How to choose an electric cooktop?

Earlier on the website “” we understood the features of a gas cooking surface, today we will tell about the criteria of selection of electric cooktop – what to choose.

Selection criteria

Select electric cooktop is not difficult, if you know what you need to pay attention to when buying.

  • It is important to decide how to choose an electric cooktop: enameled surface, ceramic glass or stainless steel.
  • Choose the type of heating burners.
  • For those interested in which electric cooktop to choose, I advise you to read reviews and recommendations from those who are already using a particular model home.

The types of burners and material of the hob

The panel surface on which are arranged the burners may be enameled, stainless steel and ceramic. Each of the panels has advantages in operation and negative points.

Electric enameled cooking surface

Budget option – enameled bar with cast iron or spiral plates. This traditional burners, which are on top of the cooking enamel surface. These electric cooktops to choose which is now at an affordable price, have a number of positive points:

  • Enamel has established itself as a durable and practical coating material;
  • Colors hobs with enamel surface allows the buyer to choose a panel that will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen;
  • Electronic cooktops with conventional burners-pancakes or spirals are easy to care for — if the burner fails, it is easy to change.

But there are some drawbacks:

  • Enamel is difficult to clean away droplets and fat and careless care of the cooktop can be scratched the surface.
  • Hob with exposed panel over the burners for a long time to heat up and slowly cool down.
  • They are unsafe.

Stainless steel

Instead of enamel for surface coating manufacturers can use stainless steel. This option is also convenient and practical. To clean such a surface is better and easier than enamel, but keep in mind that suitable for cleaning all facilities and only gentle.

  • This panel looks more modern than a panel of enamel.
  • On the other hand, in stainless steel there is no choice of colors.

A stop your choice on the hob of stainless steel. Looks like this version of modern, and to care for such a panel is easy.

Ceramic glass surface

Hob glass ceramic is not only the coating material, and location of burners – they are always hidden beneath the surface and do not protrude above the panel.

  • The main advantage of electric cooking panel with glass-ceramic — plates heat and cool faster than traditional options;
  • Besides, the heat is distributed evenly across the surface.

The nuances in care:

  • These cooktops are more demanding to care for. Do not RUB the surface by means of abrasive substances, to avoid scratching the panel;
  • On the surface of the glass ceramics may be visible from finger prints and streaks from water that looks ugly.
  • If you read reviews of electric cooktops ceramic, it is possible to draw attention to the fact that the scratches on this plate can stay even from the scattered sugar.

This option panel electric the most popular today among consumers.

Induction hobs

For those who are looking for how to choose the best electric cooking panel, you should pay attention when choosing on an induction surface.

  • Heats only the dishes, put on the hot plate, its surface remains cool.

How these burners? On the surface of the panel is a copper coil. If to put on it the dishes, the bottom of which is magnetized (you can check an ordinary magnet), the magnetic field will pass through it and heat capacity.

The walls of the cookware and the cooking plate stays cool – the current through them does not pass, it goes in a circle and heats only the bottom of the dish and all that it is.

Due to the electromagnetic principle of heating the hob, induction cooking stoves are considered safe, economical and efficient. They have several advantages:

  • If you choose electronic hob induction type, it is possible to save time on cooking – all heats up much faster.
  • Electricity is consumed less.
  • The positive aspects can also be attributed to the fact that these plates are absolutely safe: working surface does not heat up at all, burners work only when it is dishes.
  • For such stoves are easier to maintain.


  • Often those who chose induction cooking stove in the reviews mention the fact that they not be suitable for all utensils. It is not so. You may not even have to spend money. Suitable for such a panel glassware and cast iron. But coffee in cezve made of copper you are already on an induction panel do not cook. Also not suitable glassware and aluminum.
  • Health safety electromagnetic plates is not proven. There are reviews on electronic cooktops that mention that production with induction devices people pay extra for harm and reduced the working day.
  • As a stove of this type is considered as the latest technology, of course, the price induction electric cooker, choose which now can be as in online stores and in the departments of household appliances, is quite high. I hope that over time it will drop and become more affordable.

Comparative characteristics of induction and traditional electric plates

In order to understand that it is better to choose an induction or electric cooktop, we offer a comparison table.

Additional criteria

  • When making your choice also consider that they can be independent – you buy only the panel without an oven or a dependent, in comes the third panel and the Cabinet. In the article “How to choose a gas hob” women’s website already told you what hob is better to choose dependent or independent. For electric surfaces the principle of selection remains the same.
  • The burner panel can range from 2 to 6 pieces. They can be arranged in a traditional order, or in chess. Focus on your choice – whatever you like.
  • Those who are looking for what is better to choose electric surface for kitchen, you should pay attention to the shape of the plates. They are oval and dual. The latter type allows you to adjust the size of the burner to the diameter of the bottom of the pan. Oval-shaped burner is more appeal to those who like to cook in stew pans oval.
  • Many modern electric cooktops combine different forms of burners and features like round dual burners and oval. Also, many models are equipped with an expansion zone — convenient to put large dishes.
  • Switches can be traditional rotary knobs that protrude above the surface or countersunk head. Also, many modern panels are equipped with touch buttons. They can be located both on the front wall or side.
  • Convenient function “timer burners”, which allows you to program the off time of the burner, and protection of children.


You often see comments about electric cooktops with glass-ceramic coating and induction panels (they are the most popular among consumers), but the panels with the enamel surface and stainless steel reviews almost never occurs.

The most popular appliance companies Electrolux, Gorenje, Hotpoint-Ariston and BOSCH.

  • Select built-in electric cooktop is not as difficult as it may seem. A very popular firm Electrolux. I have a Electrolux EHS 60200 X from a glass surface. It is very convenient and practical. Choose a plate with a frame of stainless steel around the edges. In a familiar corner of the glass broke. Karina.

It should be noted that reviews of electric cooktops Electrolux is encountered both positive and negative, while the panels of the Bosch are mostly positive.

  • Keep in mind that cooktops Bosch is very smart. If they fall foreign object (rag, spoon, and even bottled water) after 30 seconds they start to squeak. I really wash it doesn’t squeak! Olga.

You will find good things about electric cooktops Gorenje, but here are some flaws found in models of Gorenje ECT 300 BC:

  • Specifically chose a small hob with the location of the hot Domino. Do not like Gorenje ECT 300 BC. Button control heats up, the far burner close to the wall and warms it. The surface is easily scratched. Elena.

Understand the main features of choice, reading some reviews, you now know how to choose an electric cooktop to your kitchen.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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