How to choose bed linen for children?

Today, “” acquaint our readers with some advice of experts about how to choose bed linen for children. After all, baby-goods stores offer a huge choice of different bedding sets for Cribs toddlers, and parents often do not even know what criteria you need to look for a suitable alternative.

When choosing a bedding set for a child up to years experts recommend to pay attention on the manufacturer, size, configuration, material and color of the product.

The best material for baby bedding

The first thing it is recommended to pay attention to when choosing sets for cot – the fabric from which it is sewn. Of course, it should be 100% natural.

It is not recommended to stay on the woolen version: it is unlikely that the baby will be comfortable sleeping on this sheet.

Best fabrics for baby bedding are cotton and linen. Parents should keep in mind that linen fabric is simply perfect for a child’s bed: it is resistant to wear, absorbs moisture and pleasant to the touch.

However, finding this bedding is more complex than a set of cotton. Besides, is a bed of natural linen cheap.

The website draws the attention of readers to another option of linen for children’s beds – satin set. Satin bed linen for children is characterized by an extraordinary softness and tenderness.

This fabric is made from the highest quality of cotton by special technology. Why satin underwear is too expensive.

For those who have somewhat limited budget, don’t worry. Because you can purchase very high quality set of chintz or calico. Importantly, the fabric was completely natural. In this sense, it is better to buy domestic products, which, unlike Western factories, for sewing children’s clothes uses only natural materials.

Thinking about what to buy linens for your child, parents need also to look at the tissue density of the product. The higher it is, the stronger the kit.

Size child bedding

Before buying the bedding set for the baby parents should be sure to measure the mattress, pillow and blanket in the crib. Usually, bedding for kids has standard dimensions: bed sheet — 110 x 150 cm duvet cover — 108×135, pillow — 40×60. But product manufacturers may have fewer options.

When buying bed linen for small children it is recommended to pay special attention to options with a fitted sheet. These sheets are easier to put on and do not roll down. Standard size baby fitted sheet — 60×120 cm.

Bed linen for children: what should be included in the kit

When choosing baby bedding should also pay attention to the product. The simple set consists of three items: pillow cases, duvet covers and sheets. This kit is better to buy as a replacement.

Moreover, it is recommended to buy not one replacement set and a few: because children’s linen wash has quite often.

The basic kit should consist of blankets and pillows.

Bedding sets for infants can also include soft bumpers for the crib and the canopy. These details will be not superfluous: bumpers will protect your baby from possible drafts, and will not allow it to hit, and the canopy will absorb the sunlight and will make sleep more comfortable crumbs.

The choice of color linens for the baby

Wondering what to buy linens for your child, a mom, first and foremost, think about the color of the kit. Some of them think the “child” will be the most vivid colors: deep green, neon orange, bright purple, dark blue, etc. But actually it is not. Psychologists say that too bright linen with a pattern can have on the baby aphrodisiac effects, preventing it from going to sleep.

Better buy a set of pastel, soft colors: light beige, pale pink, sky blue etc.

It should be borne in mind that:

  • Set white and light green colors has a positive effect on vision, so it is especially recommended to children who suffer ophthalmic diseases.
  • The yellow color helps to reveal creative abilities of the child and improve his mood.
  • The color blue can calm, so bedding for active children it is recommended to choose shades of blue.
  • The caramel hue of the linen stimulates the appetite. So mothers who complain of poor appetite children, this kit is especially useful.
  • Bed linen in shades of brown will be forced to settle down and go to sleep little fidgets. At the same time, baby-melancholic, lingerie can arouse sad thoughts.
  • In any case can not buy the kids purple bedding sets. This color has on kids is depressing.
  • The bedding set in cot for children should not be too dull, shade of gray, because the time of childhood is the most colorful period in the life of every person. And a good choice of bed linen will complement this period, the most joyful and sweet dreams.

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