How to choose a short haircut type of person?

If you are a fan of short hair, but I doubt whether you fit a particular haircut, the website “” ready to help you figure it out.

Indeed, the short hair has a number of advantages:

  • With a good haircut hairstyle always looks neat, and the time and effort spent on styling a bit.
  • You can change the image as often as you want, as soon as the hair grows back (and if you have short hair it becomes noticeable pretty quickly).
  • Short hair is easier to care and maintain their beauty and healthy appearance.

But to choose a hairstyle for shorter not always easy: she should perfectly blend with your personality to fit the character and just like you!

Short haircuts!

The main criterion in choosing a hairstyle is not without reason considered to be the type of person, and it is clear: framing the face, hair, laid, or trimmed in one way or another, either successfully emphasize its strengths and correct the weaknesses, or they spoil all the impression from the image. As I want to avoid, especially if you decide to get a haircut shortly, and that means opportunities for a variety of styling you will have less.

Oval face type

Oval face

Oval face shape is considered ideal to choose a hairstyle its owner is not a problem. It is believed that an oval face will suit all: and bangs of any shape, and the lack of it.

The only limitation is the bangs oval-shaped: it is able to play with the owner of this type face a cruel joke and make it a flawless shape too stretched.

In short, short hair for face type “perfect oval” can be selected only in accordance with the characteristics of the shape and the structure of the hair, but this will be discussed below.

A round face type

Round face

Chubby ladies should choose a hairstyle with a voluminous top and a small amount of hair on the sides. A little “pull” a round face will help layered haircuts or thin elongated side strands to frame the face.

Good for a round face and options such as asymmetrical Bob, side-swept bangs, the hair laid on one side.

Ideal for round face shape haircuts are considered on the basis of “quads.” Supershort and smoothly slicked back hairstyles the winner of the round face will not go.

Square face

If you have a square face, the selection of the cut will be similar to the previous one. You will also go short haircut that lengthens the face, and it costs an additional task: to soften the jaw line. This will help to make curls or soft strands falling from the crown to the chin.

The head also should make fluffy and voluminous.

Voluminous, asymmetrical haircut or side-swept bangs will also be a good option, but from the thick long bangs, slicked back hair or the open ears should be abandoned.

The main principle of the selection of haircuts with a square face shape – the volume and length of the side strands to the chin.

Square face type

Triangular face

If you have a triangular face, give up everything that is able to make the upper part of the face is even broader, i.e., from the lush top and too thick bangs.

You will approach a short haircut brings volume to the face in the lower part. It can be strands, arranged in the direction from the face.

In General, the choice of short haircuts for triangular face – not the best option, better to stay on the medium length hair.

Rectangular face

Rectangular face shape is not as common, but it can also be corrected with haircuts. For example, quite short, thick bangs will help shorten the face a bit shorter. The bottom line of the face can be mitigated with the help of face framing strands.

It will not hurt and the extra volume in the ears. Remember, short haircut for square face must not open your ears.

All the above requirements and short hair for oval faces oval-shaped, with the reservation that the lower jaw line is not in need of correction. Consequently, mowing may be a little shorter than to his chin.

Triangular face type

But keep in mind your face shape to create the perfect image, of course, is not enough.

Female site will tell and about other important criteria, which allow surgeons to choose a hairstyle for short hair.

Make a haircut depending on physique

Choosing a short cut, consider the features of your figure.

Of course, short hairstyles will go brittle and slender girls, but the ladies with appetizing forms need to be cautious. Too little head, other significant advantages of the figure looks disproportionate.

But this does not mean that “pyshechka” have to give up haircuts. You just need to choose the longer version to help keep the harmony of the image.

In addition, haircuts for full faces with fuzzy oval should not be too short. Try to look objectively at your appearance: how elastic your cheeks, not there has been a “second chin.”

Perhaps you should choose a hairstyle with soft curls at least to the chin. Better yet, opt for a medium length hairstyle.

Short haircut Tracy stern, model plus size

Rate the structure of the hair

Before you choose a short cut, evaluate the structure of your hair. This hairstyle is perfect for thick and tough hairs: in this case it holds its shape well, is easy to lay.

Can only once a month and a half to adjust the length of the haircuts, not allowing it to grow. In this case, you can try a variety of options, from extremely short to quite long.

And the owners of thin hair it is better to abandon too short haircuts.

If the hair does not differ in density, but still have a light tint, you risk visually is to “lose” the hair on the head. This option is suitable except that a very young and fragile girls, giving them a special charm and poignancy of the insecurity. Other ladies it is better to create thin light hair extra volume by using styling products and not to cut my hair radically short.

Whether it is necessary to take into account the age

As such, age is not a restriction for short cuts.

On the contrary, properly chosen short hair based on the type of the person and characteristics of the person capable to make a lady younger and refreshing look. But then you need to take into account the condition of the skin. The cunning short cuts is that they mercilessly expose all the shortcomings, which, alas, may appear with the age: first of all, a fuzzy face contour as well as loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles appeared.

If the person “women for…” is devoid of those pesky signs of age and kept almost youthful smartness and freshness, short haircut only decorate it.

Short haircut sleek and slender actress Anne Hathaway

How to choose a short haircut clothing style

Mistaken are those who think that short haircut only conveys a sporty style in clothes. On the contrary, you can create amazing romantic, classical, avant-garde images, while having short and very short hair.

The only type of women that you should refrain from short cuts are ladies who prefer to wear clothes from the male wardrobe: they may even deny his aura of femininity.

If you prefer men’s clothes, hairstyle is to choose an expressively feminine, for example, with curls, if I have such a short haircut to your face type fit. Suffice it to recall the captivating image of Marlene Dietrich, who had done so.

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