How to choose hairstyle for face shape?

Very often, flipping through fashion magazines, many girls choose hairstyles like your favorite celebrities. If your face shape is about the same, then the choice is successful. But if not… it Turns out that you are leaving the beauty salon, not at all happy about the change. The thing is, you need to choose a haircut like Reese Witherspoon or Rihanna, but one which is suitable taking into account individual characteristics.

The first step is to determine your face shape. Different sources give a lot of tips, but the easiest would be not to measure with a ruler on all sides, and just find a picture of a “full face” (even if hair are removed from face). And mentally draw a circle around your face. What happened: round, square, oval, rectangle, and maybe pear, trapezoid, triangle?

The correct way for girls with round face

Choose hairstyles for round faces need with the features:

  • chubby cheeks,
  • low forehead,
  • a smooth transition from the cheekbones to the chin,
  • the hairline is low on his forehead,
  • face “linearize”.

In this case, when the selection of haircuts tend to visually “pull” the person, bring it to oval shape (which is perfect).


  • asymmetrical hairstyle (“savage”),
  • oblique bangs.


  • ponytail,
  • a round silhouette hairstyles
  • closed ears,
  • parted in the middle.

If you have an oval face…

Girls with an oval face shape, you can choose any hairstyle. Nice and impressive look hair of different lengths. However, you also have the best and not very suitable options.


  • tall tails,
  • French braid.


  • hair in a bun (in adulthood).

The heart-shaped face shapes and hairstyle

Girls with heart-shaped (triangular) shape of the face you want to hide some awkwardness.


  • hair just below the chin with curled tips,
  • long side-swept bangs,
  • hairstyle with small bouffant.


  • short bangs,
  • smooth slick-back hair.

Choice of hairstyle for girls with square face shape

Hairstyles for square faces should be done, not forgetting the outstanding features:

  • “bulky” lower jaw,
  • wide and large forehead.

It will be important to soften the line, give the image a feeling of airiness.


  • cascading hairdos with “flying” strand
  • elongated oblique bangs,
  • square with graduations
  • Hollywood curls.


  • thick straight bangs,
  • smoothly combed back hair.

There are other face shapes, a brief look at what hairstyles are suitable or not.

Face shape diamond


  • bangs,
  • the hair covering the cheek.


  • parted in the middle,
  • hair in a braid.

Rectangular face


  • lush curls,
  • thick bangs that reach the eyebrows.


  • long hair, straightened with a flat iron.

Elongate the face


  • the volume at the temples and at the nape,
  • relief hair
  • bangs completely cover the forehead.


  • high beams
  • open forehead.

It is also important to understand what to choose a hairstyle should take into account not only the shape of the face and other features. Very often girls are not satisfied with the nose. You should objectively evaluate it and if the nose is long, the ideal would be the fluffy hairstyle. To hide a large nose will help thick bangs. If the spout is neat and small, open forehead.

Hairstyles depend not only on the appearance but also the nature. High aristocratic women are very short haircuts. Dynamic and active – short asymmetry. Romantic nature – curls. Girls with magical eye – slanting bangs.

That is why, signing up to the groomer or by yourself at home brushing her hair, of course, browse the gloss, but only to search for hairstyles that would fit on the face shape, consistent with individual characteristics, mood and style.

So today we talked about how to choose a hairstyle by the shape of the face. To Shine like a star, no need to copy the hairstyle of their idols. Enough to properly present all the advantages of her appearance!

Author – Eva the rainbow site!

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