How to choose a toilet?

Very few people like to deal with such unpleasant matters as cleaning the toilet, but without it can not do. It is very important that a toilet you use, didn’t take you longer than it should have.

So today on the women’s website “” we’ll show you how to choose the best product for cleaning the toilet, and will also introduce you with reviews about tools for the toilet, so you can choose not only the well-publicized and effective and beneficial tool among those presented on the shelves of household chemicals.

Means for toilets

All toilets can be divided into a special, universal and preventative. They are available in different forms: in the form of a gel, liquid, powder, cream and special blocks.

Special and universal tools

  • In the form of gel is the most popular and widely used texture, which many prefer. Due to special cover, the gel is well applied under the rim of the toilet bowl, evenly and slowly flows down the walls. It is important that the bottle is equipped with a special cover, which helps avoid contact with the skin.
  • Detergent liquid detergent for cleaning the toilet. The functions of this tool are identical to those that come in gel form, but due to the fact that they have no such consistency, they lose in efficiency of use. They quickly spread across the smooth surface of the wall of the bowl, so they cannot be called economically viable.
  • Cleaning products in the form of dry powder. The most accessible tool for cleaning the bowl, which has its disadvantages. The efficiency is achieved not only by the action of the abrasive composite components but also by our efforts that we make, carefully scrubbing the walls of the toilet. The lack of scouring powders is that they damage and scratch the wall of the toilet.
  • Cream. The name “cream” is associated with something soft and delicate, so cleaning toilets in the form of creams provide a delicate care. Their composition is identical with all cleaning agents, the effectiveness depends on the manufacturer that produces it.

Focusing on consistency preferred gel or cream – there advantages are obvious.

Prophylactic agent for toilets

Means in the form of suspension blocks, beads, stickers and products that are added to the tank of the toilet (stones, tablets, magnetic rings, and other similar forms) are not used to cleaning toilets. Their goal is only to maintain cleanliness and give freshness. Reviews of preventive care toilet you can find different.

  • Tablets to the tank

Good reviews are about the pills that are added to the tank for rinsing. Although many say that after their use the walls of the tank have a blue or green waterproof strip is a significant drawback. But mostly the pills praise.

  • Stickers

Also praise stickers with dispenser. Quite a new tool. With the help of special sticks-dispenser means is mounted on the side of the toilet bowl and is valid at each flushing. One portion is enough for a week or more.

  • Balls

The negative reviews are about hanging the bulbs Braff 4 in 1. Good idea – foam, anti dirt, odor and disinfection. But as they say the feedback about the bulbs for the toilet, the smell is almost not heard over the balls quickly. Moreover, if some balls are still almost intact, others have already disappeared. So unprofitable.

  • Replaceable blocks

Of interchangeable blocks Braff and Domestos too reviews are different. In General, for prevention they fit.

  • Magnetic ring

The latest novelty – a magnetic ring for cleaning the toilet, which rushes into the tank. Magnet softens the water, of salt, of which lime is formed, changing their structure and not caught on the toilet and are washed away with it. Expensive – about 400 rubles, but they say that is beneficial.

Composition of special and universal tools

The composition is almost identical to all drugs: surfactants, acid or alkali, chlorine – key components.

  • Surfactants – surfactants, which break down pollution. They are all chemical means;
  • Acid. Is added to enhance the action of surfactants. Acid cope with rust and limescale. We allocated the funds, ranging from less aggressive – BREF (formic acid), Sarma (oxalic acid), of Course (phosphoric), sanitary Gel (mixture of acids), Toilet duck (hydrochloric acid), Sillet (hydrochloric acid).
  • Alkali – dissolve fats, that is, eliminate organic sewage when the toilet clogged. They are less effective for cleaning toilets of lime and rust. Most popular alkaline product for cleaning the toilet – Domestos. Its contact with the skin of the hands is less dangerous than getting on hands acidic medium.
  • Chlorine used as a disinfecting agent. However, it has an unpleasant smell, therefore, in funds for toilets added fragrances.

What should “be able to” cleaning the toilet?

Just note that all the tools that you can clean the toilet bowl, can be used only for this purpose, for example, Toilet duck, CIF cream cleaner, Bref, or to be universal, that is, they can clean not only the toilet, but the tub, sink, water taps, ceramic tile. These include Gel sanitary, Universal Comet 7 days of purity, Sarma, Santry, Gel WC 5+ , of Course, Domestos etc.

Choosing the best toilet bleach, define the scope of work that should it run and note what funds, according to an independent testing laboratory of household chemicals under the SIC “Bytkhim” deal with it better.

  • Funds should remove the limescale, which forms from salts contained in the water used for rinsing. Best in laboratory testing has shown himself Sellit is the most effective means for cleaning the bowl of lime; coped well with limescale Toilet duck Gel sanitary and Braff; not under the power of limescale was such a tool like Sarma.
  • The tool to deal with rust. The best remedy for the rust to the toilet on the test results — Cillit slightly worse running Toilet duck Gel and sanitary. Has not coped with this task Domestos and Braff.
  • Clean away surface dirt and to disinfect. With this task, due to the alkaline or acidic composition, all doing great.
  • To deal with an unpleasant odor. In this aspect, too, all the tested tools were well-cleaned smell. But the unpleasant smell of chlorine from the Device is stored for longer time than other means.
  • Justified the price?

    If you focus on the price, the conclusions are such:

    • Effectively cope with all the tasks expensive means CIF cream cleaner and Toilet duck. Braff does not justify its price.
    • Cheap products (sanitary Gel, Gel WC 5+, Allgood, Santry) do an excellent job with all tasks.
    • Funds average category price (Domestos, of Course) proved to be less effective than cheap and expensive – that’s a paradox.

    Means of clogging the toilet

    To clean the toilet from clogging, when it’s clogged and the water does not pass, you can use special tools, or use chemical means.

    • If you know that the clog has arisen due to falling in the toilet foreign object, for example, cloth for washing floors, it is possible to use special tools. In this case, can help the plunger (if it is not on hand, can cut a plastic bottle and cut the end to try to work him like a plunger), the brush and plumbing snake and similar devices that have a mechanical effect on the clog.
    • If the toilet is clogged not much, you can try to cope with this problem a bucket of boiling water, which should dramatically pour into the toilet. As the reviews show, this method is not the most effective.
    • To cope with a small clog, you can use baking soda. Enough to pour half a pack and wait for some time. Lye, which is, in part, should dissolve the blockage.
    • In case of serious problems it is better to use a more aggressive alkaline detergent that can be found on the shelves of household chemicals is the Mole, Plop, Anti-contamination, etc.

    If these methods do not help, then recommend to call the plumber and not to waste their strength and nerves.

    Thus, if you carefully study reviews about the funds for the toilet, as well as the results of independent experts, we can identify such leaders: Cillit Toilet duck Gel and sanitary. Note that the latter means is several times cheaper other favorites, but copes with limescale and rust the ideal. The most feeble of all means can be called Domestos.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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