How to choose and buy sink for kitchen: types of kitchen sinks, manufacturers

The website “” knows that most of his readers can’t stand dirty dishes. So today we’ll talk about how to make the process of washing is not only very simple, but even somewhat enjoyable. This can be achieved, if the right to choose and buy sink for kitchen.

Of course, the ideal option of getting rid of dirty dishes is the use of the dishwasher. How to choose a dishwasher, “” has already told his readers.

But unfortunately, this technique can accommodate not in every kitchen. Besides, purchase of the dishwasher does not eliminate the need to use the kitchen sink.

Particularly relevant question, what kind of sink for kitchen is better to buy, for those who are going to move to the new building. Because every owner wants to have on her new kitchen, everything was perfect.

At first glance, the choice this essential kitchen plumbing may seem boring. But we need only to start looking for a suitable shell, as the prospective buyer opens an entire gallery of these works of art. Among such a variety to choose the most appropriate sink for kitchen is not easy.

To understand this question will help to more close acquaintance with the most popular on the market of sanitary ware by types of kitchen sinks.

Stainless steel sinks

Most often to buy a sink-stainless steel kitchen decide family who like modern style. This sink looks particularly impressive in the kitchen in the style of hi-tech, featuring an abundance of glass and metal. However, sink of stainless chromium-Nickel steel seamlessly fit into the interior of any style.

The main advantage of this type of kitchen plumbing is an acceptable price. Additional advantages of stainless steel sinks include:

  • Plasticity. If a unit drops a plate, it may survive.
  • Resistance to corrosion and shocks. Due to this quality stainless steel sink retains its beauty over a long period of operation.
  • A variety of shapes and sizes. To choose the appropriate option for kitchens of any size.
  • Easy to care for. For cleaning such plumbing you can use any hard tools. Since the structure of the metal is not porous, it does not linger any contamination. This allows to preserve the aesthetics of the sink for a long time.
  • This type of sinks has only one drawback – the noise. However, today it is possible to buy the kitchen sink-stainless steel, which will be fairly quiet due to the presence of a layer of deadener.

    When choosing a sink, it should be borne in mind that they are stamped and welded. The latter option is more expensive but is characterized by its quality factor. Welded stainless steel sinks can have very different shapes and sizes.

    Sell stainless steel sinks, and various types of surface.

    Glossy sink, especially decorated with a relief pattern, looks very impressive. But such models require careful maintenance. After each use and polished the sink will have to be wiped dry.

    Frosted shell can also have a different texture. Care for them is somewhat simpler than for glossy products.

    The website stresses that the stainless steel sink is the most universal and popular option today.

    Those who go to the store to buy a sink-stainless steel to kitchen, experts recommend to grab a magnet. To this stainless steel magnet will not be attracted.

    Sinks made of artificial stone

    Those who prefer the classic style of the interior, it is best to purchase a stone sink for the kitchen. Of course, the product of natural stone will not work. Under the stone sink today refers to the shell, often made of quartz sand and granite chips.

    Sinks made of artificial stone have many advantages:

  • High strength. In order to scratch, chipped and even more so to break this shell, just need a huge effort.
  • Resistance to chemicals, resistance to very low and very high temperatures.
  • Aesthetics. Stone sinks can be any color. Designer sinks made of artificial stone accentuates the elegance of the kitchen and can become a real decoration.
  • However, before you go to buy stone sink for kitchen, you must take note of and disadvantages of these options.

    First, the cost of such shells varies within 15-23 thousand rubles, and design thing can cost even higher. Secondly, granite is porousso absorbs dirt and odors.

    It is also necessary to consider that such sinks are made of sinter and acrylic stones. Acrylic is pretty Moody and can be subjected to damage due to high temperature.

    Which is better to buy the sink for the kitchen: the model of pottery

    Ordinary ceramic is not the best material for the production of kitchen sinks, so sinks for kitchens made of granite , a material that has sufficient strength and resistance to temperature and mechanical stress.

    One of the main advantages of ceramic sinks is its silent operation.

    Moreover, these sinks can be very stylish, so people who appreciate refinement in the interior, ceramic wares like the most. Ceramic sink will fit perfectly in a classic kitchen or room, decorated in country style.

    Those who decide to buy ceramic sink for kitchen, it is recommended to ask for help when installing it because these shells have more weight, which significantly complicates their installation. Another disadvantage of ceramic sinks is that they cost beyond the price of stainless steel is five to seven times.

    What to buy sink for kitchen: the optimal size and shape

    When choosing a sink is important not only the material from which it is made. The importance of size, model and shape of the product, because these indicators depends on the functionality of the sink.

  • For comfortable use, it is recommended to choose a sink with a depth of about 18 cm.
  • Those who appreciate convenience, it is recommended to buy sink for kitchen rectangular or square shape. In modern stores you can find kitchen sinks of different configurations. Fancy shapes like the Housewives, who in the first place the beauty and originality of the interior.
  • People, who appreciate the functionality, it is recommended to purchase a kitchen sink with multiple bowls. Such models can be quite bulky, but they compensate for this lack of experience.
  • When choosing a kitchen sink it is recommended that special attention be paid to models with one or two wings. Such models will provide the kitchen an extra work surface, which can be used to defrost meat or vegetables and placing hot dishes.
  • Depending on the type of mounting sinks are overlaid and inset. The first option is easily assembled and disassembled. Slip the sink can not be changed even after you purchase a new kitchen. Flush sink is best suited for kitchens with a total length of worktop.
  • To solve the problem of shortage of space, you can, if you buy the corner sink for kitchen. Such models are often selected when the l-shaped arrangement of kitchen units. The corner sink can be made of various materials and have absolutely any one or more bowls.
  • The sink what manufacturer it is better to buy

    Experts do not recommend to buy cheap sinks from stainless steel to the construction markets because they sell products of Asian production is of poor quality.

    On a tight budget, you can buy sink for kitchen Chinese manufacturing firms PUKE or HAMA, products Turkish companies Jeminox, OSKAR, ARTENOVA.

    Those who are willing to pay solid money for European quality, can be recommended to look at the products of companies TEKA, Blanco, Villeroy&Boch, Alveus , etc.

    In any case, such a product would have to ask major distributors or intermediaries, otherwise there is a risk to buy a fake that will quickly lose its attractive appearance and functionality.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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