How to choose a home photoepilator?

Epilation in a beauty salon eliminates the problem of unwanted hair on the body for a long time. But, as said by many visitors of such stores, the same procedure can be done at home, buying a home photoepilator and saving a lot of money.

How effective could be the home photoepilation which unit to do this is to buy and how to do the procedure independently, the women’s website “” will tell in this article.

Epilation: the procedure

During photoepilation the fight against unwanted hair is by means of light pulses emitted by a special lamp. Flashes of light from the device are so powerful that have a strong effect on hairs: the pulses pass through the hair shaft to the roots and cause heating of the surrounding tissue.

The temperature rises to around hairs 70⁰S. This leads to the death of hair follicles.

Method of hair removal in the salon to strip the skin of unnecessary vegetation is obtained after about 6-8 treatments. The effectiveness of hair removal depends on the color of the skin and hair of the patient: the lighter hair on the body and darker the skin, the less effective the procedure.

Today photoepilation can be performed not only in salons, but at home.

To the delight of many “lucky hairy” homemade devices for hair removal different brands and models currently have available for sale in almost all civilized countries.

Tiles: ceramic / glazed for home use, as claimed by the manufacturers of such devices, virtually indistinguishable from the cabin of vehicles. Every day the demand for them grows. And this is not surprising because non-invasive method of removing vegetation from the body has a number of attractive characteristics.

The Device Gillette Venus Naked

The benefits of home hair removal

The main advantage of all qualitative: living room for the house can be called a substantial savings on the procedure. In addition, the light pulses for hair removal in the home offers the following pros:

  • Time savings, which don’t have to spend on the road (sometimes very far) to the salon.
  • Ease of use, so the need to resort to outside help is eliminated. Some shy girls buy home style: living room for hair removal in the bikini area, so you don’t have to strip in front of a stranger.
  • Compactness and light weight. Weighs home the camera as much as mid-size Hairdryer. Using them is no big deal.
  • The effect is equivalent to the results of the salon treatment. Despite the fact that the power from the home photoepilator less than the professional device, it copes with the problem of excess body hair.
  • Faithful implementation procedures. Working homemade device on his own body, no woman to moonlight or to save flash will not.
  • Power home: living room below the cabin, but their use does not burn and does not cause strong discomfort.
  • The website considers that the device can be a great and a good investment for any woman that has the need to remove unwanted hair. The question is only what kind of device it is better to buy for home use.

    Home photoepilator: what to choose

    When you select a home device for hair removal, experts recommend to pay attention to its power. It should be not less than 10 j/cm 2 . According to experts, only when the density of luminous flux it is possible to destroy practically all the hairs on the skin.

    There are also several points that it is important to remember when choosing a home photoepilator.

    • Another parameter important when choosing a device for home, is the area of the light flash. The higher the rate is, the faster and easier you can run home photoepilation. The most convenient to use the models of: living room, where the flash window has an area of not less than 6 cm2.
    • When you purchase the device it is recommended to give preference to models in which there is a sensor type of skin. Such devices safer to use.
    • Experts recommend to pay attention to such technical indicators as the number of flashes of the lamp. The fact is that any bulb after 5 thousand flares lose your life in the future works almost same as a normal flash of the camera.

    Select device for home hair removal is better of those models that were tested by other users.

    Home photoepilator what is better: a brief overview of popular models

    The market today there are many different tiles: ceramic / glazed for individual use. Among them are some of the most famous models.

    • The device for home use French production E-One is the only device which in its technical characteristics power close to equipment for professional salons. Included with the instrument are a special goggles, cooling gel, cleaning spray and extra lamp cartridge, card lamp, marking pen and reusable protective plate. The size of the light window 6 cm3. The main drawback of this home device for hair removal is the price – about 100 000 rubles.
    • The device Gillette Venus Naked wife also has a sufficiently high power of 10 j/cm2. Light box it is small – 3 cm2 that can be called a drawback of the device. But this high-quality home photoepilator is much cheaper – about 35 thousand rubles, and included to it are the gel and the sensor type of skin. Unfortunately, this device is discontinued, so finding it on sale is not easy.
    • The device Philips Lumea applies to devices of average price: it costs about 28000 rubles. Its maximum capacity is 5.9 j/cm2, each time applying it can handle part of the body area of 6 cm2. Attractive device and a long service life bulb – 50,000 flashes. Most of the buyers of this affordable home photoepilator not regret their purchase.
    • Home device for hair removal Silk’n Glide Israeli production as well as many other goods from that country, causing users have mostly positive emotions. It is characterized by low power up to 5 j/cm2. But it can be used on dark skin, it is a great resource bulb (150000 outbreaks), as well as high speed 1 flash per second. This device costs about 22 thousand rubles.
    • The device ESPIL Korean-made, oddly enough, is also often mentioned among the best devices for home use. Its main advantage is low cost something in the region of 15,000 rubles. Power device ESPIL – 4.5 j/cm2. The size of the light window 3 cm2. But with these parameters, the Korean worker quite copes with the problem of excess hair.

    The questions is whether to buy a home photoepilator which to choose, how to apply, best answers to search the forums or in reviews.

    The device Silk’n Glide

    Home: living room: reviews about most popular models

    That’s what they say women on low-cost appliance company ESPIL:

    • Did device 5 procedures. Yay! The hair disappear. Slowly, but still disappear! Marina
    • Already passed the 7 treatments. Results: feet were small Islands, armpits, almost no hair. With a bikini harder. Anna
    • Use for six months. On her feet yet remained single hairs. In the bikini area and armpits appeared bald spots. Irina

    Epilator Philips left the women have different experience:

    • After 2-3 applications of hair in many areas cease to grow. After 5-6 procedures as if it never happened at all. Elizabeth
    • Given that the device cost me 25 000 rubles, the result did not suit me. A little less hair to about 50%. Nina

    A lot of reviews about yourself collected device Silk’n Glide.

    • Used for 3 years, every 3 weeks. As the hair growing and growing. Eugene
    • Six months later, got a great result: area of deep bikini absolutely clean. Now no problems with the beach there. Kira
    • So far, only used 3 times, no effect was seen. Julia

    About the home: living room and Gillette E-One of reviews in Runet very little. And foreign resources, they also write differently, though mostly in a positive way.

    If to speak about: living room for your home objectively, you can share to all instruments conclusion: the absence of any result from their use is rare. As a rule, the effects of home hair removal, at least some, but there is.

    So the question is, what is better to buy a home because, the correct answer on the basis of their financial capabilities, and the availability of the best deals.

    But if doubts about the usefulness of purchasing this device still remains, you can try to test the device on myself in the cabin. One test procedure will be enough to understand whether you fit this method of hair removal.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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