How to choose a sport for your child?

It is no secret that sports are for a child – a chance to grow not only strong and healthy, but also clever and comprehensively developed person. And I don’t think it is necessary to explain that by engaging in the various sections, the child finds not only an interesting hobby, but also true friends!

But what sport can captivate your child what will be most appropriate? Female site made you a hint: focus on the child’s temperament!

The temperament of the child and sport

The temperament of the child to determine quite just better to watch him closely. And many of you look not need – you do know your child by heart. Nevertheless, the basics to remind you not hurt ?


A child-melancholic is easy to learn: this is perhaps the most unsportsmanlike temperament of the four. The melancholic does not like any change with difficulty adapts to them. Plays the same games, but deeply studying them.

The base margin of confidence in yourself and in the world, he accumulates with difficulty, so the child-melancholic clings to the mother until the last. He had a long “swinging” and quickly gets tired, cries a lot.

Grown melancholic may become quite an active person but the changes he still doesn’t like. Maybe that’s why sports melancholic rarely do, especially active.

What sports are suitable for a child-melancholic?

But to pick up the sport is possible even for the melancholic ? a Man with such a temperament – even-tempered and sober. He like anyone else will fit the sports in which you need to aim: shooting and discus throwing.

Child-melancholic may be very much like dancing – it’s a great chance to Express yourself.

Good melancholic with animals, so horse riding will fit like nothing else. Well, if all of the above is unacceptable to you, you may give a melancholic cute puppy: the dog will walk your child ?

The Child-Choleric

Hot-headed – unbalanced, but strong temperament. He quickly lights up also cools down quickly, a routine he was very bored. Often irritable.

Child hot-headed all right. He is doing something, somewhere to go, anything long time does, everyone scatters, and disputes with children prefer to solve with his fists.

What sports are suitable for a child-choleric?

For the hot-headed sport is simply necessary: he like anyone else needs to do something with his boundless energy! However, he needed to find and control, so the obligatory wise mentor – coach. The choice of coach should be approached carefully.

Children choleric gravitate to a team, energetic and aggressive sports. Football, hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, Boxing and so on – all of this for him.


Strong, balanced, calm – that is the characteristic of the phlegmatic temperament.

Child-phlegmatic is very comfortable the baby: he sleeps well, eats well, is economic, reasonable.

However, it is quite slow and “on the fly” knowledge does not grasp. He needs time to learn, but if it is something you learn, then the conscience. To rush it is not necessary, as the person may lose self-confidence.

What sports are suitable for a child-phlegmatic?

Phlegmatic attract intellectual sports: Billiards, Golf, checkers, chess – here they can Express themselves through combinations of moves and hoping the force of impact.

Another quality phlegmatic – endurance – will serve them in good stead if they will do Jogging, inline skating, skiing, Cycling, skateboarding, swimming and so on.

A note on martial arts: they are slow, full of philosophy – in General, children phlegmatic they fit like nothing else.

The Child-Sanguine

Sanguine – balanced and calm temperament. Children-the sanguine – is quite mobile, easily come into contact with other children. Distinguishing feature: the sanguine talkative.

What sports are suitable for a child-sanguine?

Children sanguine- quick response, so they can do any kind of sports. Children are very curious, they are interesting and therefore can involve any sport. But the greatest heights they reach after all, in team sports, as quickly find a common language with the team members.

Advice from

  • Enlighten child what kind of clubs and sports are. Find out what is near your home, and what’s interesting is generally available in your city. Perhaps you will find something extraordinary and very interesting! And your story about what sport can easily captivate the child.
  • Most importantly – do not force, do not break, do not force the child. Classes under duress of effect will not give. Moreover, they can cause injury, and you need it? Let the child gets from sports fun!
  • If the child chooses a sport, not suited to his temperament – that’s okay! Suddenly he really succeed?
  • Before the child will choose some “own” sport, can take a long time. Let him study a little of this, little of that – give him the freedom of choice!
  • Don’t follow the sporting achievements of the child. Remember that he goes in for sports, to improve health and find friends. All else is secondary.

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