How to choose a pedometer?

Women’s website “” today will help you to choose a pedometer – a very useful device for those who want to lose weight or just watching their health. This device not only counts how many steps you walk during the walk, but also helps control calories, and effectively motivates to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

We will explain how this device works, what it is, and how to choose the most accurate and convenient device.

How does a pedometer?

A pedometer measures the distance the man distance calculated in steps. For higher accuracy you need to measure your normal pitch (the length from the heel to the heel) and put the calculations in the device.

Before the pedometer was widely used by fans of a healthy lifestyle, instrument – based, then still on a mechanical principle of operation – used by professional athletes.

In modern devices use the sensor accelerometer, the accuracy of which depends greatly on how well a docked device.

Pedometer: how to choose?

The most popular model of pedometer made in the form of a bracelet or wrist watches. Such a device can be worn all day without fear of losing.

Experts estimate the precision of such a device as a medium, especially if the person tends to gesticulate intensely. In this case, it is recommended to wear the pedometer at the arm (on the left if you’re right handed and Vice versa).

The bracelet also need to carefully wash their hands, as electronics can fail. The same thing can happen when the intense perspiration in the summer.

Although today there are models with silicone straps are also hypoallergenic. If you decide to choose walking pedometer, attached to your wrist, make sure he was slamming with a solid lid to while walking not to hit buttons or sensor.

Set of additional functions

The main objective of any pedometer is to count the number of steps you passed. But many modern devices have many additional and not very useful options:

  • Heart rate monitor – helps to correct load and not to harm your health, will give a signal if during an active walk it is necessary to reset the tempo. However, the Internet forums on the subject, how to choose a pedometer, the user reviews say that this option is only useful for those who have heart problems.
  • Counting calories expended is probably the most useful feature that goes well with the pedometer. However, any device counts only the estimated amount of burned calories, so it produces averaged calculations.
  • GPS – built-in browser will allow you to adjust your route by using maps to estimate distances, plan the duration of the walk.
  • The ability to connect to the computer – for those who are engaged in their health seriously. Feature allows you to build graphs and tables. If you love to compete, want to choose electronic pedometer, for example, with wi-fi. It syncs with different accounts, telling your friends about your success, and well-motivated ?
  • Vibration – this function will be needed if you plan to go for a walk on a flat paved path, and along the shore or an inclined plane. In this case, the accuracy of the device will be higher.
  • Pedometers-clip: how to choose?

    Portable device that fits on the waist shows the most accurate results. In principle, the device can be easily carried in a pocket or bag, but in this case, the error performance will be very high.

    That testimony was the most accurate, it is best to attach a pedometer on your belt, front pocket or even underwear. It is important that the device was located on one line with the front part of the thigh.

    A “niche” pedometers attached to the Shoe or even the sole and show the precise number of pairs of steps. recommends that you choose a device with a normal USB connector for charging from computer or tablet, earlier models of pedometers had a “native” wiring, which was not very convenient.

    If you go upstairs, then choose the device with the function of counting the passed flights of stairs.

    If you’re not sure which pedometer to choose from, experiment with special apps for your smartphone. So you will be able to understand whether or not to spend money on a separate device. Pedometers-the program usually “stuffed” with all sorts of additional options, so their accuracy is below average. Choose the most simple application.

    In addition, the constantly running program will significantly reduce the “life” of the battery of the gadget.

    Useful tips

    The main thing – to choose the best pedometer with high accuracy. The most appropriate will also be the model, which automatically starts counting steps at the moment when you start to move. This will save you from manually start the device every time you want to monitor their activity.

    The automatic shut-off device in the event of a period of inactivity is also useful.

    Before using the device, check it for accuracy: get a certain number of steps and compare with the performance of the device.

    • When I decided to choose and buy a pedometer, I was horrified by how little I go. We live in a private house, use a car. Now I take the child from school and go shopping on foot, and if “not get” the required number of steps, we will go for a walk after dinner. I have a stylish bracelet with feature heart rate monitor, which I still almost never use it. Irina, web designer, freelancer
    • To make the desired number of steps per day, I decided to choose a pedometer without any extra functions. Used to be in my smartphone was a special fitness app, but it was incredibly difficult, and voice prompts male voice, like, “come on!” frightened me and others ? I attach the pedometer to the belt, it won’t show under clothes, he turns on whenever I start to go and fall asleep when I sit on a couple. Alina, student

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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