How to choose glasses for teenagers?

Your child has already grown from children’s points, and adults have not grown and you are looking for advice on how to choose glasses for teenagers to view?

Then this article on the women’s website “” should be of interest to you. After all, well-chosen teen glasses not only help solve the vision problems, but also beneficial to complement the image of your child.

The choice of frame

The best way to guess the frame for glasses teenage to find them in a specialty shop. Properly chosen glasses for teenager should complement the face, not to allocate points on it.


  • Round eyeglass frame will match the face of rectangular or square shape.
  • Rimless rectangular shape will look better on a round or oval face.
  • Frame more massive in the upper part, you can watch the face pear-shaped, and the face narrowed down, you can pick up rims, more massive in lower part.

The bridge

When choosing points for a teenager to view, pay attention to the bridge. Though it seems subtle, but it affects how others will see the eyes and nose of a teenager.

  • Thus, the rim with a thin bridge visually increases the distance between the eyes and wide bridge creates the illusion of eyes, set close.
  • Low-lying spout visually shortens the nose.

Sure in today’s world of optics you will be able to find a convenient and stylish sunglasses teenager.


The most important parameter when choosing the earhook of its length. Ear pieces should not put pressure on the side of the head. The child should only feel on the top of the ear.

  • If the ear pieces squeeze the child’s head, don’t assume they are posted. Immediately give ear pieces to fit length.

Today you can buy points for a teenager with a standard (fixed) or elastic earhook. As the reviews say, stretch the headphones more comfortable, they are well fastened behind the ear and provide a stable position of the points. But these ear pieces might be a better choice for younger children who move a lot.

Teenagers can buy points with a standard earhook. The main thing to get right was chosen its length.

Metal or plastic for the rimless?

  • Popular among teenagers glasses with rims of aluminum. They are lightweight and durable. One of the disadvantages of this material – erasing spray.
  • Titanium frames although more expensive in price but more durable. Although, is it worth paying more for teenage points if it grows, the shape of the face changes? He doesn’t need glasses “for years”. It is possible that soon he will want something new. Especially if you choose sunglasses for teen girls.
  • Rim of plastic that is the way the material for teen points. Modern technologies allow to make the frames, plastic, sturdy, light. The models differ in a variety of shapes and colors. Therefore, women’s website advises, choosing glasses Teens, to give a preference to frames of plastic. By the way, saving on the plastic frame, you can buy a pair of glasses: one for studies that are appropriate for the business style other fashion sunglasses for a teenager for leisure. You can choose sports frames (very popular among the teenage boys) or rim striking colors (sure to appeal to teenage girls).

So, with the rims more or less sorted out. What else you need to pay attention, in addition to design when selecting glasses for a teenager-boy or girl?

The quality of the lens

If choosing a frame, you can rely on the taste of the child, for the quality of the lenses responsible adult. What spectacle lenses to choose?

Long time lenses were made only of glass. Today for the manufacture of lenses for glasses use polycarbonate and trivex.

  • Glass, though and protects from ultraviolet radiation, but it is difficult and traumatic, so teenagers are advised to choose lenses made of plastic – polycarbonate or trivex. Though they are expensive in price, but more practical in use.
  • Polycarbonate for the manufacture of lenses are very popular today. It’s affordable, lightweight and more resistant to impact than glass. However, polycarbonate lenses can be easily scratched. This problem is solved. Today on lenses are applied with a special coating.
  • Trivex relates to a new kind of material used for the manufacture of lenses. Very good material, it protects from ultraviolet radiation, light (allows to make very thin lenses), neravnodushen.


On lenses made of plastic are often coated with various coating, improving their functionality.


Lenses with photochromic coating change their hue depending on the light falling on them. They are comfortable in Sunny weather. Look these lenses are not expensive, so photochromic sunglasses are liked by the teenagers.

Parents are often in doubt, do not worsen any vision glasses with this coating? Here’s how to talk about the glasses with a photochromic coating reviews

  • Poor quality lenses with photochromic coating reactive to light immediately. I have had these. So be sure to look for the teenager lenses of good quality. The son of the Hoya lenses. React to light fast for 2 minutes lighter. Price – about 4 thousand. Very high quality. Not a single scratch in 3 years. Elena.

It should be noted that modern thin (aspherical) lenses that replace the thick lenses, are not cheap. If they still cause a photochromic coating, such glasses for a teenager is expensive. Here’s a possible solution:

  • As aspherical optics are not cheap, it is cheaper to buy a couple of points: one uncoated and the other sun considering the diagnosis of your vision. So cheaper than buying the child expensive glasses with tinted photochromic lenses. Katerina.

Sunglasses with photochromic lenses are not recommended to buy for children up to 12 years, older teenagers can look after these points.


Since teenagers spend a lot of time at the computer, we advise you to pay attention to the lens with anti-reflective (ar) coating. This coating prevents glare.

Hydrophobic coating

Often lenses are coated with hydrophobic coating, which repels dust and water, which facilitates the care for the lenses.


Having studied the forums frequented by parents of teenagers, we noticed that usually choose between Chinese, Japanese, German and Korean lenses various companies. Best quality lenses will tell reviews on sunglasses for teenagers:

  • The first lenses that we put in points to the son-teenager, was Korean. The dust on them was going terribly. Although told that the dust must build. Then we put the lens Rodenstock. Happy with everything. Rita.
  • Son all the time off his glasses, arguing that the tired eyes. Switched to Japanese lenses. All great – no scratches, light dust did not settle, thin and light.
  • We had Korean, and German. Though bought expensive, quality is not quite satisfied. Best – Japanese. In second place – the German, the third is Korean. Trust our experience “four-eyes”. Christine.

Thus, choosing a company that makes lenses for glasses, prefer Japanese, German and Korean manufacturers. On some lenses reputable company put a logo. Definitely interested in the quality certificate to buy the original.

Glasses or lenses: it is better for a teenager?

Lens growth the eye does not affect. But is it possible to wear lenses instead of glasses teenager, you need to check with the optometrist.

  • Many ophthalmologists do not recommend that teenagers under 18 years of age to wear lenses. Although the issue is different.
  • Teenagers are not allowed to wear lenses instead of glasses to correct hyperopia or myopia, if it allows the diagnosis.
  • Teenagers wear contact lenses, as confirmed by reviews, even with some degrees of astigmatism.

If the astigmatism is minor and does not require its correction, lenses valid.

Only a doctor, knowing the exact diagnosis, will give the nod or not wear lenses teenager.

This is interesting: night lenses

Here are some interesting opinion came across on one of the forums:

  • My daughter is 14 years refused to wear glasses. We found out – bought OK-lenses. At night the child wears, and the next day the eyesight improves and lasts for the whole day. That is, the day we glasses or lenses are not necessary.

What is behind these “night” lenses?

Night lenses, as the developers say, this new modern method for the correction of hyperopia up to 4 diopters), myopia (7 diopters) and astigmatism. First of all, night lenses is recommended for children:

  • OK-therapy (orthokeratology) allows you to pause the development of myopia, which is important for children as myopia develops before 18 years of age.
  • Children are not advised to do eye surgery under 18, and wearing night lenses to preserve vision.
  • And it is important that these lenses are worn only at night. That is, in the daytime the teenager there is no need to wear glasses.

Here’s another review about these night lenses:

  • The daughter of a small minus only 1. Overnight wear rigid lenses, she goes to sleep. Cares: my special shampoo, rinse and immerse them in the saline. The first appointment cost 15 thousand (examination of the eye, lens selection). One pair lasts for a couple of years. Feedback about these lenses there are different. We like. Vision these lenses are unlikely to fix it, but to stop his fall can.

Of course, this version of the lens for Teens would be ideal. But because this method of vision correction has not been fully studied before choosing night lenses, become well acquainted with this issue.

As you can see, pick up today glasses for a teenager can be. If the selection is to be done correctly, the teenager in sunglasses will look stylish and smart. Yes, smart. As for the studies, which were conducted by psychologists, teen in glasses makes an impression of an intelligent and educated man, and his IQ in the eyes of others grows by at least 15 points.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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