How to choose a suitable SPF 30: reviews

Women’s website “” represents to its loyal readers the latest information on sunscreens. In this review we consider information concerning the funds with spf 30: reviews about the most popular brands, some of the recommendations for their use and their prices.

General rules for choosing a sunscreen spf you can remember, read the dedicated article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

As practice shows, the majority of contemporary ladies prefer to buy sunscreen brands.

GARNIER Ambre Solaire spf 30: reviews

It is a common sunscreen has a very reasonable price – about 360 rubles. On the package of cream contains information about what the facility has a melting non-sticky texture.

In addition, the manufacturer declares that the product superbly protects against the appearance of age spots and wrinkles that cause aggressive sun rays.

Those who have tried Ambre Soler, unanimously confirmed the high ability of the funds to protect the skin.

One of the main advantages of the cream can also be called its hypoallergenic: it does not cause irritation even for my skin.

Tools GARNIER Ambre Solaire spf 30

According to reviews, the texture is really non-sticky. However, there is this money and minus. When applied to the skin it forms a thin film that causes little discomfort. Therefore, the vehicle must be washed immediately upon returning home.

Sunscreen CLINIQUE spf 30: only positive reviews

Company Clinics has earned a reputation for very high quality and expensive cosmetics.

Sunscreen of this brand costs around 1500 rubles. It contains no fat, has a light texture, according to the manufacturer, can be used even for very sensitive skin.

In their reviews of this cream users note the lack of any noticeable smell.

The advantages of a sunscreen of spf 30 Clinics the authors of the reviews also include its texture, does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe, despite the fairly high density. Another advantage of the cream you can call it the ability to moisturize the skin. After application the skin becomes more luster, so the tool can be used as a makeup base.

Cream Clinique spf 30

NIVEA sunscreen spf 30: some reviews

For those who like the cosmetics of the German company Nivea, might have to taste and sunscreen of this brand with spf 30. According to reviews, the cream is NIVEA SUN spf 30 there are some basic advantages:

  • Great protection against tanning and sunburn. After applying the cream the skin will remain bright even after prolonged exposure in the scorching southern sun.
  • Price. A bottle dispenser with a volume of 200 ml will cost about 260 rubles.
  • The ease of use. Since the bottle has a special shape and feature a dispenser, use it very easily.
  • Water resistance. The manufacturer claims that after bathing to renew the layer of cream on the skin is optional. Fully wash it off only with soap or shower gel.

Means NIVEA SUN spf 30

Have cream NIVEA SUN spf 30 and some disadvantages.

  • Reviews say that the remedy prevent sunburn. For those who want to purchase on the beach bronze shade of skin, site recommends a lotion of the same company and the same series under the promising title “a Light touch”.
  • The cream is absorbed fairly quickly, but leaves skin a noticeable Shine, so to look natural with him will not work.
  • The cap fits the bottle tightly, causing the cream can leak.
  • The cream is unlikely to cause the approval of lovers of natural resources.

Sun Lancaster Sun cream spf 30: reviews

The cosmetics of this company belongs to the elite category and worth a lot. Sunscreen company Lancaster costs about 2,500 rubles. Such a considerable price is quite a significant drawback of the cream.

Another drawback of the Lancaster Sun cream spf 30 – its composition, containing many allergens.

Besides, when applying the tool provides a moisturizing effect, which is not very good in the heat, because it makes the face even more brilliant. But, according to fans of the cosmetics of this company, to eliminate this effect it is enough to gently blot the face dry with a napkin and a little makeup for the skin.

Sun protection Lancaster Sun spf 30

Of course, this cream has many advantages.

  • Light texture which, in contact with skin, gives her a pleasant feeling of moisture and freshness.
  • Reliable protection from sunburn.
  • Different caring herbal oils and extracts included in the cream.
  • Anti-aging effect.
  • Convenient packaging with dispenser.
  • The possibility of using it instead of the primary skin care products in the summer.

Milk and cream L’oreal Sun spf 30 user reviews

Most of the users on jelly L’oreal Sublime Sun speak only positively, among its disadvantages referring just to the price component of about 600 rubles.

L’oreal Sublime Sun is a good lotion with a light texture that is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy Shine. Especially like the milk lovers of fruit flavors, because it has a pleasant natural peach smell.

About L’oreal Sun cream spf 30 reviews often negative. Some users remain unhappy with its oily texture and unreliability in terms of protection from sunburn.

At the same time cream like many owners of Mature skin and those concerned about age spots, which means quite effectively lightens.

Means L’oreal Sublime Sun spf 30

Sunscreen Vichy Capital soleil spf 30: review of reviews

This tool is not affordable for all residents of our country, especially when you consider that it is only a Supplement to the primary care day cream. A tube of this cream will cost about 840 rubles.

Cream Vichy reviews characterize as a reliable, easy-to-use tool. The only question is whether to pay that kind of money for a cream that has a much cheaper and not inferior to him in quality counterparts.

Funds Vichy Capital soleil spf 30

Of course, what to choose the cream for the brave walking under the bright sun, each woman decides for herself. But the reviews on the spf 30 creams discussed in this article will surely give a good tip many ladies who have not yet found a suitable option.

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