How to choose earrings under your hair?

The combination of the earrings and the hairstyle is an important point. There is one feature – the silhouette of the hairstyle combined with the earrings affects the perception of your face!

You can skillfully play on this is to narrow or widen the face, make the neck visually longer, her face more expressive… And you can take the first earrings under the hair, and not to guess – to strengthen the impression of the imperfections and to hide dignity…

How to create a harmonious ensemble “hairstyle + earrings + hair accessory” — will tell women’s website

Under what hair, what earrings will go?

Form of haircuts or styling length haircuts – here you have to keep in mind when choosing earrings.

  • High hair, revealing the neck and ears (high beams, different “tower”, etc.). Are a good a variety of earrings under my hair, but best of all – long, with pendants or earrings chains. Completely wrong choices here can not be!
  • Low beams and rollers over the neck. Need a long, but thin enough earrings. If the ears are open, you can wear oval or round earrings or studs.
  • Braids and tails (i.e. the hair, opening the ears). Here you can wear a variety of earrings, but if the hairstyle is smooth, it is not necessary to wear big tacky earrings. But to smooth hairstyles are Hoop earrings.
  • Short haircuts should be emphasized with earrings that are longer than the hair in the ears.

  • Voluminous hairstyles for curly hair are good with bright, noticeable earrings, big!
  • Long hair can be combined with pulsetime or small earrings, pendants.
  • If the hair is asymmetrical, and covers one ear, leaving the other completely open – you can put different earrings on different ears! That is, for example, a large earring with pendants or feathers – in one ear and subtle “carnations” in the second.

Often the question arises – and whether earrings under hairstyle, if the hair fully cover earlobes and neck (for example, when talking about the flowing hair)?

The website “” answers: in this case, the earrings can be the focus of the image, and only a small technical detail.

Small “stud” or “drop” cover the point of puncture in the ear (leave the hole without earrings is considered indecent under the strict dress code), and only sometimes mysteriously flashing – when some unruly strand of hair still reveals the abalone.

As earrings and hairstyle affect the perception of the person?

Here it is possible to derive a General principle – long earrings and straight hair lengthen and narrow the face, and, on the contrary, bulk earrings, and luxuriant hair, make it wider. But there are some features!

  • When styling has volume above the forehead (fleece, large curls in the front, body styling short haircuts, etc.), it is the hair under the long earrings. If the person at the same small earrings should not be too large.
  • Slicked-down hair show your real and natural facial contours. Then adjust it as you want earrings – round earrings will enhance a face, thin and elongated – narrow. “Pinks” does not affect the perception of the face.

  • If the ears seem to be lop-eared (i.e., protruding from the head), the rescue of large studs, which will cover the earlobe and it will seem less.

How to match earrings with hair accessories?

If the hair has accessories, they must be combined with the earrings! How? A few simple rules:

  • If during the hair accessories and earrings have metal or stones (rhinestones), they should be approximately the same quality and value (or at least give the impression). Of course, it’s not about having to wear real gold or silver hair pins to earrings of precious metal – but if in the ears jewelry, try not to use hairstyle with rhinestones and metal, the obvious difference always looks bad!
  • The jewels do not go well with cheap accessories – plastic Bobby pins, simple rubber bands, etc. Especially bad is the combination of shiny accessories (trimmed with sequins, rhinestones, etc.).
  • If the accessories in her hair big, noticeable (headband with flower, wide headband, bow, etc) – earrings must be modest, only complementary image.

Now you know how to make the right choice of earrings under hairstyle is not so difficult.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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