How to choose a mink coat — 5 tips to buying

What fur coat to choose? Of course mink! This luxurious, soft, shiny fur is now considered perhaps the most important accessory of a lady. A quality mink coat faithfully serve you for many years. But how to choose a mink coat — a serious issue, because such an expensive purchase you can’t afford them often. So before you go for a fur coat of your dreams, find out the main criteria of the correct choice!

Today, fur coats of mink refers to fur elite products. The story of their mass creation began in the XVIII century in Europe, from the local mink. In the XIX century began to use the skins of the larger American animals. And it was during this period American production workers were laid the foundations of a quality-made high-class furs. Now, therefore, listed above is an American, and not, for example, Chinese fur coats made of mink. Although European products are also quite good.

How to choose a mink coat

Carefully inspect the product. Indicators of quality a good coat next.

  • Brilliant, flowing, shimmering fur. If the coat looks faded and dull, the fur was improperly handled or stored in unsuitable conditions.
  • Elastic fibers. Between the pile mink fur contains a large volume of air, which makes the coat looks like a fluffy. For smoothing the hairs should quickly return to its original position. Good hair supple, obedient, equal in length and density, does not fall out when you try to pinch off a piece. If the pile is sometimes stuck or it looks greasy, it is poorly done. By the way, thanks to the presence of the air gap under the cloth in the coat will be warm in the severe cold. So the question that the warmer is the fur coat or sheepskin, experts will answer: of course, the coat! The coats ability to retain heat is much lower.
  • Lasting color of dyed fur. If you plan on buying dyed mink coat, swipe the product with a damp light cloth. It should not change color.
  • Quality dressing the flesh side (the skin side). It is distinguished by softness, elasticity, no cracks and squeaks when pressed. Usually recognized manufacturers don’t use in their products the lining — it shows that they have nothing to hide from the buyer. If the lining is, ask the seller to unpick her the edge to find the quality of leather. This request will not be denied in any self-respecting saloon.
  • A minimum of seams. Less seams on the reverse side of the product, the longer it will look like new. If you notice that the coat is sewn from many small pieces, it’s better to abandon the purchase because she “will erupt” after a couple of seasons.
  • How to choose a mink coat: color, length, style

    The cost of a mink coat depends not only on the quality of manufacture of fur, but its color:

    • the most affordable coat, from light to dark brown tones (the darker the more expensive);
    • the coat of an average price category — from dyed fur of red, beige, grey, blue colors;
    • coat high price category — the “tourmaline”, it is distinguished by the color of smoke, the effect of which is formed as a result of the transition beige tones undercoat in dark outer fur;
    • the expensive mink coat is made of white unpainted fur;
    • exclusive, luxurious mink — black, with a tint of blue or purple tones, reminiscent of velvet. These products are made of North American mink.

    When choosing the length of the fur, focus on your preferences in clothing. If you are used to wear skirts and dresses, winter will be warmer in a fur coat “on the floor”. If you frequently wear pants, suit and coat.

    Styles of mink may be different, and the choice should not focus on fashion trends. Coat because you’re buying more than one year (a quality product will look like new, after 5 years socks). So long as it was for you to face. Put on your coat, raise and lower hands, walk. You comfortable and don’t restrict movement? Then this is your option!

    Accessories mink coat

    Mink coat — completely self-contained product that needs no additional decorations. No ways of tying the scarves or a stylish belt not emphasize its nobility and charm. Wearing a mink coat, you can:

    • with Golden ornaments. Mink and gold is a classic luxurious style. Put on a pair of gold rings, one large ring or bracelet of precious metal. And not keep its gold and silver, as it will look tasteless;
    • with boots and boots on your taste. Shoes can be leather or suede, the color should harmonize with the coat. So, for red mink suit brown boots, and blue — white;
    • with a handbag in the tone of the boots;
    • with a cap of mink, hat or stylish beret. If you choose a fur hat, its color does not have to match the color coats, but combined with her tone. Headgear must be solid, you can pick them up in the color of the handbag and boots.

    Use our tips on how to choose a mink coat. And you delight in its splendor acquaintances and friends!

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