How to choose a tattoo

Tattoo is a popular way to decorate your body. But before you expose the skin under the needle master tattoo artist, it is good to think about what pattern to apply – in fact admire you a lifetime!

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How to choose a picture for a tattoo?

Of course, there are times when the desire to get a tattoo associated with a particular image, symbol, or label. For example, a mother may want to tattoo the name of your child, a patriot could wish a tattoo with the symbols of their country, etc.

But how to choose a picture for a tattoo, if specific ideas are not, and just want a nice picture?

Start by browsing catalogs and works of tattoo artists.

You will determine what styles of tattoos there are and how they look on the skin. Decide whether you want only a unique tattoo, or you would suit a non-unique version from a catalog. A good master “with the name” do not reproduce other people’s sketches and draw their own, and each sketch is applied only to a single customer, not to be several people with the same tattoos.

Google, what the masters are working in your city, view photos of their work (and sketches and finished tattoo on clients) – you will be able to see the artistic style of each artist, his own handwriting in the tattoo art. At your request, the wizard will certainly show you more loose sketches, which can take place on your skin, and tell you what tattoo to choose the girl.

There are different styles of tattoos – choosing any, it is desirable to focus not only on the immediate aesthetic appeal, but also on the compatibility of the style tattoo with your usual style of clothes (if the pattern is visible under clothes, body parts).

Another tip on how to choose a tattoo look not only sketches on a white background, but this figure (or figures, similar in style and colors) already on the human body. Human skin is not white, and dyes for tattoos is not the same color-the art materials, which made the sketch.

Perhaps the most beautiful drawing on paper will look dull on the skin or something weird, and you refuse the tattoo.

Try to look at a pleasing image on the body is not only near, but afar off – as it would be readable, does the surface of associations with a bruise, a scratch or some other defect on your skin? This is especially true of tattoos in the “watercolor” technique.

How to choose a tattoo with meaning?

It is quite natural that many people want to invest in “eternal jewel” to your skin some sort of sense. But it is important to be very careful not to be mistaken with the symbolism.

Many symbols and signs have different interpretation in different countries, cultures, subcultures or religions). We need to raise all the information about the selected symbol – what it means that could indicate early.

This applies not only to graphic symbols (for example, runes, crosses, etc.), but also images of animals and plants – indeed, in most cultures, every animal and plant is symbolically endowed with some qualities (e.g., the elephant and the serpent – symbols of wisdom, etc.). And sometimes this symbolism in different cultures was quite the opposite – that is, one nation animal gave positive qualities and the other negative. You should know all versions to those who can see your tattoo, did not appear interpretation that you do not mean.

There are a number of drawings, which is designed for what makes them thus reports some information about yourself. This applies to the prison (camp) “tattoos” — make them prisoners voluntarily, or “tattoo” can do forcibly to mark “lowered”.

The difficulty is that a prison tattoo to the uninitiated, people look quite harmless and even attractive, but are completely unexpected hidden meaning – for example, a picture of roses with thorns for girlfriend means that this girl is a lesbian.

Unfortunately, the prevalence in our country, prison tattoo reflected in the “secular” tattoos in some tattoo parlors in the directory are drawings with the “camp” logo, but a bad master you will not tell about it.

So before you choose a tattoo, look for his possible prison value.

Of course, tastes differ, but still the website would caution you against tattoos with images of any characters, movie characters, celebrities , etc. – the interests change, the glory of the stars fades, and through the years you’ll regret that wear a picture of a character that already has quite indifferent.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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