How to choose fish of good quality fresh and frozen?

Fish is very useful for the organism is known to all. But it is also no secret that it choose very difficult. How many times it happens that you are in the store bought fish fillet, brought it home, thawed them, and found… that not less than half the weight of the fish was gone, along with melt water. When buying fresh fish also there are many questions, and only an experienced mistress can sometimes buy a really good product. If you are in the forces are still in doubt, the website ““ will share with you a couple of tips on how to choose fish.

How to choose fresh fish?

  • Buy the live fish. This will be the most faithful guarantee of its freshness. Today the aquarium fish can be found in most major supermarkets. Tell the seller on a specific fish and ask to catch for you.
  • Rely on sense of smell. One of the most important answers to the question “How to choose a fish?” Before buying, smell the fish. Fresh fish should have a light salty smell of the sea. If it smells strongly and even more unfortunate — give up the purchase.
  • Look at the gills and eyes. In fact they begin to deteriorate in the first place. Gills of fresh fish should be pink or bright red, but not grey and certainly not blackened. If fish eye is not sufficiently transparent and bright, it is obviously on this counter is a long time. Very often stores sell the fish carcasses with their heads cut off precisely in order to be more difficult to determine its freshness.
  • Elastic carcass and clean scales. Move your hand over the scales of a fish, it must be clean, shiny and without any mucus on it. Also check the density and elasticity of the carcass — if fresh fish lightly press down with your finger, it will immediately take the same form, and not a trace of pressure will remain.

How to choose frozen fish?

  • Check the package. It must be whole and intact. Often the fish are Packed in colorful packaging with various inscriptions and drawings on it. If such packaging does not allow a good look at the product itself, it is better not to take chances.
  • A uniform layer of frost. The worst thing that could happen to frozen fish is re-freezing. To find out whether thawed the fish earlier, it is difficult, but possible. Note the layer of ice covering the product. It should be uniform, neat, clear and transparent. How to choose a fish? The answer is simple: be attentive to details.
  • Ice should not be much. If the icing (ice crust) covers the fish too thick, then it is likely that when defrosting a large part of the product will come together with water. But terrible is not this, and the fact that this kind of fish before freezing is immersed in a solution of polyphosphates, which help to hold the water. And impregnated with such chemicals the fish are not only unprofitable, but even dangerous.
  • Note the color of the fish. It is in any case should not be yellow. Yellowing of the abdomen may indicate the start of the oxidation process of fish oil. So, buy such fish may be even dangerous.

How to choose fish – General tips

Do not buy fish in small shops of local importance. Often a product fails to sell in time and lie longer than usual.

Better to give preference to the big supermarkets, where not only the selection of products more, but the number of buyers is that inventory moves faster than it can spoil.

Try to buy the fish in its original form, as fish carcasses without head, cut into steaks and wrapped in foil fish and especially smoked seafood — the cunning tricks the seller not to write off damaged goods.

How to choose the right fish owners of fish shops also know, and therefore try to hide the obvious signs of staleness.

Be careful when buying salmon.

Natural color most popular fish – salmon and salmon – light grey with slight purple hues. And that carrot color variety that we see today on the shelves, is the result of staining. To give the fish the right color is easy – just mix dye with food.

How to determine if the fish is dyed? Make yourself a sandwich with butter and red fish, but before eating, leave it for a couple of hours and then check, not stained whether the oil a reddish color.

When buying fish you should be careful and cautious.

Unfortunately, today it is possible to deal with too many tricks that can make this a useful product for us. However, no doubt that the question of how to choose the right fish, you are now able to stand up for themselves!

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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