How to choose a mural over the bed?

In the bedroom we forget about work and daily chores, dedicating themselves to rest and relaxation. If you want interesting and original way to decorate the room, use the Wallpaper over the bed.

About how to choose them properly, we want to tell you.

What is the Wallpaper?

Wallpapers come in paper, vinyl, fabric, cork, and even metal. They are made by printing the selected pattern on an appropriate basis. To date, the product created as a result of the use quality and proven technologies, and therefore able to please their owners not only durable but also vivid and juicy picture.

The mural above the bed — what to choose?

To date, the Wallpapers provided in specialized stores in a wide range. Just need a responsible approach to the selection of the optimal option for you.

  • If you want to hang the mural over the headboard, do not forget about the basic properties of warm and cold shades. Warm colors (red, orange, yellow) will add to the atmosphere. And here is a cool (blue, purple, green) will allow you to visually enlarge the size of the room.
  • Will look great 3D mural over the bed if the bedroom is large. But in a compact room it is better to give preference to other images, because the 3D picture visually will make the room even smaller.
  • If you want the Wallpaper looked harmoniously, when you select a note on the General tone of your bedroom, including the colors of furniture and walls. For example, blue Wallpaper will look great in the bedroom sand color. The image of the green colors will become a highlight of white space. But in the bright bedroom it’s better to hang photo Wallpapers in pastel shades.

Which picture to choose?

When choosing the subject of the mural proceed solely on their own preferences. Also, what do you see your bedroom.

  • If you want to the bedroom was the perfect place for rest and recuperation, then pay attention to the images of nature — meadows, waterfalls, parks.
  • Special refinement can give the room if buy Wallpapers flowers in the bedroom above the bed. They will fill the room with bright colors.
  • Intellectual life in the bedroom will bring the Wallpaper on urban themes. Eventually they will cease to attract attention, but you in this room will always be calm and comfortable.
  • Wallpapers with geometric pattern will perfectly fit into any interior and will visually increase the size of a small bedroom. Properly selected, they can become a real decoration for this room.
  • But the mural over the children’s bed can be almost any, including pictures of cars, cartoon characters, famous musicians. Most importantly, these images really liked your child.

A couple of practical tips

At the time of purchase and stick photo Wallpaper female site recommends that you follow these rules:

  • If you glue the Wallpaper in the bedroom above the bed, try not to make this wall, no other furniture except bedside tables). Otherwise the relevant part of the room will look cluttered and untidy.
  • Photo Wallpapers — it is a wall covering that requires a well thought out lighting. So only the corresponding image will attract only positive attention. For example, the mural with the prospect will look even better if you provide additional ceiling lighting directly above them.
  • If you fear that the same picture above the bed in your bedroom will soon become boring, it makes sense to spend a little more and purchase eventually led Wallpaper. They are unique in that you press only one button will be able to change your boring image with a new one.

Mural is a unique wall covering which opens up new and interesting possibilities for the decoration of the bedroom. Hanging them over your bed, you will sleep and Wake up always in a good mood. However, related to the selection of the wall photos properly so they fit perfectly in your bedroom and isn’t boring you too quickly.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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