How to choose a watch to a particular style of clothing?

Most of us have an extensive collection of all sorts of barrettes, earrings, bracelets and pendant, which can complement any image. But watch is the accessory that is most likely to exist in the Arsenal of fashionistas in a single copy, and is worn almost daily! So you should think abouthow to choose a watch that would be appropriate in style to most of your wardrobe. This – this article on the website

How to choose a watch on the figure and the shape of hands?

Before you decide what you’re going to wear the watch, we need to decide which watch is right for you? The difference here, as the choice of the bracelet (what we wrote), has the form of a hand – length of fingers, width of the wrist and your General complexion.

Girls with long arms, narrow hands and long fingers can wear both narrow and wide watch, with big dial. But it is not recommended a wide strap and big dial (even with a slim figure and narrow wrists) in that case, if you have not very long fingers – massive watch will visually shorten the hand even more and will look disproportionate to its owner.

With full hands and wrists opposite you have to be careful with thin straps hours – it is better to choose wide watch!

If, however, like thin bracelets, “” recommends to look for watches with additional decorative straps or chains in addition to which is attached the dial – this model came into Vogue in the last few seasons.

Which watch to choose for business attire?

To the office dress code is best to choose a classic watchbracelet made of metal (not of precious and without stones and rhinestones!).

Also the classic model of women’s business hours, on a leather strap with metal inserts and rim of the dial. These watches usually go well with any office wear, if you choose a calm neutral colour of the strap. In addition to business style, this watch is as good as in the “preppy”style.

Mind you, what about the business man is often judged by the accessories, including hourly – if you want to impress successful and knowing to itself the price of a business woman, don’t buy cheap “mass consumption” of the watch, even if they look good – fork at least once on a good, albeit modest, model famous brand!

Watch to the clothes in casual style

The less strict and more varied clothing for everyday life, promenades , etc. (so usually position the casual style) will fit many watch models, and not necessarily very expensive!

To watch did not look too clumsy, stick to the rules – the more complex and unusual the design, the more modest colors, and on the contrary – a simple leather strap with a small round dial will look fundamentally different, stylish and youth, in bright color – orange, red, purple…

To be on the crest of a wave of fashion trends, look to the watch with additional straps, chains or strap in a few turns – this model creates the illusion of a clock and the bracelet worn at the same time! It is also interesting look of the watch, the strap of which is attached some kind of pendant or other decorative elements, in addition to the dial.

Watch for dressy clothes, dress

Classic evening dress code hours actually does not involve. Long evening and especially ball gowns with a clock not combined.

But there’s no rule that there would be exceptions – especially if we are talking about modern fashion trends!

Many fashion houses and manufacturers hours of release, such models of hours, which can be worn instead of the precious bracelet is wide and narrow, made of precious metals, diamonds and other stones…

If you can afford real precious hours of highly elegant design, you can afford a small outrageous trick and wear them with your evening dress!

But if we are talking about the event with a cocktail dress code, the watch and does not be bad manners – especially when the so-called “formal cocktail”, where the basis is still more strict and business style dresses and accessories. Large and very expensive watches with stones here, perhaps, inappropriate – fit sleek, narrow metal bracelet watch, gold. Simple models on leather strap in this case it is better to leave on a weekday.

Now you know how to choose a watch appropriate in a particular case!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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