place occupies the height and figure.

Gorgeous curls that will certainly adorn the graceful tall girl, petite bbw would be the worst option. The main rule in this case is: than bigger figure, the less hair. And consequently, than you are taller and slimmer, the hair should be more.

  • Hairstyles for full girls. Well-chosen hairstyle can work wonders. For example, it can be easy to visually “pull” figure. Most importantly in this case, to abandon all that expands the silhouette, including short haircuts. A perfect option for you — easy curls, low beams and braids.

  • Hairstyles for tall girls. And the owners of high growth it is best to abandon the high lush hairstyles and focus on volumetric haircuts. Perfect hair in this case is an elongated square with oblique bangs. But from the excessive volume is to give, as well as high styling with fleece. If you want to emphasize the graceful figure, pick up the hairstyle to the dress at the waist will help you perfectly all kinds of hairstyles on smooth and long hair.
  • Hairstyles for petite ladies. The right hairstyle is able to add a few extra inches is no worse than heels. To help you come high stacking, showing off the forehead and pull silhouette. If you are the owner of universal medium in length, it is very easy! For example, you can simply collect hair in a large bun and decorate it with an elegant barrette. If you prefer luxurious, fluffed the hair, then to change will help you a elegant wrap. With accessories to choose a hairstyle just: sleek and barely noticeable, for business meetings and everyday wear, elegant and minimalist – for official receptions and visits, elaborate and massive for informal parties. Suggest you look at the hairstyles in the Greek style!
  • Hairstyles for slim girls. It would seem that slender girl with the perfect figure can afford almost any hairstyle. But here are the rules, to neglect which is clearly not worth it. This type of shape looks perfect with any hair length: from ultrashort to long luxurious curls. But excessive volume can ruin the proportions, and he clearly should be abandoned. It is best effectively to emphasize a slim figure with a waterfall of soft curls – and you irresistible!

Knowing how to choose the face hairstyle, is a powerful weapon in the field of beauty, and with it you any way on the shoulder.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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