How to choose cream SPF 50: reviews

In the summer many of the readers of women’s website “” interested in the question of what sunscreen to buy is best, after all, showcases the cosmetic stores are full of a huge amount of yellow and orange tubes of creams, oils, fluids, sprays and milk.

Will help you understand among this huge variety of means spf 50 reviews of them, the review of which is devoted this page of our website. In another article you can read what are the advantages and disadvantages of different sunscreen brands with filter spf 30.

Lancaster Sun cream spf 50: reviews

In the South-Eastern parts of the country without quality sunscreen in the summer is simply impossible to do, so residents in this part of Russia, and also to all those who intend to go on holiday in a hot country, it is recommended to look at the products of firm of Lancaster. The cream of this brand series Sun with spf 50 reviews note the following advantages:

  • Due to the presence in the composition means care of the components it can be used without applying a day cream.
  • Texture cream soft and melting, so that the tool efficiently spent and can be used as a base for makeup.
  • The smell of this tools are quite pronounced, but after the treatment fades quickly, leaving a pleasant trail.
  • Lancaster spf 50 is a reliable armor against the effects of sunlight. None of those who have tried the tool, it did not disappoint.
  • The cream has anti-aging properties, helping the skin to retain supple and hydrated.
  • Protecting from sunburn, it does not prevent sunburn.

Lancaster Sun cream spf 50

Cons Lancaster cream spf 50 some reviewers indicated the following:

  • Cost. One 30 ml tube of this luxury cream will have to pay 2,500 rubles.
  • The probability of occurrence of allergic reactions. With special care to test the cream on your face should owners of oily skin with enlarged pores because the tool can cause the appearance of comedones.
  • Sunscreen Clinique spf 50

    Cosmetics of the French brand of Clinics in our country have a lot of loyal fans. Sunscreen this firm also like very much. Reviews about Clinique spf 50 is a saying that means:

    • suitable for both adults and children;
    • sparingly used and easily placed on the skin;
    • does not cause allergies;
    • protects from the aggression of sun rays.

    Cream Clinique spf 50

    Have the means and the disadvantages.

    First, he creates on the skin a light film that can clog the pores and cause the formation of comedones. Therefore it is better not to keep the cream on the face all day. The second drawback sunscreen spf 50 Clinics, judging by the reviews, is its price, which is 1,000 rubles per pack, 150 ml.

    L’oreal Sublim San sunblock spf 50: reviews

    Tools of the French L’oréal cosmetics that has a good reputation. A sunscreen of this brand are popular with many girls who monitor their appearance. Users report that the cream draws their following qualities:

    • lightweight and non-sticky texture;
    • slight matte effect;
    • good protection from the aggressive rays of the sun;
    • a pleasant aroma;

    In addition to the feedback on the spf 50 cream company l’oreal is mentioned that the product does not clog pores and dries the skin. The downside of this tool, you can call it that to find it in cosmetic shops in small towns is difficult.

    Means l’oreal Sublim San spf 50

    Sunscreen Garnier Cream spf 50: reviews

    Cream Garnier Ambre Soler is much cheaper than similar tools from other top manufacturers.

    This sunscreen has a number of advantages: non-sticky texture, ease of application, reliable protection, pleasant aroma, and resistance to water. According to users, the tool retains its properties even after bathing.

    Sunscreen GARNIER Ambre Solaire spf 50

    The downside of this sunscreen is that in the first two hours after application the cream leaves on the skin a light sheen.

    Emulsion Vichy spf 50: what they say about it

    Vichy Capital Soleil is a tool that is best suited for use on oily skin. It has a matte effect, excellent protection from sunlight. The cream is absorbed very quickly, literally within a couple of minutes.

    Among the disadvantages cream reviews call it a high price, which is about 1000 rubles, and its peculiar smell. But, according to users, after applying the cream its flavor quickly disappears.

    Funds Vichy Capital Soleil

    Cream San Nivea spf 50: review of reviews

    Tool famous German manufacturer enjoys considerable popularity among women in our country. Those who tried it, is often praised Nivea for reliable sun protection, and also for the fact that it absorbs quickly and has a light fragrance. The cream is inexpensive – about $ 10 for a bottle of 220 ml Plus cream is and what it does not find a problem.

    The disadvantages of Nivea cream too. The first is a weak resistance. After each bath the protective layer needs to be updated.

    The second is protection not only from burns but also from the sun. This remedy will not suit ladies who are going on a beach holiday, to purchase a beautiful bronze color of the skin.

    Nivea sunscreen spf 50 San

    The network also found a lot of positive feedback about sunscreen spf 50 other brands. For example, many suggest to buy sunscreen of the company Evelyn, Avon, Bioderma, Clarins, Floresan, Oriflame, etc.

    Which of the following brands is better to replenish your makeup, every reader of the site of course it will solve itself. But in any case, the selected sunscreen needs to be very high quality, so the summer was really great!

    Author – Pelageja, site

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