How to choose a mobile phone for an elderly person?

A mobile phone can be called one of the best gifts for a loved elderly person to any occasion. So today’s article women’s website “” dedicates those readers who want to understand how to choose a suitable mobile phone for an elderly relative or relatives.

Those who have not yet had time to acquire such a device for grandma or grandpa, you have to meet the usual requirements for your elderly.

Some mobile phones prefer older

Modern gadgets with touch screen display and multiple functions are hardly suitable device for seniors.

  • First, they cost too much: an elderly person will simply be afraid to wear such a device with you.
  • Second, to use such a mobile people in the age will be difficult and some almost impossible. Because grandparents will always be afraid to break a complex device.
  • Thirdly, due to the presence of a plurality of functions, the battery in these gadgets quickly consumes energy. To charge fancy phone need more than the simplest model with a minimal set of functions.
  • The use of a mobile phone will be convenient for the pensioner, if the device will meet the following criteria:

    • The large size of the device, to grandmother or grandfather easily hold it in your hand. After all, with age, many people have the fingers become unruly and awkward, so to hold in the palm of miniature items seniors can be difficult.
    • Large keys and easy navigation key. Many large mobile phones for the elderly big buttons, but the joystick is a little. Such models seem comfortable at first glance. If you try to use them, they will certainly disappoint.
    • Display with large font. The phone’s screen when it does not have to be large. Importantly, all the inscriptions on it were clearly visible.
    • The loud sound. Many elderly people hear the bad, so the phone should be powerful enough speaker.
    • The presence of the SOS button. It’s designed to quickly alert someone that you’re close about the danger that threatens the owner of the phone, and to activate alarm.
    • Simple menu.
    • The presence of the Russian alphabet on the keys. Still, the previous generation are not used to Latin characters.

    Many older people, despite the existing stereotypes, quickly possess this feature of mobile phone like sending sms. Therefore, the website recommends that when selecting simple mobile phone for seniors to give preference to models from which to send messages.

    Most likely, practical, progressive grandmother or grandfather will be happy the phone which has a calculator and a flashlight.

    Best cell phone for elderly people: a review of models

    In the salons of cellular communication and electronics stores consultants usually suggest to choose a cell for the elderly person of these options:

    • Just5 CP11. The model is nice enough unit with the keys in bright colors. There’s a plus: the bright color of the device immediately catches the eye, so it is easier to find in the room, if it lies anywhere on the surface. The phone has a thermometer, have a flashlight, keys it’s got big font display large, there is a SOS button. In General, the model worthy. The only drawback of this phone is the fragility of the retractable screen mechanism. This mobile phone for elderly big button is a “cousin” with the antenna — Just5Brick. Under the “cousins” are very similar, and differ mainly in appearance. I must say, the first of these phones to users like it more than the last.
    • teXet TM-B111 – simple keypad mobile phone for seniors that it is characterized by simplicity of design and ease of use. It features an SOS button, calculator, alarm clock and flashlight, the screen has a clear, bell – loud. This shy guy comfortable large keys and a simple joystick, but most of its big plus is the price – about $ 20.
    • Philips Xenium X2301 is also considered a very convenient device for people of retirement age. In addition to a set of standard features – calculator, alarm clock, flashlight – the gadget has Bluetooth 2.0, the ability to use a second sim card and memory card. Phone Philips Xenium X2301 is also equipped with a camera. However, these extra features are rather complicate the process of using the device, than make it convenient.
    • Nokia H16 from other models of cell phones for seniors differs in that he is the SOS button is where the key usually is OK. In General, this device is convenient and simple, the letters and numbers on the keyboard are visible very well, looks very pretty, but the unfortunate location of the emergency call makes it not the best variant of the phone.
    • Fly Ezzy5 also refers to a very popular model. Its advantages include large buttons and big font on the display, the presence of a flashlight and a SOS button, great sound. However, according to the user navigation menu at the device is not the easiest. So this “babushkofon”, despite its cheapness, cannot be called a hit among gadgets for the elderly.

    • Voxtel VM30 – an indispensable phone for visually impaired people, because the keys have Braille. The advantages of the device will also include a separate button to activate the flashlight, a clear and concise menu. Picky users complain of uncomfortable case, and it is probably the only disadvantage of the gadget.
    • ONEXT Care-Phone 4 – a good option of mobile phone for a person of advanced age. Externally, the device is cute, his body easily fits in your hand, the menu navigation is clear. The main advantage of the device is the price. The disadvantages include the inconvenience of writing messages and lack of certain buttons to unlock the keys and activate the flashlight.

    This is not a complete list of “Babushkino” that you can find on sale. What phone for an elderly person it is better to choose – to solve to buyers. But in any case, this purchase will not be a waste of money.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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