How to choose an oral irrigator the oral cavity: a model of the nozzle

Today website will touch on a topic that is close to many is the wearing of braces. Unfortunately, correction of bite and teeth alignment — things take time.

And during this process in the oral cavity accumulates a large amount of plaque, which is fully clean without removing the braces, it is impossible. For a teeth cleaning there is a special device — irrigator, which, however, in the United States and Western countries, used every day even by those who are not wearing braces.

So what is this device, for what purpose it is intended and what is better to choose the oral irrigator of an oral cavity? Read all about it below.

What is an oral irrigator the oral cavity?

Irrigator designed for cleaning teeth and gums, and he can do it much more efficiently than a regular toothbrush. The term comes from the word “irrigation” means irrigation.

The principle of its operation is as follows: irrigator produces a slight thickness, but very powerful jet of water which washes the oral cavity in General, and the gaps between the teeth from food and plaque accumulated there.

In fact, the Waterpik and dental floss, but it cleans the mouth much safer.

Floss (thread) excessive pressure on the gums can easily injure the mucosa. The stream of water even under high pressure, the injury will not cause. Moreover, it is able to further massage the gums, improving blood circulation and strengthening them.

Many people need to choose and buy the oral irrigator of an oral cavity in cases where they wear braces to correct the bite. During the teeth alignment process, which usually lasts a few months, brushing the teeth is quite difficult. And oral irrigator can effectively clean not only the interdental space, but the enamel is under construction plates and braces.

How to choose a suitable irrigator?

There are many varieties of models of irrigators. Is “household” a portable device that can be selected for use in the home and even to carry in the bag. There are more expensive and more powerful professional cleaners who choose dentists for clinics.

Besides, different devices may have different functions. And so the website tell me more about how to choose the irrigator for mouth and what its parameters and features you should pay special attention.

Water jet

This is the first that will help you choose the irrigator, because of the kind of jet depends on the efficiency of cleaning.

Distinguish monstruo (this is a thin and continuous stream of water), as well as the pulsating flow and microbubble jet. The last two technologies are considered to be much more efficient and modern.

Pulsating stream is created using micropulses, which are almost invisible when in use. But every water impact will be more powerful than in a solid stream, because it will be able to remove plaque more effectively. To select a microbubble flow suggest to those who appreciate, in addition to excellent cleansing, and even anti-bacterial effect, as the water is actively saturated with oxygen.

Try to choose irrigator with adjustable head and start low pressure jets of water, it is gradually increasing. This will avoid irritation are not accustomed to such exposure of the gums and bleeding.


To choose a destination irrigator can be in this parameter, as the different nozzles are for different purposes (for example, for a routine dental cleaning or for cleansing of enamel under orthodontic design).

The nozzle must be interchangeable, so you can clean, disinfect or even boil.

In some models, there are a few tips. The first is usually universal, which is to clean the space between teeth. The second is a cleaner language. You can select and special nozzle for cleaning the so-called “tooth pocket” (gums, inside of which is a tooth), and clean up various additional structures — plates, braces, crowns, dentures, dental implants, etc.

Portable or not?

If you travel frequently or during the day, you need to clean your mouth, because you wear braces or crowns, you can choose a portable irrigator. Its design is usually very compact, these models are sold in pouches or boxes that are easy to carry.

Unfortunately, these irrigators has its drawbacks is the lower capacity and much lower resource use and fewer replacement tips and different functions. But for temporary use or for travel portable oral irrigator should be good to go.

As for the manufacturer, well established brands Aqua Pulsar, Oral-B, Waterpik, and portable models are available brand Donfeel and Panasonic. But in any case it is necessary to pay attention to the warranty and its terms for the provision of service and maintainability.

Consider all the options described in our article and let your teeth will be clean and healthy!

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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