How to choose between two men?

You have two interesting fan, and you’re confused – to whom to give preference? So, it’s time to read the article about how to choose between the two men, on the website

On that note, if I had to choose between two men?

We will not advise to do the “obvious” choice in favor of a more successful and prosperous, or someone prettier, etc. All these circumstances can change in an instant.

And what is really important? How to determine which of the men you just good at Dating, and how you can spend your life with and not regret about your choice? How to understand which of them is the one?..

  • “The” ready to change my life for you. We are not talking about what he needs to make a proposal of marriage on the second date. But after a period of your acquaintance, you start to realize that, if necessary, that person will go to some significant changes in his life because he has you. For example, will move with the parent comfortable flats and will pay rents to live together, try to find a better paying job or Vice versa, will refuse from excessive workaholism in favor of hanging out with you, etc. and a relationship where the man initially makes it clear to the woman, “I like this, live like this, not want to change anything, I still like it – if you want and can under me to adjust, allowed to be there”, rarely long and happy. Choose one who is not afraid of changes in my life!
  • That very interested to keep you close to him. He’s making some steps to ensure that you like, to make you feel comfortable and well in his company.
  • “Same” does not consider sex important in relationshipsand Dating afoot not only for the sake of it. Choose the guy that you spend more time out of bed. The “wrong” men find any bed dull date only a preliminary stage, and “right” are really interested in communication with you. If you want a serious relationship, you should understand that sooner or later you will not be able to fill all their time having sex, even very good, you have something to talk and something to do together!
  • If you do not know how to choose of the two men pay attention to their attitude towards the world and other people. Run from the one who is pathetic broadcasts that idiots, no one understands, the world is totally unfair, success can pass only by unfair means, he will never have in your life that deserves, etc. Choose a optimist!
  • Choose from two men, who have a wider social circle, more friends and acquaintances. That sends a strong message: first, this person is open to the world, and secondly, probably has a wider range of vital interests, and thirdly – if other people find in it something interesting, then it’s worth it. Besides, sociable people have more chances of success in life.

How to decipher the clues of “the sixth sense”?

But in addition to objective signs that a man suits you or not, there are still some feelings and emotions that you can experience with him. Sometimes it seems that “inner voice” is biased and illogical, but it is not!

How to choose between two men? From the very beginning of Dating, when you know a little about Boyfriends and can make mistakes in facts, you need to listen to this quiet but unmistakable “sixth sense”!

  • Thinking how to choose between two men, choose one, which is easier for you. That does not occur “moral fatigue”. Which do not need much to adapt, “find a wave”, “match”… If every date is the exam difficult examiner is not your man!
  • Choose, with whom you feel on equal terms. It would be difficult, if you feel like a stupid little girl next to the adult serious man. Or the opposite – if you feel considered an adult woman and man is perceived as “Sonny-klutz” or “younger brother”.
  • With “your man” is interesting. It is interesting to listen to him. I wonder what you are doing together. I wonder what will happen next!
  • You imagine you two together many years later. I do not mean an idyllic picture of the “I-married-with-three-kids-in-the-mansion”, but the real you, how you communicate, what kind of atmosphere in your house, what do you do in life, etc. of Course, to predict your real future you will be able is unlikely, but this is not necessary – what is important is that you are not frightened by the prospect of spending with this man for many, many years.

And of course, the correct way to choose between two men – listen to your heart… Love is so beautiful feeling, that if it was, you should give it a shot!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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