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We continue to change our lives for the better along with the women’s website ““! If you decided to upgrade your kitchen and make a choice in favor of the induction hob, read here about the features and benefits of such tiles. The next step is with the old plate to change the dishes where you prepare. Today on the website our tips how to choose cookware for induction cookers.

What cookware is suitable for induction cookers

Recall that the principle of the induction cooktop is that it is only activated if the burner to put the dishes with ferromagnetic properties.

The easiest way to see if existing in the house of pots and pans for the plates – to attach to the bottom of the magnet. He should stick.

Therefore, utensils made of aluminium (not having a special ferromagnetic layer on the bottom), glass, ceramics, porcelain, copper, your new plate is useless.

For induction cookers suitable utensils made of cast iron, “stainless steel” and aluminium (with special ferromagnetic layer).

How to choose cookware for induction cookers: material and manufacturers

So, have you decided how much you need new pots and pans, what size, and other kitchen utensils, which will be put on your new stove. And you are ready to start the search in (online) stores kitchen utensils.

What you need to know about how to choose the right cookware for induction hob?

  • The bottom of cookware for induction stoves must be at least 12 cm in diameter to the area of contact with the burner was sufficient.
  • The thickness of the bottom of the cookware must be a minimum of 2 — 6 mm.
  • Some manufacturers applied to the dishes with ferromagnetic properties special markings.
  • Order average prices – 2-3 thousand rubles for the pan, 3-4 thousand for a pot.
  • Cookware for induction cookers is suitable for use on conventional stoves – electric or gas.


How to choose the material of cookware for induction stoves? Compare, for example, cast iron “stainless steel”.

Disadvantages of cast iron cookware:

  • is quite heavy
  • it is undesirable to cook it sour
  • absorb odors because of the porous surface (so advises to choose cast iron pans and pots with the most smooth surface)
  • brittle – may disintegrate in the fall
  • corrosion, if there is no enamel coating

Advantages of cast-iron cookware:

  • durable
  • the food at the long retains heat
  • nothing “unhealthy” food from this cookware will not get

Disadvantages of stainless steel cookware:

  • eating it burns more often
  • contained in a pot Nickel can cause allergic reactions

The advantages of stainless steel cookware:

  • resistant to oxidation
  • the products do not lose beneficial properties when cooking
  • it can store food in the fridge.

Manufacturers of cookware for induction cookers

How to choose a good cookware for induction hobs and not to get lost in the variety of brands available on the market? Of course, the choice is great, but we are not set goals to reach hard to cover.

Call some manufacturers.

In the premium segment include the company Fissler (Germany) is a manufacturer of high quality, ergonomic and stylish tableware. The range of its products in addition to pots and pans there are also pressure cookers, woks, grills. But the prices are higher than average for this dish.

From the German company Woll has a range of special induction cookware cast (by hand!) with titanium-ceramic non-stick coating Titan Plus and bottom thickness 10 mm. In the line in addition to pots and pans of different diameters are presented pots of different shapes and buckets.

Like the previous option, this is intended for customers for whom quality is more important than to save.

If solving the question of how to choose the right dishes, you chose the cast iron — note the products Hackman (Finland). Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal utensils with a long history offering a large selection of high-quality cast-iron cookware.

The problem of “how to choose cookware for induction cooker and save” to really solve!

As always, a rich selection of dishes at affordable prices offers French Tefal. Pay attention to the series – not all are suitable for use on induction cooktops. Specifically for the “inductions” she has developed a series 4U Inox, Inox Classica, Privilege Pro, and Pro Series.

Reasonable prices (within 2,000) and pots and pans Czech Tescoma with induction bottom stainless steel.

I hope you learn something useful and know now how to choose the dishes for your new induction hob.

Wish you an easy and pleasant process of cooking and new culinary achievements with new dishes!

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