How to choose a mirror for the house?

Women’s website “” in today’s article will give some useful tips on how to choose a mirror. We will explain what high-quality, functional and decorative features of the mirror and also features in the room you must pay attention.

How to profitably use a mirror in the interior?

Mirrors visually expand the space, increase the amount of light and air, as well as the “dual” of small elements.

So, if you have a small size and poorly lit hallway – a well-chosen mirror will remedy the situation. Entrance hall visually wins in size, if a small mirror be placed on the front door. Lengthen a hallway mirror hung on the side wall.

So before you choose a new mirror, think about what effect you want to achieve with it.

In the closet, to save space, you can use a mirrored wardrobe.

In the bedroom and living room can be hung or placed on the floor mirrors are an unusual shape or creative frames, because they perform more decorative function than utilitarian.

It is not recommended that the mirror reflected the bare walls, any defects in the finish or the dark empty corners. Well if the mirror reflects chandelier, sconce or other light source.

For the bedroom you should not choose large mirrors and hang them in front of the bed is a Board of psychologists.

More tips “Beautiful and Successful” on how to use the mirror in the interior, can be found here.

How to choose the shape and size of the mirror?

If you want to increase the ceiling to enhance the room, choose a rectangular or oval mirror, and elongated upwards. If you want to visually expand space, suitable horizontally made and located the mirror.

Round well fit into the interior if it contains objects of similar shape (panels, paintings, decorative plates).

To see yourself in full growth, recommends that you choose a mirror with a height less than a meter.

How to choose a quality mirror?

Pay attention to the coverage (amalgam):

  • Silver coating is the most durable and high reflecting qualities. Its drawback is price above average.
  • Mirror coated aluminum is cheaper, but its reflective qualities are inferior goods plated with silver.

Make sure in the composition of the coating was not harmful metals, e.g., lead – to do this, carefully review the certificate of quality.

If the reverse side of the mirror has a color mixed with shades of blue or green, it means that it is resistant to moisture. It is necessary to pay attention to before you choose the mirror in the bathroom. Purple color indicates a low quality mirror.

What you need to pay attention:

  • Carefully observe the reflective surface – it must be perfectly smooth and clean, there should not be air bubbles and opaque spots.
  • In the store zoom in to the mirror arm with a pencil and move your hand left and right. Quality mirror display will not “lag”, to ripple and distort the reflection.
  • Focus on the type of glass M1 and M4.
  • The edge of the mirror should be well polished, just cut the glass always has chips and cracks.
  • Inspect the mirror in the store closer to the window, so how to choose a good mirror and identify possible errors only if source of natural lighting.
  • Look at the flip side – there also should be a small damage, the coating should be smooth, not rough.
  • Do not choose too big, and mirrors made of thin glass under its own weight, it “sags” and you get a distorted picture.
  • Check of reliability of fastening.

As to frame material, everything is simple – it is advisable to be in harmony with the overall interior design. If the room has lots of wooden furniture and paintings, choose a mirror in a wooden frame. Under the metal base of the lamp is well suited mirror in a metal frame.

How choose mirror bathroom

Here at the forefront of such criteria as durability and moisture resistance of the mirror, so you should pay attention to the material of the rim. For conditions of high humidity and temperature changes better suited resistant plastic or stainless steel. There are also special mirrors with no zapotevshie surface.

Aluminum mirror coating, as well as with additives of copper will quickly become worthless.

For mirrors for bathroom is important to have a reliable mechanism that will allow you to tilt and turn it at different angles. Multifunctional is version with built-in Cup toothbrush holder, stand or shelf.

We hope that our recommendations on how to choose a mirror and how to apply, will allow you to use the full potential of this element of decor. In order to mirror served you as long as possible, do not hang it close to the wall – leave it between the mirror and the wall a distance of approximately 1 cm.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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