How to choose a MOP, what are mops for home?

Today women’s site “” we’ll talk about how to choose a MOP. If earlier it was a wooden stick with crossbar, which clings to a rag, then today when choosing helpers for wet cleaning dazzled: rope, sponge, butterfly, steam – which MOP to choose for the home?

The word in translation from German means “sponge, which cling to the stick.” We’ll show you how to choose a MOP for the house that will clean floors better than others.

A brief overview

MOP has come a long way of development. Today the most popular are the following types:

  • Ordinary wooden MOP, let’s call it “Soviet”;
  • Sponge MOP with wringer;
  • Rope MOP or as it is called — “pasta”;
  • Professional MOP butterfly;
  • Steam MOP.

To choose a MOP for the floor which will perfectly cope with its functions, rate them according to these criteria:

  • The design of the MOP and its ease of use;
  • Head material (rags), which is used for floor washing;
  • Which surface can be washed this MOP;
  • The quality of cleaning in our view, the most important criterion in cleaning.

Wooden MOP

Despite the large choice of more modern designs, to write off old grandma’s MOP with the bills and we will not.

The design of traditional mops very simple wooden handle, and at the end of the strap, which throws the cloth for washing floors.

Wooden MOP cleans all surfaces, and cleaning will largely depend on the cloth that you will choose for cleaning floors. And, as they say in the reviews about the MOP, it is best to deal with it “old shirt of her husband” or old Terry towel. Can also be purchased in the departments of household chemistry, special cloth for the floor.

So laminate it is best to use a microfiber cloth – stains and excess moisture will not.

The shortcomings of traditional mops in that it is less maneuverable compared to some modern instances, also it does not always penetrate under tables and beds, and the pressing need of her hands, which is not like many Housewives. So many are looking for how to choose a MOP with a wringer.

Mops: rope and sponge

Mops are the most popular, as manufacturers have taken care of the chores, freeing them from the need to bend down and soak in the water hand to rinse the rag. But keep in mind that mops with wringer must be purchased separately special bucket.

Sponge MOP

The design is a telescopic (folding, retractable) handle, which is very convenient because you can adjust the height of the MOP; sponge attached at the bottom of the nozzle and mechanism-arm for the extraction of water.

In principle, the idea of mops is very good: dipped it into the water, simply on the spin and the sponge will squeeze. But as the reviews say about sponge mops, until the end of the water is not pressed is the first and second – before you start to wash the floor, MOP need 20 minutes to soak in a bucket of water to become soft.

Some suggest to hold a MOP constantly in the water, but this is absolutely not recommended in a wet environment and creates a favorable environment for breeding of pathogenic organisms.

Besides, the mechanism of extraction often fails. This MOP is very convenient for single use, to collect the spilled liquid on the floor. Also it is convenient to wash the linoleum and tiles in the bathroom, but to wash laminate and its use is not recommended – it is poorly pressed from moisture and dangerous laminate.

Rope MOP or a MOP with a vertical spin

The MOP consists of a handle, the end of which is attached to the head with ropes of cotton or polyester. Included with this MOP is definitely a bucket – that it is a basket for pressing. Before you wash the floors with a rope MOP, dip it into the water, then lowered into a basket for pressing excess water and rotating in a circle, overcome.

For those who are looking for how to choose a rope MOP, you should pay attention to the system of spin Spin and Go. This is a very handy feature, as the water begins to be wrung out by pressing a special pedal on the housing bucket basket rotates, the water with ropes pressed automatically.

Rope MOP will appeal to those who are looking for a mobile assistant – it easily gets into hard to reach places, but for those who are looking for how to choose a MOP for laminate, this option will not work.

As they say all the reviews about rope MOP, no matter how you tried, the nozzle with ropes remains quite wet, leaves a lot of divorces. In addition to these deficiencies, noted also that of the cotton ropes fray a lot of lint. Therefore, this MOP isn’t particularly great choice for cleaning.

MOP butterfly or professional MOP

Ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces considers professional MOP butterfly. Its price is high enough, but, spend 1 time, you will have a helpmate for many years.

MOP butterfly consists of universal telescopic handle and a working platform is mounted mops – MOP heads for cleaning floors. They can be of different composition – cotton, mixed fibre and microfibre. The last option is the best solution for those who are looking for how to choose a MOP for laminate.

Platform, which are attached to the MOP, rotates around its axis, so that the MOP easily gets into any hard to reach places, perfectly collects moisture and does not leave streaks on the floor.

Choosing the MOP butterfly, try not to get a fake. The cost of such assistants today would cost not less than 1500 rubles. The handle should be metal or plastic, but not plastic.

MOP can be equipped with a system of mechanical extraction platform folds up like a butterfly’s wings, and pressed. But as they say the reviews about the MOP-the butterflies, in the system of mechanical extraction is not necessary — mops (head area), of small size, they are easily removable, fast opolaskivaetsya and well wrung out hands.

The flaws in this MOP difficult to find, unlike that which washes, cleans and disinfects – so advertising promises. We are talking about this know-how of how steam MOP – how to choose a helpmate and whether it is necessary?

How to choose a steam MOP?

Female site not used to trust advertising, which suggests that the multi-purpose steam MOP 5 in 1 will greatly facilitate the cleaning in the house and perform many tasks:

  • Wash floors
  • Clean the sink
  • Cope with glasses
  • Hey, will you steam clothes
  • Clean carpets

We decided to find reviews of steam mops to understand, is it true what they say manufacturers of steam mops?

To our great surprise, we met often negative reviews on steam mops:

  • As promised the developers steam MOP X5, it will become my reliable assistant. What I note? Beautiful design, original idea, a long cord and, perhaps, everything. Very poorly washed and inconvenient for daily cleaning. Xenia.
  • I bought a MOP for 1300 UAH (4,000 rubles). Decided to give her a test drive. Scored in a container of water and walked across the floor. Like everything is perfect. But once dried, there were huge stains on the floor. Then decided to test it on the oily spot. Specifically dripped on the rug in sunflower oil and drain the MOP. The spot was not noticeable but to the touch the place was greasy. That is, the MOP only hid the spot but did not remove it. I tried to wash the window. Worn nozzle, as a scraper, drive on the glass, but clean no. The wiper is done much better. Also, the MOP didn’t clean the sink. In addition, it was very hard to keep on weight – it is heavy. In General, I would say it’s a good thing I took a MOP with a “probationary” period. After a week I returned it. Hope.
  • Wanted to wash hood from fat. Just smeared it across the surface. Les.
  • When you lift the MOP up, e.g. to clean the tile in the bathroom, the hot water flows through the hands! Light.
  • Don’t be fooled by the ads and positive reviews – they just paid for! For the money MOP can not cope with their functions. In addition, dangerous. Especially in a house where there are children. Steam is very hot. How can it be good for laminate flooring? Don’t understand! Katerina.

As you can see, the MOP – not just a wooden stick with a rag. It is a modern device which facilitates cleaning. How to choose a MOP for the house to decide, of course, you. We hope that our review will help you navigate and make the right choice.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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